Pragmasis Protector Series 19mm & 16mm High Security Chain – Bike Chain

This is a presentation and review video of the Protector Series 19mm and 16mm chain from Pragmasis. Made in Britain and impossible to bolt crop! Best to be coupled with the Squire SS65CS CEN Grade 6 padlock. Please keep in mind that you need a special version of the Squire SS65CS padlock for the 19mm Chain. That special version of the padlock has a shackle opening of 20mm instead of 19mm. Pragmasis will provide you with this padlock version when ordering their 19mm chain!

Distribution in the USA by our Partner Lockitt:

Pragmasis Protector Series 19mm & 16mm High Security Chain Review Video:
Pragmasis Protector 16mm Chain and Untouchable Padlock Review Video:
Pragmasis Protector Series 13mm & 11mm High Security Chain Review Video:

• High grade Boron enhanced hardened steel chains
• Highest Sold Secure approval in the UK + Police approval in the UK
• 19mm and 16mm chains have Sold Secure Gold standard in every category, including Caravan Gold, which is even higher than Motorcycle Gold
• 19mm chain max. length is 4.2m (getting to heavy if longer)
• 16mm, 13mm and 11mm chains can be cut up to 6.2m
• 19mm chain = 6,3kg per m // 16mm chain = 4,5kg per m
• Pragmasis Protector Series chains bright zinc plated and deembrittled after plating
• Pragmasis Protector Series chains are tested against bolt cropping, sawing, freezing + hammering and also all sorts of other attacks

My name is Adrian Weber and I am a private Security Adviser with a CFPA certificate in Security and Security Management. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Dimitris Sfounis says:

The 16mm chain arrived today. I bought it after your video review and it certainly lives up to the standards your mention.

Thanks 😉

Adrian Weber says:

The companies know each other and both say that the other product is very good. The only difference is that Pragmasis also produces the 13mm and 11mm chain and both in the same quality than the bigger one and last but not least they have their own ground anchors and soon their own hasp and removable ground anchor. The company owner answer the phone and does all the welding on the anchors himself. That is quality you can see and also feel my friend 🙂 I love small and reliable family businesses!

Adrian Weber says:

Thanks for that first comment rich 🙂

Tupac Shakur says:

is there any other chains this is rlly expensive i dont have the money for it a bit cheaper

bobwatters says:

These chains looks really similar to Almax chains, are the owned by the same people? 

Adrian Weber says:

Hey Aviator that is really cool news my friend :D! People in my area also do not “really” lock their bikes. We do not have many thieves here. In Frankfurt they lock them up properly though but also not all of them. I do have the 16mm chain with me for fun sometimes but as it is really heavy and not easy to handle I tend to using my Abus or now the Krypto + a steel robe to secure the other compartments. I will maybe switch to the Abus Extreme with the 200mm clearance in the future.

george ahmet says:

competion for almax, i prefer the gold zinc finish to black. nice one Adrian.

wilmoskoerte says:

Hello Adrian, I am planning to buy a 19 mm chain.

Which one would you recommend the Protector or the Almax IV?
What are the differences between them (if there are any?)?

Thanks in advance!

And keep up with the good videos! Really interresting!

Adrian Weber says:

Thanks jm 🙂

TurboKawa810 says:

Hi Adrian ,
here in youtube i found 2 Videos  that show you can not cut with a bolt cutter, the Almax 19mm,

but I can not find a video of a test of the Pragmasis 19mm chain, why ?.

it is not just the oval shape of the trianguale Almax chain which makes it safer than the round shape?

Clarify me on, I want me that is the degree to buy a 19mm chain, as well as a ground anchor

jasiek8991 says:

From which material made is body this padlock?

Efraim Barkbit says:

Hello Adrian.
Im planning to buy a 16mm chain and maybe a squire lock but I have my doubts since it looks fairly easy to pick. Iam a quite skilled at lock picking myself and I generally do not use locks to protect my things if I can pick them. I have a Abloy PL362 with a protec core that could be an option instead of the squire. But the 362 does not hav equally good shackle protection as the squire. Is it possible to change the squire core to something better or is the core some proprietary squire format that cant be replaced by another brand? Best thing would be a squire with a Protec2 core.

Adrian Weber says:

I mentioned it and have also shown it in the video, on the padlock body is written “Hardened Solid Steel – Made in Britain”

double u says:

if 16mm: almax or pragmasis???

DeadlyAviator says:

Hey Adrian, I’m actually now a proud owner of a 0.8m 16mm Protector Chain! =D

I am currently on a small scottish Island for a short holiday, where most people don’t even lock their bikes (or their house doors!), and crime is an extremely rare occurrence.

Once I get back to my house in central london, I will upload a video or some photos of how I use the chain on my Bicycle.

I also considered the 13mm chain, New york D locks, or an Abus D lock. I’ll explain why In the video I want to make.

Dimitris Sfounis says:

I’m sorry that I ask these questions from time to time, but from your point of expertise and view, is the squire padlock the weak link of the chain+anchor+padlock combo? Is it really secure and unpickable?

I’ve bought the package deal some deals ago and I’ve been securing my bike with it ever since but I’ve started getting criticized on the choice of padlock by two university co-students. I doubt they have any experience on lockpicking so I’d like your stance on the issue.

Adrian Weber says:

I think it is finally time to make a video on “unreal thief approaches” thieves do not carry things like that to steal bikes trust me. With that torch or an angle grinder you can damage the bike and the area has to be deserted in order not to draw attention. I will do a video on that.

Adrian Weber says:

No problem my friend I noticed that some people experienced that problem and it seems to be an issue with google or YT not sure.

waddac2 says:

You are more than welcome Sir, great review as always Adrian my friend ;o))))

Adrian Weber says:

I am looking forward to that video and will do my own someday but the presentations are more important right now. If the 13mm chain is off the ground rather then being on the ground I believe it is impossible to cut it with a bolt cropper. I see no chance of getting the amount of pressure that is needed to cut it when the chain is not lying on the ground.

michael potts says:

how are these compared to almax chains?  which do you recommend

nuclearbox2 says:

Nice review. I think I will be trying this one.

Adrian Weber says:

Ha! Good to hear that Dimitris my friend and I am glad you are pleased by what you got!

Jozeph Maru Broughton says:

are they as good as the Almax Chains or better?

Adrian Weber says:

Jozeph, somehow I can not answer to your question but here is my answer:
Hey Jozeph, they are as good as the Almax chains and they have the highest Sold Secure approval which Almax does not have. This should speak for itself. Also the fact that Pragmasis Protector 19mm chain needs a special version of the Squire Grade 6 padlock with an even wider opening should speak for itself.

Gilera runner says:

I have the 16mm Pragmasis Protector chain and it is GREAT, this chain is just as good as the Almax if not better,

If you are looking for a good chain BUY the Pragmasis Protector 16mm or 19mm chains…

kempouk says:

I just purchased 2x22mm chains for my ktm 1290 superduke that cost me 14000 pounds so the price of these chains is a drop in the ocean and my insurance company have knocked 200 pounds from my policy so it makes these chains 200 each.
awesome chains and by far the best in the world.

Luxish Aj says:

THESE are the BEST Chains in the World. They have a Rockwell Hardness Scale of 63 – 65 + / what is important here is they are THROUGH HARDENED, not like another black branded chain which has a RHS of 63 on the outer skin then softer inside

Ethan MacLeod says:

Is this padlock Repinnnable?

Adrian Weber says:

If you message me I will tell you my personal choice but as both are on the same level you could choose by colour maybe? The Almax is black and the Pragmasis is not black. The last difference is probably the certification. Pragmasis is the only company that spent a HUGE amount of money and efort to get ALL of the Sold Secure certifications even caravan gold for their chains! Only they have ALL the certifications. If you download the sold secure document you will see that they also mention this.

davxbeau says:

Also – my friends motorbike was stolen recently by theives who used something to freeze and shatter the chain or padlock – are there any chains/padlocks that can withstand that kind of attack?

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