Best Strongest Security Chain Bolt Cutter Cropper Proof Chain

Best Strongest Security Chain Bolt Cutter Proof Chain. Strongest Chain. Hacksaw Proof Chain. Bolt Cropper Proof Chain. Toughest Chain. The top security chain manufactures were contacted to test there security chain and put it to the test. Other company’s were contacted but chose not to participate.
Winner: 63 HRC Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain 12mm
Part # 3012 or 2012 SL $28.99 Ft
Contact Information
Grand Junction, CO 1000.1 miles
722 Scarlet Street
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Phone: 970-242-1144
Fax: 970-241-4150
Runner Up: 42 HRC Security Maxx 1/2 in Security Chain
Part # 38-448CL
Contact information: Sales Desk
Extension “3”
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Less Talk, More Delicious says:

What’s the best small/mini chain (5-6mm)? I want one for travel and pelican cases. Abus any good?

sten beetlex says:

when i lost my keys and i used my mechanics bolt cuter. i cut the metal of the latch instead of the lock. so easy to cut than hardened steel

Kyle Go Hawks says:

what happens if u pore a little liquid nitrogen on it and hit it with a hammer?

Rob Silver says:

What would be the best pad lock to go with that Pewag 3012 63 HRC chain?

Simon Drapeau says:

Whats the grade of the Pewag ?

Boogaboo aboo says:

Almax Series 5 22mm chain … that’s the biggest, baddest bolt cut proof chain.

Veeken 777 says:

Thank you for doing this science only the hardness scale. You have saved me LOADS of time. God bless you.

Herbert Ainsworth says:


Alex says:

not online

Mark II says:

So if that chain is a Rockwell C63 then that means I could take a hammer and just break it.. right? I mean, it’s the same concept with Carbide or even hardened steel found in a hand file.. right? Maybe take a steel block behind the chain, and hit one of the links against the block.. even holding it up, I could hit it with a decent hammer and one of the links would snap or break.. right? Really nice video though.. and really nice chains. Looking at bolt cutters on YouTube just for fun, and came across your video. (+1 : 170)

Darius Jones says:

Great video

Jessica Brown says:

Good for bikes in Amsterdam ??? Where can I get a chain like this? says:

Thank you for the info you provide in these video. I recently had a 2005 28ft Contender fishing boat stolen from me out of what I thought was a locked and safe gated compound. The thieves made easy work of cutting the chain off the gate and cutting my tongue lock off the trailer. I just ordered a replacement vessel and your videos are educating me significantly in regards to what I can do to make my next vessel exponentially safer. So thank you again and I look forward to seeing future video. I’ll definitely be investing in some pewag chains. Now I need to figure out what lock I need to purchase cause I never want to experience such a loss again.

Scruffy Mclick says:

Is Tom Cruise your twin?

Doppelganger IsaacWhiteman says:

So did you found out , sense the one you showed was hard to cut the thicket chain , of what the best bolt cutter is for the thicket chain you have/had , from trying new bolt cutters , or did you desided to not try new ones that might work easier for the thickest chain you’ve shown ? . Or did you try other one’s , & found one that was way easier for cutting the thickest chain you’ve shown ? . If found out what was the easiest one for the thickest chain , what was it called the bolt cutter , if you did try other bolt cutters ? .

Wayne Winton says:

Simon Drapeau There is no grade. Graded chain is for Lifting chain. Lifiting chain is not as hard as this chain beacuse the harder the stel the more brittel it becomes. Brittle chain is not good for lifting.

TBoanProds says:

I wonder how the Pewag chain compares to the Almax Immobilizer 19mm chain.

Alex says:

thanks your the only one to answer but what stores have it

Ursus310 says:

How does the chains (and the abus chain) react to icespry an a chisel?
The harder the chain is, the faster it should break.

dsalpha18 says:

Anyone ever told you that you looked like tom cruise?

Tupac Shakur says:

i would like to order the peweg security chain ia it possible to order it by you i live in europ

Jaycbee024 says:

Had an attempt on my motorcycle 3 days ago…
Yes the one in my avatar, Rather than cut the walmart swing set chain which I cut to length with garden nippers,
They cut my Case Hardened German made “Trelock” (60year old lock). They snapped their bolt cutters doing it, but still cut it.
any advice on “roadpro” trucker type locks? And what chain would you recomend?

sten beetlex says:

when i lost my keys and i used my mechanics bolt cuter. i cut the metal of the latch instead of the lock. so easy to cut than hardened steel

Billy Winn says:

do you know a UK seller thanks. if not do do you know the next best chain available in UK. thanks

hansonsux says:

At least speak up to match the loud ass intro and the chain clanging.

Sorin Petrica says:

HI I bought the pewag chain, and after two weeks of it siting in the rain , it started rusting, can you please tell me what’s the best way to clean rust and protect the chain . I use it on my yamaha bolt and love this chain! thanks in advance, Sorin.

Patrik Andersson says:

wich is the best and most powerful chain i can get and padlock?

Gilera runner says:

This chain is nothing when you put it up against the Pragmasis or Almax chains…..

John Reece says:

Can an acetylene torch beat it

Mario Benacerraf says:

Hi Wayne, do you know if Deltarigging and 1st chain supply do shipments to another countries? (Argentina, to be precise). I would like to buy the Peweg chain from deltarigging and the lock from 1st chain supply.

Thanks in advance, very good demonstration.


pewag North America says:

part numbers can be found here:

Sirpaulconway Sirpaulconway says:

Ive had 3 scooters stolen with cut chains etc

Lick Broccoli says:

so i guess we just cut the lock instead or use cordless side cutter

Chaos Tade says:

how can I buy this black chain from europe?? Is there any store in europe that sells those chains?

whiteknight81 says:

could u please do a video on the almax immobiliser 19mm chains and see if there telling the trurh and cant be cut thanks

MrGoodkat says:

I hate carrying the fuckers.Although I would still never ride w/o one. An unpinched bike is always worth a bit more effort.

Mr E says:

how much space (preferably in mm) is in the opening of the links of that pewag chain?

__DarkBubble__ says:

how would this do against a cut off saw/grinder?

Rubber Johnny says:

This video helped a lot. I’ve been burglarized several times in the past couple of weeks. Each time it occurs I buy something better. Unfortunately hardened alloy steel chains are hard to find in my area and I honestly didn’t know what to look for. That thief is going to be so pissed when he ruins his bolt cutter on that chain.

Alex Kaow says:

I have been looking around for 63 HRC Pewag Hardened Square Link Chain 12mm but I can’t get it anywhere. Do you know any european sellers?

rdizzy1 says:

I think they should test their chains against these portable hydraulic bolt cutters they sell on amazon, only 250$, well worth it.

Jason Ram says:

eye protection man

TheGreendabomb says:

Hi ,
I’m searching for a huge deterring security chain for my motorbike because I live in a high risk area of London UK.
Motorbikes are stolen all the time around here and I just want peace of mind!
Please let me know what you’ve got that may be suitable. I don’t mind how heavy it is as long as it is extremely strong and a little bit intimidating to thieves.

TotalMishap says:

Wayne, love your videos. I just watched a video made by Almax where they easily cut through Abus, Kryptonite and a few other famous brands in seconds with bolt cutters. I’ve seen your videos where you struggle sometimes to even make a dent. I wonder if their testing was rigged in some way. I mean they are a competitor. Ever see this video and what do you think?

Tien Tran says:

thinking of buying that pewag security chain. that you said it was the best. will it fit with stanley 60 mm that you recommend. I want to buy it for my ebike.

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