Pewag 7mm security chain vs 49″ Krenn bolt cutters

The little 18″ bolt cutters couldn’t manage it. The big Krenn cutters broke the chain like a twig. Get bigger chain if you want reasonable bolt cutter resistance!
Skip to 5:20 for the money shot.

If you want me to test your chain of choice, Send me a link or two of it and I’ll put it to the Krenn Test.


Mr,Casino says:

because the chain failed it because thee chain is 7mm small…..and it is NNO0TT big as 10mm and NNO0TT big as 12mm eaither….

Nate Samantha says:

You said “this is security/traction chain”. They make security chain which is notably harder than traction chain. It seems that this is just traction chain. But could you please clarify? Thank you!

Addicted2baseball rgd says:

I was really hoping that this was bolt cutter proof, so I wouldn’t have to get the heavier chain. Although, I do believe most bicycle thieves would use 18″ bolt cutters, maybe 30″ and definitely not 49″. At least here in Southern California.

Dden Dden says:


demo phone says:

Interesting…seemed pretty easy. I wonder how much more it would take to cut it if it was suspended in the air and you weren’t able to use a table/ground to help.

Robert Silvers says:

Thank you for doing this. Seems like mid-size cheap ones could probably cut it also, but maybe not if the blade is not as hard.

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