Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain VS Bolt Cutters13mm 1/2 inch

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain VS Bolt Cutters13mm 1/2 inch. Even with High Quality HK Porter Bolth Cutters I was not able to cut this chain.
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Jeff Moss says:

Nice series of videos.

hickorydickoryduck says:

thanks for uploading, it’s the kind of thing you wonder about and you went out and did it

Stephen says:

They make bigger bolt cutters. Good video though. I havent seen it in years, but there is a video where a big guy cuts *everything* by leaning on a giant set of bolt cutters. Not saying it didnt take awhile though, but it proved everything you can put on a bike can only buy you time.

Bob Long says:

the pewag chain comes in lengths that I need (or as much as I can afford) where as the longest Kryptonite chain is 60 inches, that I can find. I love my pewag

Jason May says:

Kryptonite For the win.
If somebody comes with a grinder it doesnt matter anyways but a grinder is gonna make a hell of a lot of noise.

Jeepers Creepers says:

You remind me of Tom Cruise — if he wasn’t mentally ill.

CylonActual says:

Thanks for testing the Kryptonite New York Legend Chain out, Wayne.. I have the 15mm chain. Im pretty confident now that someone is going to have to show up with a torch if they want to cut that thing.

Matthew McDonald says:

cheers for this vid man, just had my bike stolen, ive bought a knew and think ill probs buy this chain

Craig Ismyname says:

any one know if this would be good for a motorcycle?

Fernando Salvador says:

Great video, I’m definitely getting one now.

Nathan Corliss says:

That was the 12mm so it bested the 12mm Abus, question remains if the more affordable 6 ft 14mm Abus can be cut, but the draw back with that is it probably wouldn’t fit the custom stanley and this does.

toadamine says:

that’s the “New York legend chain”, not the “Faggheddaboudit chain”… notice the open space in the links, the links are almost completely filled with the adjacent links in the “fagghedabiudit”…

Citizen Wolf says:

Thanks for the video. I have one of these Krytonite chains.

Altho’ I was waiting uneasily for someone to lose an eye. Thankfully that didn’t happen. 🙂 Stay safe!

joetca says:

This is one of the best security chains right now to get but don’t rely on just this, make sure to also get a disc lock guys.

Bob Long says:

does kryptonite make this chain in longer lengths? I had a 10K zero turn commercial mower stolen, not again, I have it secured to the trailer, the peweg black chain wrapped around the axle, secured to the frame of the zero turn, on one side, then an Abus 14KS chain on the other side of the zero turn secured to the side of the trailer. I am using two abus Rock 83-80 chains on the peweg chain, a fagetabout it kryptonite lock on the abus 14ks chain, now I want to tether the trailer frame to my trucks class three trailer hitch which is both bolted and welded onto the frame. I have a Sargeant and greenleaf 833 B chain for that but, Id like this chain to be what I use. I really only need 8 feet. do they sell it in longer lengths or by the foot?

ganimed1976 says:

Maybe you should soften the chain by using a torch burner till the chain link glows and then try to cut through it quick.

SenseiGichinFunakoshi says:

Nice that you featured the demo under the table!!

German R says:

Hello. I really like your videos and I am considering getting this chain and lock… How about the lock itself? Is it as resistant as the chain??? Do you have a video testing the lock? Thanks

betotrono says:

OMG when he got on the chair I was waiting for him to eat shit

Zoë Lkjsdhf says:

What about Ongaurd chains?

Enoch C says:

Great series. Researching chains for a motorcycle application.

Where’s the video on the lock associated with the chain?

From a theft deterrent point of view, What do you think is the easiest / best chain to get for a consumer from Canada? Pewag seems pretty inaccessible.

3Dtimespace says:

did you try to grind it? and what about the u lock

Griz Bear says:

Son, you need to wear a cup when you’re doing that sorta stuff, LOL.

Frances Venezia says:

How much is it? What are the dimensions so you know which chain you are buying?

Hannibalistic says:

You are doing a service for all Cyclists who want to secure their bike, tyvm!

Jack is not in the box says:

That lock is way too small on its own!

Michael Josefson says:

I’m in the habit of wearing my Kryptonite Fuhgettaboutit chain like a belt around my waist when I bike to work. Once I lost my keys because I had a hole in my hooded sweatshirt pocket, so I was stuck wearing the chain all night long at work, for a 12-hour overnight shift (I was afraid to eat or drink anything in case I needed to go to the bathroom). Fortunately, I had a spare at home, Since then, I’ve been in the habit of tossing my keys in my backpack. This morning, I had a scare as when I arrived at work I initially couldn’t find them (luckily they were in an inner pocket of my backpack). One of my coworkers pointed out that this is a dumb thing to do — and mentioned that if I get in a bike accident and am unconscious, ER workers won’t be able to un-lock me if they can’t find my keys. So I was wondering if they’d be able to get me out easily with bolt cutters. Guess not. Maybe I should stop wearing it.

Steven Chau says:

OMG I was terrified for you! What if your grip had slipped, while you were hopping on it… that long handle could have swung up and smashed your balls off!!! Please wear a cup next time you hop on it >_<

Frank Perez says:

Why dont you try a 42 inch bolt cutter?

metamorphicorder says:

i bought one of these lock sets based off this video. the video is good but it doesnt do it justice. its a monster chain. its a beast of a lock. but i didnt stop there. i am using this on a motorized bike and also bought a Bully alarmed U lock. its not a GREAT U lock, its probably about as well built as the original kryptonite locks, which was pretty decent for the time. it does use a disc detainer mech which looks alright and doesnt seem to be pullable, but what it does have is a warning alarm and then a full on klaxon thats loud enough to get attention. it also has a tranmitter that send a signal to a key fob pager that lets you know if the alarm is going off. so i have an old kryptonite integrated chain for the rear wheel, and a cable for the front wheel and i will lace all the locks through the alarm lock so that if someone tries to mess with the locks, it sets the alarm and the pager off. 2000 ft range on the pager. pretty sure my bike is gonna stay where i put it. i will also be adding a tracker to it at some point, so it should all be pretty secure. thanks for the recommendation on the chain, it was affordable and it is amazing. i dont think you even need to chain yout asset to anything. just lock this chain around the asset and they will just leave your stuff alone, its too heavy to walk off with. seriously though, this is a mofo of a chain and lock. if you want your motorized conveyance or other asset to remain where you put it, this chain will do a lot to help. not really for bikes unless you have a standard spot ypu chain it and can leave the chain and lock there, you might have to get more than one if thats the case and then another more portable set up to carry on the bike its pretty heavy, the shipping weight was 15lbs for the chain and lock. a great amount of security for the price. was about 115$. the bully lock was 97$ but goes for more depending on where you get it. the other stuff i already have.

fqn 3 says:


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