Oxford Monster and Nemesis Chain and Padlock Review

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Watch this before buying any Oxford chains or locks.

My insurance company requires chaining my bike to the floor when at home and locking it when away from home. So I bought some chains. This video is what I found out.

What I’ve ended up doing in the end is using the padlock only Nemesis as a disk lock and leaving the chain for use in the garage.

BTW, what’s the trick to making the monster padlock lock with its chain? It’s like those magic tricks or puzzles with the chains. Comment below if you know.


1945gmc353 says:

ive got same chain and as mahmood said you put 1 link in other then the lock it works great

Mark Price says:

Ancient Chinese puzzle or something 1 year old’s learn?
the small bit goes through the big bit 😉



katdivision says:

This made me laugh hahah I hope you figured it out 🙂

mahmood hasan says:

It doesnt work because you’re using it wrong! You have to push one chain link through the other before putting the padlock through the final link…the padlock is designed with enough space for one link.

A Mc says:

Had to like this, funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!!

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