Best Motorcycle Locks and Anti-Theft Systems of 2017

Motorcycle anti-theft solutions are plentiful, but these are our favourites. You’ll definitely be locked in you seat for this review.

0:22 – Nelson-Rigg Deluxe All Season Cover:
0:53 – Kryptonite R2 Accessory Retracting Lock:
2:00 – Oxford Boss Alarm Disc Lock:
3:50 – Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor:
5:20 – Xena XC14 Heavy Duty Chain:
6:09 – SPOT Trace:

Best Motorcycle Covers of 2016 reference:

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CaramelColored says:

Best anti-theft: Bedroom bike.

bertiebasset123 says:

Keep pressing number 8… Gangnam Style…

Modustollens1 says:

Sorry you’re too small to handle a magna. Doesn’t mean you should rip on them.

Matt video's says:

whats wrong with an 83 magna?!?

Dutch253 says:

What’s the story with that German beauty behind you??

Matt Thulle says:

Or you can….just get an insurance.

Patrick Schliesing says:

At 7:03 you mention other devices that track additional data while riding and notify paramedics of a crash. What is this nifty toy?

Northern Reviews says:

Hey fortnine thanks for another informative video, couldn’t help but notice It looks like the yellow bottom half of the oxford boss lock alarm is made of some kind of plastic or something is it really that safe and tough ?

Lawrence Cheung says:

Comprehensive insurance… the ultimate solution to theft

dudelivestrong says:

The more locks the better do not relay on just 1-2 locks

Jesus is Lord says:

Guy makes a comment about Oxford, clearly never been there. It’s actually one of the more affluent areas of England. Don’t start off by dissing my country when you’ve clearly only seen it on tv boy!

TheRedline161 says:

Or you could just buy a gsxr

ElectricRides says:

Disk lock and chain is enough for most scenarios. However if I lived in London, I’d probably use two chains and four disc locks lol

Nelson Salazar says:

Hey man, I love your videos, but i couldn’t help to notice that you leftout the handlebar locks

What do you think about it?

Mark N says:

I would install two Kryptonite anchor locks instead of one

saltysasquatch123 says:

Best last line ever!
Love your channel F9!

Jim Hamel says:

Thanks for the real life reviews, keep up the good work Ryan!

D Lon says:

metric!!! WOOOOO love from Australia =D

Nelson Fernandez says:

Need these because I own a grom….. pretty much can pick one of these up and walk away with it

Terri Sargent says:

Oh my freaking gosh, you are so cute…this video had my whole office in tears. Talking about keeping the attention going, you got ours; ANYWAYYY would you recommend or what would you recommend a lock for a Honda Goldwing which is a kind big bike. I need a lock and people tell me about them, but they’re not telling me what bike it fits. Thanks so much, keep up the good work, awesome video. Oh does the locks have master keys, that would be a bummer.

snackysnacks says:

going to use these tips with my bicycle

lolzaloud says:

Someone read the reddit thread 😛

Samwise Scandall says:

The UK 5 minute theft test!

There’ll be many a chuckle from here, over the pond at that one!

roscocsa says:

I had idiot thieves do the van/truck thing on a 96 katana. With a detached gas tank and no carbs. Judging by all the foot prints the tank pissed all over them, as it did every time it was picked up since the petcock was stuck on reserve.

I can’t imagine being that desperate to steal a 15 year old psuedo sport bike.

wwvette says:

I Paid $20.00 For My Motorcycle Cover From Ebay!!!
You Are Goofy And Goofy Looking!!!
And Ignorant!!!

TheWaylandern says:

You should have talked about U-locks since they are more durable than chains


in s.flori’duh’ the thieves have low trailers they pull up next to a bike and push it over quick on trailer and drive away.
so even if the fork is locked or has a chain on wheel they can still it take it unless chained to another bike or tree.
lots of custom harleys in s floriduh and lots of thieves

Zulfiqar Ali says:

can you make a video on carrying pillion helmets

Mark Barrett says:

Love the UK theft joke.


3:27 if it’s stupid and it works, it ain’t stupid

Zack says:

You should test the locks with files and hammers and lockpicks and make it a series

Gustavo de Almeida Carvalho says:

A couple of setbacks with disc break alarms: 1) thieves can easily muffle it with a wet rag 2) they usually start screaming a couple of times during night time for no apparent reason

wlad del says:

i got the oxford boss but the alarm is kinda weak just make a boobytrap on ur bike with guns n shit or something cause thats gonna work

Dakota Ryals says:

Anti Theft Tip: Make your bike look shitty by dropping it a few times, deter people who want good bikes.

Tiago Higgs Rad says:

Almax chains only. Forget all oxford baby chains.

Gal Yefet says:

can you share more about spot trace are you using them?

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