Kryptonite 13mm Fahgettaboudit Chain Bolt cutter test

Kryptonite 13mm Fahgettaboudit Chain Bolt cutter test


macloud1100 says:

More info would have been nice. How many pounds of pressure was applied. How your set was your set up.

Dden Dden says:

How big are this cutters? + have u seen the krenn 49 inch monster bolt cutters ?

DonD512 says:

@0:57- 1:35 WTF is going on??

Xaver von Treyer says:

That bolt cutter looks more expensive than my bike. And now it’s ruined. Well done!

Don'z Lockz says:

I just love the practical tests you do Wayne! By using that ratchet strap to tighten the bolt cutters, im guessing that it was more powerful than doing it by hand? I dont think a common theif would walk around with that gear and I think Kyrptonite gear is quality stuff. Cheers

Older&Wiser says:

Thanks, Wayne. Guys, let’s help him out with some likes and subs, please. Nearly 30000 views and 70 likes? If you want folks to take the time and expense to do informative vids, you have to show some support. 🙂

pedro Herrera says:

Have you tried an Oxyacetylene torch?  The average bike stealing meth-head has a setup like yours or a blow torch…NOT.  lame.

Turbito Escort says:

Jajajaja next time use tnt ,omg you go to street with this tools

Gabriel Solomon says:

You used a force multiplier to do this, and it broke, and it still only broke in one spot so two attempts would be needed to actually free the bike.
A better title would be “Kryptonite 13mm Fahgettaboudit vs torque multiplied bolt cutters”

Analog Human says:

Somehow I’m a little gayer now.

Dawid F. says:

mate, you evidently using too low security for that cutting….:L
try heavy pyrotechnic suit instead.

D Bag says:

Poly shield, Blanket, Gloves, Welding mask

And a damn come along to pull on 4′ cutters…..heres your sign

Whats next……OMG this termite lance destroyed it

john edwards says:

If someone has to carry around a pair of force multiplied bolt cutters, steel plate, and a welder I feel pretty good about the purchase. If you gotta set a rig like that up my security cameras would have caught at least one good pic

ZiggZagg11 says:

That was so awesome… I flinched when it finally cracked… I swore the bolt cutter was going to give out first… I just bought the Fahgettaboudit chain and lock…

Joe Christl says:

you need to measure the load it took for your tests.

G G says:

Not a likely thieves companion the ratchet strap lol u could steal a car quicker

KetoBiker says:

If you cant cut it with boltcutters by hand then i consider the chain boltcutter proof.

ThunderWolf39 says:

what is some good grade chain that’s hard to cut or break that’s not very expensive, need some for my motorcycle

Michael says:

If it takes a workshop setup like that to break, that’s a damn good lock!

Tex Patriot says:

Is it possible to resharpen the bolt cutters?

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