Best Motorcycle Anti-theft Security Chain, Lock, and Alarm

Just wanted to share my method of securing a motorcycle. Invest $200-400 in some proper security for your bike.
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Matt Johnson says:

Good chain crap lock


just install a hard kill system like the ones on tanks. No one will be taking your bike.

KB Eightyseven says:

first part of your security should be not to share it with the internet!!

also for anybody watching that doesn’t have an alarm, don’t do what this guy did with the chain they will just remove the wheels, put the chain through the frame

Wyatt Robinson says:

Two guys can just pick it up put it in there truck and drive away with it

Jonathan Orendain says:

For the people who think this is ridiculous, just wait to see how you react once your bike gets stolen

Mr. Finger says:

Use a signal blocker (or emp) to disable the alarm. Cut the black cable and unscrew the front axle bolts ;P There is always a way.


dude what the hell? just put the bike in ur house! thats what i do lol

Finn The Human says:

i bet i can steal u bike in 3mins

elma kunic says:

what that sensor thangy called plz getting ny first motorcycle soon

Pepper K says:

lol this is how you lock up your tires buddy not the bike LMAO. one day you comeback and take pictures with your beautiful tires

Hasan Tuter says:

just get a pit bull with aids and chain him to the bike

captain obvious says:

imagine trying to get in your car at walmart and the bike is parked beside you and it keeps making that alarm sound

Ethan Snider says:

I still can’t get over the fact that a 1 Million + view video, has “Title Subtitle” in the opening.

Superior No1 says:


Demetrius pearson says:

a kill switch would help even if anyone got past all that but i doubt anyone will.

Grumpy old fart says:

I hate to bust your bubble, but a $20 dremmel grinder with an abrasive wheel will walk right though that chain or lock. Perhaps some kind of motion sensor with a loud alarm will allow you to use the 9mm.

Clayton Radich says:

Or maybe just put your motorcycle in your bed room or close by because some people can get away with it there very crafty but to break into your home for a motorcycle i don’t think so they wouldn’t have a clue on were the bike even is and and with pretty much everything in the video no one is getting that bike ^_^

psulse says:

here is another one,. charge a canaster of antrax, is the bike is tilted upright when the alarm is enabled the antrax is blown in the direction of the their faces….hahaha. can also use a liquid clorine and vaporize it or hydrocloric acid, shit is so noxious if you breath it. have fun theaven bastards


try putting a car alarm on the handle or the steering bar that triggers a super loud alarm

Morgan Brown says:

I am definitely going to do that

greg saunders says:


elma kunic says:

dude i need that alarm sensor thangyyy

Shaun Lund says:

Can you tell me where you got the nylon chain sleeve? I can’t find any classifications or names for something like this.

Piece o' LEGO says:

now that’s what i call security lol

opollo says:

Well you’ve now told every criminal in the area exactly what to do to steal your bike.

Bernard Kelar says:

Most thieves carry portable angle grinders, that will just about cut through any loop lock and chain. Alarms and Trackers too, can be disabled. It’s happened to me.

Kaydro Harrison says:

I know the feeling. it sucks. I will be going that extra mile if I ever have leave my bike outside over night. but for now I pull it in doors.

Nick Johnson says:

That alarm is so cool did you fit it yourself?

Peter Sepulveda Sr. says:

Do you ever go out,for a bite to eat with the bike.?how do you secure it when out in public??

D30l_ says:

I got my bike stolen today

Lt H says:

Lovely bike

SaclunchGsus says:

that’s a chain! They would be better off cutting your inner rim.

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