Kryptonite: Chain and Cable Locks

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The people at Kryptonite, the innovators behind the Bicycle U-Lock, have a pure passion for creating the best security in the world. It’s our innovative product designs, intimate knowledge of market trends and complete commitment to customers that will continue to keep the competition striving to reach the high bar Kryptonite sets.


Dennis Kirk, Inc. says:

You are right, nothing is 100% unbreakable. Unfortunately, if someone really wants to steal your motorcycle, nothing will stop them. However the Kryptonite chain and cable locks are a great start to thief-proofing your ride. The Kryptonite New York Legend features a 16mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle that would take massive bolt cutters to chop through. If you’re still worried about having your motorcycle stolen, it might not be a bad idea to take a look into a Scorpio Security System.

David Sadowski says:

Is not going anywhere until someone really wants it, comes over with proper tools and loads up the whole bike onto a van. They could also detach the front wheel and replace it later on if a lock is hard to break. So, for longer periods or better always put the chain through back wheel / arm and attach to a solid object.

lv0ll9 says:

Chain thickness says jack shit, its the material the chain is made of, for all i know it could be punched together soda cans…

goose003 says:

soooo what do reccomend “i can not lift this” “Grow stronger” anyone anyone. so then i think you’d just play it safe with a backpack with the chain cuz even then the cable one will still tried to be cut by some jealous, poor of excuse of a human. so wat would reeeeally be reccomended

grapewater123 says:

That cable lock on that bike … I guarantee its going somewhere

WitherLife says:

‘And the size of this chain, lets say nothing is going to get through that’ Yer right, in your obviously expert opinion. Bolt croppers will go through this garbage in 15 seconds. Watch ‘captain croppers’ video.

Dennis Kirk, Inc. says:

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but if you’re searching for additional security measures, (other then a chain or cable lock) I would recommend looking into a disc lock. Disc locks are great as they are compact, and stop the wheels from turning, and have a good price point. Just don’t forget to take it off before riding away! If you want even more security, I’d take a look at a Scorpio Security System. Hope this helps! -Drysen

nyrmk1 says:

denniskirk, I agree with you. Nothing is 100% theft-proof. It amazes me how many people still criticize outfits, like you, that the advertised product doesn’t perform as mentioned, i.e., bolt croppers will go through . . .in 15 seconds.’ Well, yeah, but at least there’s SOMETHING on the bike that will add precious seconds to theft deterrent. If anyone’s got a 100% theft-proof item, out our money where you mouth is an freakin announce it to the world. Tnx, denniskirk, for your support.

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