Putting ABUS Hardened Security Chain To The Test

Putting ABUS Hardened Security Chain To The Test. Testing of Abus hardened security chain, Bolt Cutter Cropper test, Hacksaw cutting test, Angle Grinder test, ABUS Chain is a quality product that will hold off professional bolt cutter / cropper attack for roughly 5-10 minutes in ideal conditions Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
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Wayne Winton says:

Len M. I don’t have a plazma cutter so I don’t know. However I would lean on yes plazma cutter should zip right on throught just about anything.

Milen Naydenov says:

Wayne Winton – Where can I buy one of this chain on the middle (pewag) and how much does it cost?

Murat DURSUN says:

Senin çektiğin videoyu sikeyim.

Len M. says:

You could zip through these with a plasma cutter, correct? I’m not saying it would be totally feasible depending on situation/location, but it would be the absolute fastest way, yes?

Angel Omaña says:

I dont remember the size of the abus chain in your 17 minute video. What size was it? 14mm? Thanks.

VicariousReality7 says:

15mm is about the size

Yuri-Omar Khan says:

have you tested the abus bordo granit plus 6500 folding lock?

meh_hi_there says:

Have you tried shattering the links by freezing them with canned air and hitting them? I’m thinking if they’re that hard then they’ve gotta be brittle, but it would be interesting to see what happens.

Jimjim Skimmer says:

What would you say the best brand is? Abus, Kryptonite etc etc?

Elrick R. says:

Nice vids on the chain really appreciate the time spent to lock cut and grind. Any chance that you have tested the pragamis protector chain 19mm, kryptonite chain fuggetabuit chain and lock. I know chains and locks can be cut just looking for which ones make it difficult and take a long time…thanks a million..

menemme says:

tried almax ?

TheRebelPhilosopher says:

im living in europe, near vienna where can i buy some peweg my bike got stolen tonight and am buying a new one tomorrow

Doctor Morbid says:

Abus makes nice stuff, but even in Germany, they are ridiculously overpriced. They don’t even make their good stuff easy to find, either.;

Secret ! says:

Could you do some 1/4in chain tests. As a biker hauling around 1/2in chain is a bit much. I currently use 3/8th cable but I know it would be very easy for someone to come through with a pair of side cutters and take it off in no time.

Chaos Tade says:

the videos i’ve seen the last 10 minutes changed my mind about abbus. All of their products are cuttable/pickable(easy with basic tools). Thanks for the heads up. Im gonna try find something more secure for my bike.

Nagy Ferenc says:

Ez mind szép és jó :)) de attól hogy a lánc erős még nem törhetetlen ugyan is nem a láncot fogják barmolni hanem a lakatot amivel lezárod , és amit ehhez a lánchoz nem kapsz , magyarul lesz egy faja láncod amivel fel akaszthatod magad miután levágták róla a lakatot amit a tescóban vettél 300ft-ért , de sebaj mert a lánc sértetlen 😀 😀 Minden lánc olyan erős mint amilyen a leggyengébb láncszeme 😀 az pedig a lakat esz , hacsak nem veszel a lánc mellé még egy fullos lakatot is ami ugye drágább lesz mint maga a lánc :DDD

Len M. says:

I bought these padlocks (Abus 83WP/53-300 S2 Rekeyable Schlage Weather Proof 53mm Body 1 Inch Shackle Padlock Zero-Bitted) for a Pelican gun case. I would just tell a locksmith I want them keyed/master keyed with a hard bitting including serrated, spools, etc, and I should be good to go, eh? Sorry, these are my first midish grade padlocks.

Kris says:

Look in to screen-o-matic free software for recording right off your screen

Marvin Guevara says:

what a lier… how come you foward your video it didn’t take you 5 minutes or less

Nathan Corliss says:

Found a 14mm 6 ft Abus for $44 shipped! https://www.google.com/search?client=ms-android-hms-tmobile-us&sboxchip=Shopping&biw=360&bih=295&tbm=shop&ei=I_xXVcqSL8qyggSdq4LYCQ&q=abus+14ks+security+chain&oq=abus+14ks+security+chain&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3…31750.35998.0.36879.…0…1c.1j4.64.mobile-gws-serp..1.4.622.tpL1k150onE#spd=6850423863252012526

marco ferri says:

Hey Wayne! thanks a lot for this video, very helpfull. I couldn’t get if the chain is the 12ks or the 14ks. thanks a lot!

Marvin Guevara says:

no good.. .. ABUS is not happy with you…

Sean C says:

I just bought ABUS Granit extreme plus 59 . Is this chain same as mine ? Thank you

Schmidteren says:

Is this Abus 1060? Is it too heavy for a bicycle? 😀

Le Lu Yan says:

your chain just needs to be better than the one next to you, ofc they will steal your bike if the thief is determined.


what abus chain is this? 12ks?

Jimjim Skimmer says:

I want to get a bike chain. Anyone got any suggestions?

badkid73 says:

You need to state whether that ABUS chain is a 12KS or a 14KS. There is a huge difference. The 12KS can be bolt cropped with difficulty. I’ve never seen anyone get through a 14KS with bolt cutters. By the way, the super-hard chain that you show (that didn’t make a mark) has its own flaw. If the chain is that hard, it won’t get defeated with a bolt cutter. The proper tool is a sledge hammer because it should shatter from its brittle nature. The ideal chain is differentially heat treated to be soft on middle of the link and to be very hard on the outside of the link. This repels the bolt cutter while remaining resistant to shattering with a sledge hammer. All chains are defeated with an angle grinder. With the tools available today, I don’t know why anyone would even attempt to cut a hardened chain with anything but an angle grinder.

arbit3r says:

Good comprehensive look into different chains as well as various attack techniques. I bought a unbranded 10mm link chain on Ebay thinking it would be built the same as other big chain brands. I found out just how soft it was when someone tried to steal my motorbike by forcing the lock. Since the padlock was damaged and could not be opened, I used a Milwaukee Sawzall to remove a link. Within 15 seconds I was through both sides, it appears it had no hardening what so ever. I since bought an Onguard 14mm Hardened chain, its a different animal all together. Thanks for the work.

Nicholas Aarons says:

Great Video Dude. Keep up the great work. Nick.

m00nchildblues says:

Now it looks like u use the ground as leverage on the bolt cutter.my question is can someone with arms like Hulk Hogan cut it without ground leverage and just man power? My lock will be 2′ off the ground for my $$$$ MTB. thanks!

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

Nice chains. Does that Pewag chain come in a smaller size (6mm thickness), maybe for travel?

James Caston says:

I do believe the Abus chain are a 65 rockwell

Jimjim Skimmer says:

Whos it by?

roadrash510 says:

Hi Wayne, I don’t have one but is there anyway you could try cutting a “Brake disc lock GRANIT Victory X Plus 68” on a motorcycle with a grinder? It’s advertised as having grinder protection as all pieces of the lock rotate freely.

74KU says:

I would like to see chain manufactures put some kind of sleeve on these chains that is not just protective of the bike but works somewhat like chainsaw chaps in that they are both cut resistant and will foul up any power tools used on it.

Mr26Huffy says:

Great vid. What is the brand of the middle black chain – payway? Can’t find any info on that one anywhere. Thanks.

BoxLid says:

What about some grade 100, how does that stuff take the abuse?

Wile E Coyote says:

Remember,a junkie has 10 times the power when using bolt cutters. They are driven by drugs and the hopes of getting “fix”. If bolt cutters fail they’ll use what little teeth they have.

Bob Long says:

I got the 14KS chain that is larger than that one from Abus, I ground down the edges of the last link down on the sides, until it would slip through the other end loop, then I stuck a Abus 37/80 lock on it, and I feel it is very secure

Wayne Winton says:

Len M 
That looks ok to me

MrBklynTrini says:

Would you suggest a 1/2 inch security max chain or 3/8 security max chain?
I’m considering the 3/8 security chain.

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