Cordless Grinder VS Security Chain

Security Chain VS Cordless Grinder. How long dose it take to cut Security chain with a angle grinder. 1:15 for security chain. 15-20 seconds for non hardened chain. The point is that the hardened chain will take longer and make more noise and provide time to notice what is going on. Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
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gtsolkas says:

can you please try and cut the chains without the vise ? so we can see how long it will really take to go through the chains under true road conditions ? I recently had an attempt on my motorbike they probably used a portable grinder because of the cuts, the disk lock break was an easy job but they only went through my Almax security chain III up to 80% on just 1 cut and they left and i still have my bike, i only found out in the morning. securing the chain on a vise makes no sense you can cut through anything secured on a vise. be realistic.

SuperSpineman says:

What is the size of the chain. It looks huge 3/4″?

David Burciaga says:

what blade is that

break time says:

Can you make more videos using the portable grinder against all the security chains like the kryptonite square link and various others sizes and materials like black oxide chains. Its about time someone made a video using the ultimate threat on the streets. Thanks. subbed

Gerhard Symons says:

Good test. I hope that in the time it takes the thief to steal my stuff, the alarm system informs me, and that the accelerometer informs the tracking company that someone is tampering with my bike. I live about 15 seconds away from my bike by foot.

Brad Davies says:

How long do you think it would take without the use of a vise? I am securing a generator.

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