Pewag 3012 traction chain vs Krenn 49″ bolt cutters

Attempt #1. After 2 minutes of bouncing off it with all my weight, the chain has just a slight indentation on each side. No cracks yet.


Rob Silver says:

What is the size of this chain “Pewag 3012 traction chain”

Dden Dden says:

Pls make more vids with this cutters ! And what did they cost?

Robert Silvers says:

Please cut Pewag 7mm security chain. I have the 12mm and 7mm and want to know if the 7mm is good enough to use with my bike. I have Abloy 342 and 362 locks for them.

Don'z Lockz says:

Great chain, super hard! I wasn’t expecting better than that. Thanks for sharing.

Тимур Алиев says:

Einwandfreie Qualität !!! Безупречное качество !!!

xyzDonaldxyz says:

Lets see Abloy 350 vs Krenn 49″ bolt cutters.

Viper Strike says:

Heat the chain with a gas torch first then bolt cutters will cut effortlessly and silently

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

Very impressive. I just received the smaller Pewag 7mm 9/32″ security chain (supposedly hardened deeper than the traction chains). I hope it’s just as bolt cutter proof.

pewag - Official YouTube Channel says:

See more at our channel –

Mods & Tweaks says:

Need to use a bit more force!

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