Best Travel Luggage Lock?(v2) Pewag 9/32″ Chain, Abus 72/40 Padlocks, Cobra 10mm Cable [4K Unboxing]

Best Travel Luggage Lock? (v2) Pewag World’s Strongest Bolt-Cutter Proof Chain (9/32″, 7mm, 1/4″), Abus 72/40 Padlocks, Cobra 10mm Cable [4K Unboxing]

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Hello everybody,

In this video, I show a new travel and luggage lock setup, version 2.

This setup is mostly intended for travelers with only carry-on luggage; mainly because there are no crappy TSA padlocks in this video. Of course, you can sometimes get your check-in bags screened before using some real padlocks on them (so that they don’t cut them off, throw them away and waste your money). Recommended bags with decent security would be Pacsafe bags with Exomesh or even hard plastic cases from SKB or Pelican (for more expensive and sensitive electronic equipment, photography gear or firearms).

Included in this video are: Pewag security chain in their smallest size, which is 9/32” (or 7mm.. similar to a 1/4” chain), Abus 72/40 KA (keyed-alike) padlocks and an Abus Cobra 10mm cable for lightweight uses (and also for less airport security hassles).

I chose the Abus 72/40 locks as they have a nicely hardened 1/4” thick shackle and are very lightweight because of its’ aluminum body (only 0.24lbs each). Of course, a better and more secure option that’s similar in size/spec is the Abloy PL330. But, the Abloy PL330 weighs 4x more (at 1.00lb each) and is also at least 4x more expensive (at $50-70+ each).

These Abus 72/40 locks are great and tick all the boxes in security features. The keyway is offset and crooked in shape; making it more difficult to lock-pick. It uses a precision 6-pin tumbler and key (most other affordable brands only use 4 or 5 pins). The latches are dual ball bearing and is operated by a rotating cam internal assembly (so it cannot be shimmed through the shackle’s gaps nor the back of the keyhole/cylinder). These Abus locks are very nicely machined and of really good quality. And, its’ security features are definitely sufficient for travel or to lock bags in your car or truck.

Next up is a security chain from the world’s strongest chain manufacturer – Pewag. This is the smallest size they offer, a 9/32” (7mm) security chain. Although I have never tested it, according to many Youtube vids out there, the bigger 12mm versions are bolt-cutter proof. Which is impressive to say the least. So, I assume this smaller 7mm version would also be quite difficult (maybe impossible) to cut with bolt-cutters. This chain would be great for locking Pelican/SKB cases to fixed objects inside your hotel or hostel room, car or truck. It is a bit heavy for travel though at around 2lbs for 2′ of chain; especially if you’re traveling with only a carry-on with strict weight restrictions. And, it is definitely overkill for something like a Pacsafe bag; which only uses thin steel mesh to secure the contents inside bags. It is much easier to just try cutting into the mesh, than trying to mess with this almost indestructible chain. So, if this Pewag chain is a bit of an overkill for your soft-sided luggage bag (or you’re not using any SKB/Pelican cases) and/or if it’s just too heavy for you for travel, then the next option is a fantastic compromise.

If you’re traveling with only a carry-on with strict weight restrictions and also just a soft-sided Pacsafe (or similar) bag that only uses steel mesh, then an Abus Cobra 10mm cable is good enough imo. Big advantage is that it only weighs 0.60lbs (versus the Pewag’s hefty 2lbs of steel). Even if it’s not nearly as secure as the Pewag chain, this Abus 10mm cable will still be much much harder to cut than the steel Exomesh of a Pacsafe bag (which will really be the “weakest link” – the thin Exomesh). Even more important is that some airports might not even let you through security with some big heavy Pewag chain (so you’ll end up needing to check it in).

So, for a good travel lock setup to lock your soft-sided (steel Exomesh’ed) bags in your hotel or hostel rooms, the Abus 72/40 padlocks and an Abus 10mm cable would be great for travel security and to prevent opportunistic theft. However, for something a bit more hardcore, to secure your photography gear, guns, etc., inside more secure Pelican/SKB cases, then nothing beats a 9/32” (7mm) Pewag chain with a set of Abus 72/40 padlocks. Or, if you’re well-heeled, some Abloy PL330 padlocks.

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Carlos Haas says:

Hi bro. Good video.
I need to Know if a padlock with 10 mm shackle diameter can be used with the Pewag 9/32″ security chain.

duratoke says:

wish you had mentioned the size of the sleeve. Is it 1/2″, 1″ or 1-3/4″? Don’t want it either too baggy or worse not fit at all.

Robert Silvers says:

Uh – you got an aluminum padlock with the very best chain made? That makes no sense. Get an Abloy 340 or 341 lock, or an Abus Granite.

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