Pewag Hardened Square Link Ultra Alloy Chain Review

Pewag Hardened Square Link Ultra Alloy Chain Review. Strongest most cut proof chain I have ever seen, Bolt cutter proof chain, Bolt cropper proof chain, Hacksaw cut proof chain, Hardened HRC 63 security tough chain. Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
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Mat Bowden says:

Hi Wayne, I’ve stumbled across your movies in an effort to find the best “layer” of chain security I can use to defend my motorbike from the scum of the earth. I’ve a couple of questions. Almax and Maggi chain. Have you seen either of these? How do they compare to the pewag??

Dino Helvida says:

Where can I buy this chain? Pewag is only selling wholesale

Nathan Corliss says:

What was the time on the grinder?

jose martinez says:

Will it stand my plasma cutter?

fatbarry barry says:

4foot scaffold bar wrap it trought an twist test that .

S 14 says:

Hey Wayne,
nice video:) is this chain the same as in the video ? 🙂

TheSummerOfGeorge1 says:

dude, where to buy? you didn’t put link

Luke Szczepanski says:

How much does it cost per ft?

onebigunicorn says:

Do you have actually video where I can see it’s so hard as you claim??

starscream984 says:

I am trying to get this in uk any guess anybody?

chevymudding01 says:

where can I buy this same chain

You Toober says:

Hello and thanks for your post.

Question: What do you think about the 13mm, 16mm and the 19mm Protector chains by Pragmasis?

Are they as good as Pewag chain being shown (in your opinion)?

You Toober says:

This chain seems tough (whew!!), but what about weather?

What will salt (put down to melt snow) and rain do this chain over time? Does this chain have some type of coating to protect against the elements? If not, what would you recommend to prevent any type of rusting and keep it looking good?

Olivier Cauffopé says:

did this chain will rust overtime

Mr E says:

how thick of a lock shackle (in mm) can fit in the links of the chain? Thanks!

kartiktraj says:

Why don’t they market and sell this as a security chain? Where can we buy some? Thanks!

garyhgaryh says:

Is this the pewag 3/8in security chain or is it specifically a tire chain for heavy equipment?

Forensource says:

Hi Wayne:
Is that 120 grade chain or tougher?  Also what is the size of the chain (like 5/8 etc.)

Your videos are great.

giorgosbaz says:

really nice review.what about Europe ? any site that i can order one ?

Dick Fageroni says:

I bet if you heat it up red hot with a MAPP torch, it would get soft enough that you could cut it with bolt cutters.

avq5 says:

Hey Wayne, great video. You mention that this chain is about 28 bucks per foot. Westech rigging sells what appears to be the same brand, size and hardness for about $12 per foot. Is it possible this is the same chain? Thanks!


I have the black Pewag 7/16″ hardened chain and Viro padlock for sale – brand new. Anyone want it? I’ll ship it to you for free. It costed me $183 for the combo plus $20 to ship. I’ll sell it for $175 and cover shipping. I haven’t used it at all.

Thundolis says:

Very cool…but does pegwag make a lock worthy of that chain?

ingebrecht says:

how does it stand up to a 3 inch side angle grinder?

Tom L says:

I dont think this chain is harder than the Pewag “Winner Pro” Grade 120. I’d love to see how that chain stands up to an angle grinder.

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