Pewag chain, Abloy padlock, sargent and greenleaf padlock

Quick explanation about using a pewag 12mm square link hardened security chain with a Abloy 362 padlock and not with a Sargent and Greenleaf 831B
More information about the Pewag chain:


P says:

How’s progress with getting the Pewag to fit the Sargent and Greenleaf?

togair9 says:

Drink some freaken water /. So annoying

Thomas Roux says:

Guys, send me a PM or something, I don’t like to put information like that in a public space.
I think the shipping fee was almost free inside USA (I received the chains in Las Vegas).
If someone with a grinder wants to cut it, they will cut it. I was parked in a forbidden area and the city services cut this chain.

Gavin W. says:

the 3/8″ pewag chain is not able to be cut by bolt cutters either and its a very, very, tight fit but it will (barely) work with the S&G 831B padlock without any grinding. pewag also offers security chain too. its the same uncutable hardness as this tire chain you have here except is has a anti-corrosion coating so it wont rust and its silver. when you hold the pewag 3/8″ next to the pewag 7/16″ for comparison the difference is not very much & since a grinder is needed for either size of chain its still a very secure option. i have a R1 and i use the pewag 7/16″ chain with a abloy 362 and the pewag 3/8″ chain with a S&G 831B.

Thomas Roux says:

Send me all contact info requests at

Olivier Cauffopé says:

That is the best chain ever

Nate Shirey says:

“hmmerrr” “hmmerrr” lol get a cough drop

H X says:

you dont try to stuff both links inside the shackle… stuff one link through the other and lock one into the shackle… like how the granit chain packs do..

najim H says:

Dear Roux, why so many MISTERIOS about publishing the address of the dealer, where you bought the chain!!!, is is chain, is illegal? Is this dealer only accept buyers recomended by you!!!!. Honestly, I do not understand that! Thanks

Jeb Fawns says:

Can you give out the contact information for the chain?

One Two says:

you can get Abus 12mm chain which is as strong as the chain you have, but it has a longer link on one end, so it fits through the last link on the other end and padlock only needs to lock up 1 link.

Nano 661 says:

Tell people where to get the chain already!

Albert Calomarde says:

Hi Thomas!
Would you mind giving out the contact you talk about in the video? Did the chain cost you 100$ including delivery?

Mario Benacerraf says:

Hello Thomas, today I catched a burglar trying to steal my bike, I looked over the internet and this seems to be the perfect setup for chain-lock system. Can you send me your contact from Pewag? Thanks. Mario

fordrac1ng81 says:

This chain can be bought at Westech rigging supply 7/16″ 3012 square security chain

Тимур Алиев says:

Sehr starke Kette!!! Очень мощные цепи!!!С таким замком в спарке без болгарки не обойтись !!!

Timothy Walding says:

can I get the info tried the email add but no contact

Bryan Shuler says:

Get an Almax chain. It’s way better.

jun liu says:

Hi Thomas,
Could you please send me where I can buy those stuff ? I’ll be very appreciate! My email is:!
Thanks! Take care!

BigNightOutDiscos says:

Hi there matey… Please can you tell me the exact name of the Pewag chain please? Is it under their section of ‘Snow Chains’ or ‘Traction Chains’ do you know?

NikB says:

Hi Thomas. Where did you get this chain? Do you live in USA or Europe. How can I contact you? I do not see your contact information.

tim bum says:

wow i think you over did it your bike must cost a lot for one and second thing i wanna ask is what happens when someone comes along with some epoxy resin my cousen had a bike protected by a combination lock when someone could not open it the burned the numbers off

Jacob Koeser says:

where the fuck do you buy this chain? ive been on their fucking website for an hour

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