Cordless Battery Powered Grinder VS Peweg Security Chain

Cordless Battery Powered Grinder VS Peweg Security Chain .18v Cordless Grinder VS Hardened Security Chain. Yes a Cordless Grinder can cut through almost any chain but the Hardened security chain from Peweg took more than 2 minutes. 10X longer than conventional hardware store chain. That is a lot of noise and sparks to get you caught. Any security chain will only buy you time, This chain buys you the most time.
Pewag Hardened Square link chain Part # 3012 From Delta Rigging
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Grand Junction, CO 1000.1 miles
722 Scarlet Street
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Phone: 970-242-1144
Fax: 970-241-4150
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Tim Madigan says:

how much do they pay you? you clearly didn’t use as much pressure on the second cut. I can cut it in half that time

Peabo says:

Great chain! An acetylene+oxygen cutting touch burns much hotter than map gas. Almost 1000°F hotter. That would be an interesting test. What do you think?

TheQuikMix says:

Holy wow, this was a useful video to stumble across right after I bought a new bike for commuting. Saw the 4ft length @ Tri-County Locksmith. Do you know if you’d sell a 2ft length? Hauling 4ft of that chain would probably kill me. 🙂

Mark Mcgrath says:

now they need to make them in massive 1″ or up to 5″ it would multiply the time period

paul dick says:

modern 1mm slitting disc in the milwaukee grinder takes less than 30seconds to cut through that chain………..and a dip in liquid nitrogen and then hit with a hammer shatters it in seconds

Andrew Maudsley says:

Hi, any idea how heavy this is per foot etc?

Mika Hakinen says:

Cool video, that chain is a beast! Looking forward to seeing more videos from you!

Gummy Bear says:

just wondering how about tacking a propane  torch to it –then that will rec the haetreatment

Marc Kirk says:

That took around 2 minutes for two cuts. Could you please do a video where this chain is connected to a typical bike scenario that is a little less controlled. Maybe it takes 3 minutes?

ZiGa:S says:

This cutting was done with holder, now how on Earth is thief going
to make safe cut on chain that is just hanging around?!
Maybe another interesting test would be putting chain (one link) in accid (e.g. HCl).
This accid is really cheap to get (at least in our country, 1 liter 35% HCl for ~2$).

John Hoyle says:

These are excellent videos, informative, to the point, no nonsense. Thank You!

break time says:

My buddy grinded through a 12mm link chain in less then a minute, were you pressing hard on the grinder? seems like you were just barely touching the blade to the link. Basically, if it took you two minutes to grind through that link, it would take you 15 minutes to grind through a 19mm … just sayin

Nguyen Tran says:

Is the website down? I no longer see any purchasing options.

Moderate Fkr says:

Pewag, not Peweg. Typo alert. Very interesting vid. Thank you.

Mr,Casino says:

cut the abloy 362 padlock with a electric powered Angle grinder

Wingman Games says:

I’ll be definiately getting your lock/chain combo as this is a great test. Who on earth would do this in a real life situation without people knowing that you’re stealing something.. I can’t find anything else as good as your combo. How heavy is everything and how much to ship to Australia?

thatwonguy says:

It took you about 2 minutes to cut the chain. It is an awesome chain but an angle grinder and 2 minutes uninterrupted by the actual owner (passerby’s will just think your the owner who just happened to have lost the key so your using an angle grinder, very unlikely anyone is going to try to stop it or report it). Really what is the point of any of these locks, chains, padlocks? Just bring the bike with you into the grocery store, gym, coffee shop, etc. Locking the bike should be a last resort and the date, time, and place you lock it should be completely out of the blue and unpredictable. What are you supposed to do to stop a thief who has been eyeballing your bike for the past few days and knows that he is going to use an angle grinder the next day when you lock it?

RDC says:

Have you seen their 7mm version? Obviously it would be quicker with a cut off wheel, but what about bolt cutters?

Nicholas Leader says:

no gloves mate?

Jonathan The Mad says:

what padlock would you put with this that would be equally as strong?

spancj1 says:

if you flip a can of air up side down you can freeze the chain and shatter it with a hammer. How To Freeze off a Lock with Compressed Air – Biola University

Qwerty 200200 says:

Could you recommend the toughest lock against destructive methods, regardless of price, I want something that’s going to frustrate breaching shotguns, grinders, hydraulic cutters, the physically toughest lock there is. ^_^

Zadius895 says:

These test videos are great!

Plur Bikes says:

I’ve had to use a cordless AG to cut a kryptonite chain (at a school bike rack because my kid lost the key) and it took longer than normal home depot chain. This chain is pretty impressive if you do a lot of cutting with angle grinders and know the difference in time it takes to get through various types of metal.

MonGo WonGo says:

Your videos are incredibly interesting! Is that the Milwaukee 2780-20 or the Milwaukee 2783-20?

twilson1118 says:

not sure thats the biggest angle grinder. I think my makita dpc7311 or the bigger fire department ones(they go upto 90-120cc i recall) would go faster but as far as obviousness, its 15 out of 10 with a 2 stroke engine at 4400 rpm or so. My friend has a video of me cutting up a whole truck axle with mine because we could, its on youtube under dodge 8.25″ rear axle disposal! I don’t think that security chain would take that long, but your cutting wheels also don’t weigh nearly 2 lbs and have nearly  5.5 hp driving them:)
Anyone that desprate for your bike is either a repo man who doesn’t care how much noise they make(they can make all the noise they want, its theirs!) but i’m rather sure they would attack the lock before that chain because if it has a rekeyable cylinder of the american or master type with the pin exposed at the botttom, once you grind that spot out, the cylinder falls out and no need to cut the pesky thick hasp.

Bryan Barnard says:

That chain would be no match for the M18 Fuel Plasma Cutter.  :o)

Nick Anderson says:

I think some of you are missing the point.  The chain is not indestructible, I don’t think anybody is claiming that it is.  The point of hardened chain is to deter the average thief with average tools in a common environment.  Sure, with just the right tools and enough uninterrupted cutting, you can get through pretty much anything.  But most thieves will see hardened chain (especially square link which won’t cut in common bolt cutters) and just move on to the next target.  To me, that’s the whole point.

chevymudding01 says:

where can I buy one

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