Pragmasis Protector Almax Immobiliser 19mm Chain Cut with Angle Grinder

Pragmasis Protector Almax Immobiliser 19mm Chain Cut with Angle Grinder. High Grade High Security Chain Cut with angle grinder.
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Charles Simons says:

Problem with this, it just makes the padlock the weak point. I can’t think of a quality padlock thats large enough to lock that up and stop bolt cutters.

Willy Bee says:

Good job,,, but what about liquid nitrogen and a hammer?

ganzonomy says:

Iron machine match: 22mm chain vs. angle grinder :D.

(I’m also ok with 22mm chain vs. anything Wayne has to throw at it…. no tools barred)

Fibber 2U says:

You probably persuade me to by one.  Well done.

Coiltec says:

Thanks for the video!
But there seem to be more powerful cordless angle grinders. Like the Metabo WPB 36 LTX BL 230.
This beast uses 230mm disks and 36 volt / 6.2 Ah batteries, and is advertised to be as powerful as a regular 2400 watt grinder. The battery should last for 11 cuts through aautobahn guard rails, to I think it can cut a 19mm and even a 22mm chain with lots of reserves. Costs almost 1000 euros, though.

cassin11 says:

Hi Wayne, I’m deciding between Peweg 7/16 and Protector 16mm. Which one is tougher in your test? I saw your review of Peweg chain in 2014 but not sure if the test was similar to what you did for Protector chain.

Ivan Kosynskyi says:

Try in video 22mm, plaese

Thomas Roux says:

It took you about the same time to cut the Pewag chain. Do you know the weight per meter and cost per meter of both chains to comapre other factors ?

Michael Reyes says:


Ant Laud says:

…advert for angle grinders popped up during that vid. lol

2stroketimebomb says:

Almax chains are black and made with Boron in UK, I very much doubt they are the same as the Pragmasis chain, although an angle grinder will easily go through one in a few mins.

Masterkey25 says:

how much do you charge for the Stanley/ assa lock? I also need a single assa kik. you can email me at

CC Chodkowski says:

Just the noise of the grinder would alert people to a theft being committed. I wonder with all that noise and you being caught is worth cutting a chain and stealing whatever that chain was connected to.

Orlando Biotechnology says:

I have a question, I’m looking for a chain between the lengths of 15 feet to 20 feet of this same strong material, any recommendation?

Jay Jones says:

Thank you!

Rob Steele says:

Thanks Wayne. Great video which helps a lot of bikers to make informed decisions. Thumbs up from the UK.

peter ago says:

thanks for the test

Robert Silvers says:

Can you try the 22mm?

Just-a-biker says:

Appreciate your investment in our education! Nice one !!

James Phillips says:

A good video but as you said we are “approaching” a battery grinder proof chain then the chain still needs to get even bigger, maybe 30mm or even full inch diameter 52mm why not? You have to think its actually double the size when they are cutting both sides 44mm of pure hardened steel to gain access, imagine 104mm its going to take maybe 2 or 3 batteries and same in discs.

if we get a hardened chain that can withstand at least 1 fully charged battery on a high value mini grinder like Milwaukee, Bike owners can celebrate while thieves are giving up, the amount of time and effort and risk needed means they are more likely to get caught or move on like you said, more material, more security..

Even regular bicycle security articles consider 10mm a chain as a “minimum” more regularly even in small towns 11-14mm chains and shackles are pretty standard. but yeah there is weight, size and space issues, 22mm chain is not something you shove in a backpack, might need a sack truck because it’s so heavy lol

RETUSAF1995 says:

Yeah, that won’t call attention to yourself.

stagepyro says:

Almax now offers their 22 mm chains. They claim it’s case hardened, so the core remains ductile.

Luke Horsley says:

Would you still recommend the pewag over this chain? I currently have a pewag as it’s more transportable but would consider one of these for home if it’s better.

Simon WoodburyForget says:

So why exactly use a chain? Isn’t it a massive waste of material? You could get a much thicker u-lock.

G&G distillates says:

that was sweet Wayne. i am almost sure that if the chain was not in a vice your battery would have gave out before the chain. i own the pragmasis 19mm chain & posted a video of it paired with a modified S&G 831B padlock. i always wondered what would happen if it ever met your Milwaukee grinder & now i know. thank you for investing the time & money to make your videos. they are the most informative videos that i have seen anywhere on the subject & have helped me greatly. pragmasis also makes a 22mm chain.

Don'z Lockz says:

It lasted longer than i thought. It’d be easier to cut the gate or motorbike in half than cut this thing! Thanks for testing and yes, I think you’re a nutter 😉 good job!

Nitrxgen says:

In London, motorbike theft is at an all-time high. They browse the streets on stolen mopeds, passenger jumps off and angle-grinds locks off in under a minute typically. Broad daylight. Most likely a stolen angle grinder too. They’ve been found to use 1mm discs and cut through metal like butter. Would they carry spare batteries? Yes. Would they carry spare discs? Yes. I guarantee that. These fuckers are out all night, there would be like at least 5 locked up bikes reported stolen in one area of the same description. Thanks for the demo!

MissMan666 says:

Thanks for upload!

Willy Bee says:

If the sparks are eating your camera, , try shooting with a mirror.

Ernest Bowen says:

Thanks, I wish I had a opening on the wheel on my dolly that would allow me to use this chain, then again it may cost more than the dolly. Thanks

Bob Long says:

impressive now I want one, to go along with my collection

badger0888 says:

Love your videos. Almax has there newest V series. A whopping 22MM chain.

Ken the Eagle says:

Wow! Thank you so much for this. So what I get out of this is; wrap this chain around twice. 🙂

J0kerScars says:

Any good sites to buy this chain? Also will this chain fit well with your custom Stanley lock? Thanks

Gilera runner says:

Pragmasis chains are great… people should remember in the real world with a chain on the street and on the ground moving not held in a vice this would take much much longer to cut…I think that chain held out very well in them conditions…

samthesung says:

Thank you for all your tests. I really appreciate watching them. I’ve got the 16mm Pragmasis and very educational to see this.

LKN4WAR says:

Just when the battery seemed weak they come out with a 9amp version. I own a number of them. And also the new dewalt 60v angle grinder is like a corded machines. It’s a beast power wise. But with 22mm chains out there maybe we are back to similar issues you showed in this video.

Fibber 2U says:

Not sure what language I used on that last comment but I meant to say you may have persuaded me to buy one.

braap_ biglunch says:

man u just cut through a 200$ chain loll ….good to know thanks

Eddie Rose says:

That was crazy! I’ve never seen an angle grinder have so much trouble! Thanks for the test!

celiamarie1 says:

Dear Wayne, I think you just helped me to make up my mind about which chain to buy for securing my vintage Vespa. Any thoughts as to the best padlock?

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