Best Strongest Bike Motorcycle Chain Bolt Cutter Cropper Proof Chain

Best Strongest Bike Motorcycle Chain Bolt Cutter Cropper Proof Chain. Strongest Chain. Hacksaw Proof Chain. Bolt Cropper Proof Chain. Toughest Chain. The top security chain manufactures were contacted to test there security chain and put it to the test. Other company’s were contacted but chose not to participate.
Winner: 63 HRC Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain 12mm
Part # 3012 or 2012 SL $28.99 Ft
Contact Information
Grand Junction, CO 1000.1 miles
722 Scarlet Street
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Phone: 970-242-1144
Fax: 970-241-4150
Runner Up: 42 HRC Security Maxx 1/2 in Security Chain
Part # 38-448CL
Contact information: Sales Desk
Extension “3”
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Libslayer007 says:

Just take a cut off wheel to it or hack through it with a carbide rod saw.

Jack Daniel says:

how about a lock?

uzipo ventezinko says:


ben piercy says:

any ideas were i could pick these up in the uk? having a hard time finding anywhere. my motorbike was stolen not gonna let it happen again

Emil w. Mørkeberg says:

Great Video. Thanks for doing this!

monstercolorfun co says:

I have a motorbike parked in my street, a moped, in backstreets, that hasn’t moved for over 2 years. It has a massive chrome vad chain on it and a serious lock. …

I would give you advice for that lock… get a 12 v battery with huge amperage and heat it white hot. perhaps it would be easier.

Obviously, nitrogen would make it into glass? so … all tha timpressiveness depends on who gets some cryogenics on it.

I dont have nitrogen, i can only consider putting a car battery on the lock mechanism. I don’t imagine it’s very easy.

I wanted a part on it today.

Other option is to get a glass bottle, make a slot in the lid to fit the lock, fill it with acid, leave it in there for one month. perhaps it’s rust proof :/ probably.

Cinnamon Johnson says:

Wayne, I have been enjoying your videos and useful security information. Just bought my first Harley, and I have been searching for a highly theft-proof chain and lock. You’ve sold me on the Pewag 7/16 chain. I’m getting the Viro padlock with it. Good combo? I lock up outside, so any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for the vids! Keep it ’em coming!

Z Go says:

When my bike lock has bin tampered with and the theif defeats the cut and the electric shock. He still has to go through 2 security devices. Once my bike wheels spin itll set off an alarm that wont stop and when the wheels are spun it locks up the tires and immobilizes it from being ridden away.

Afieq Moyal says:

how to get the black super chain but what is the lock that will go with it

Daaboo says:

problem is these thieves fuckers lift the whole bike on a truck and use a grinder later at some safe place

Rxonmymind says:

Great video. Appreciate you taking the time to make one. Called the local Pewag dealer who happens to in CA and they don’t or more specifically won’t sell that 10 mm chain. Odd conversation as he was steering me towards buying the 8mm one instead after he learned it was to be used as a bike security chain. He also stayed they no longer made the 10 mm chain. Odd as competition does.
Where can one buy this chain then? Like to have it.
Again, nice video & next time wear safety goggles. Yes, bolt cutters do break. Lol.

Stephen says:

Are these hard chains resistant to an angle grinder? What if you ground through the case hardening then hit the spot with the bolt cutters?

Wayne Winton says:

uzipo ventezinko No that is Grade 120 lifting chain and it is not the same. you can purchase it here:

90AlmostFamous says:

ok so now what lock to use to close those chains ?

Bob Long says:

going to get the 10 feet of this chain powdered coated for only 60 bucks, I think that is a fair price for this type of investment, at that price I have no control over the color but, hey, that is ok. thanks for the advice!

golbis says:

What does HRC stand for?

And Could you please send a direct link for purchasing, I couldn’t find this chain on deltarigging website. Thanks!

Numba1SoulPreppa says:

Hello, I went to Westech Rigging supply and they say the Pewag 9/32″ (1/4″) Square Security Chain is better. For starters, the 3012 chain is actually a traction chain that was not originally designed for security–that does not make it any less formidable, however. The 3012 chain is also substantially bigger at 12 mm in diameter. While this chain is hardened 10% deep, the 3012 chain is hardened 6% deep. From a cosmetic perspective, this chain is silver while the 3012 chain is black. Can you test this chain?

E Ryan says:

What companies backed out??

BigBikeMad says:

Very helpful. Thanks

di Niccolo Betto Bardi says:

Hey friend, my english is not good. but i ve a question. i watched video and im confused. im im be looking motorcycle locks- abus,onguard etc..- what do you advice motorcycle locks? im living turkey.

Tom L says:

How does the Peywag chain stand up to an angle grinder?

Lasse Reinhold says:

try a battery driven angle grinder.. poof 🙂

Battlem0nk says:

Been using the 3/8″ Pewag security chain, but found it pretty heavy at times. Would the 9/32 (1/4″) Pewag chain be a viable lighter alternative? I know it is less resistant to cutting than the 3/8″ being thinner, but would it be better or as good as New York Fahgettaboudit ulock? It would be mainly for short periods of bike locking.

HockeyLAKings119 says:

What do you put the chain around if u r parking in a parking lot? Or something else like the street? Somewhere where u can’t put the chain around

Ignatius Laurent says:

I do believe that the chain is extremely strong but the chain is not the weakest link it’s what you use to lock the chain with is the weakest link . If the lock that you’re using is not equal to the chain strength then why go through the hassle of buying the strongest chain . Where by any one can brake the lock and make the chain useless . I still believe that the chain can be broken . If you freeze the chain solid and bang it with a hammer I’m sure it will brake .

rileyplaxton says:

Thanks for this very helpful

Rob MM says:

Does anyone know can you buy this 63 HRC Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain 12mm on Amazon or where a person can buy offline. How much is this chain?

oscar jekiel says:

Clicked on the link for the Pewag chain and can’t find the product on their website. Any other info on where to buy?

dfgrego says:

What kind of locks would you recommend to pair with these security chains? Weakest link & all.

Yanchor says:

You also need a ground anchor, for the best on the market check out this video

Z Go says:

My bike lock has an electric shock with a built in siren alarm and immobilizer. Im not lieing its my invention. 🙂

david tunnicliff says:

i see people using portable electric grinders to cut off chain and disc lock. have you tried this method?

Enrique Rabelo says:

What lock?

zhukie says:

Pity if you don’t live in America lol but still informative video

cassin11 says:

Hello Wayne, can you please update this video with the new chains in the market like pragmasis? By rank based on size, bolt cutting test and angle grinder time? Thanks in advance.

Lysergic 209 says:

Dude you look and sound like Tom Cruise (no homo)

lokuscyborg says:

Hey Wayne,
I have been searching for the video where you tell us what the best lock there is to use with the chain. I saw you cut through a couple of locks, but what is the best lock that you have found? Thank you. Great videos man!

Diane Michele says:

OK darlin’ The chain can’t be cut – what lock?

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