Security Maxx Chain Lock Review

Padlock designed to lock security chain. Fits 3/8 and 1/2 in chain links. Bolt cutter proof lock for chain. Designed to resist Bolt Cutters and drilling. Brass Body
Not keyed alike
Part # 9-655KD $34.00
Keyed alike
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Ry an says:

Thanks for the reviews man and the education! Im gonna order this lock with the 1/2 chain from 1st chain supply and let them know you I purchased from them because of you!

Chris S says:

I posted this in another video, and I will probably post a lock picking video eventually… But heads up to everyone thinking of buying this padlock: It turns out it’s junk. I can rack it open or ‘single pin’ pick it open in under 10 seconds. Today I even found I can even take the back of the pick (which is straight metal) and pick this lock in under 10 seconds. I also just got my picks last week, so I am very much an amateur lock picker.

Definitely get something like the Stanley 24/7 or the SBNE12.

You Toober says:

Could a hacksaw cut through the shackle on that lock?

avalon449 says:

Is this lock a knockoff of the Viro lock that’s made in Italy?

TheUndoneOrchestra says:

Wayne, Thanks for the vid…I know where I’m getting my chains and locks for my work truck! Do you have any advice for trailer hitch locks? I am looking at the Lifelong for a 2″ hitch receiver but if you had other advice I would certainly listen. Peace!

Berns Monetude says:

ok it’s 200 if I send u the lock..cause I already have it..

Jeff Moss says:

That is a nice looking lock.

Bob Long says:

have you ever looked at or tested the Xena XUL 102 Bullett Stainless Alarmed U lock? I just got one, I got it because of the 18 mm shackle and the alarm, mainly the alarm, I use it in conjunction with about 7 other high quality locks to include the Sargent & greenleaf sheer resistant Army locks and the Abus 83/80s plus a couple of these locks that you are reviewing!
. MY goal is to make this zero turn look like it is too much work. and the siren I am hoping will add to their distress . if you have done a review, Id love a link to it, for the Xena locks. Thank you


what us the best chain and lock for my motorcycle? is abloy362 great with a peweg ?

Charles Michael Rinehart says:

This is just like the SOBO locks but larger. Definitely great security.

peter A says:

Hi which do your prefer theSecurity Maxx High Security Padlocks or Stanley 60mm Width, Silver
Stock # S828-160

peterj591 says:

great video and informative

Battlem0nk says:

Looks similar to Abus 92W/65 which many videos of people picking. Are there any high security W style padlock that is harder to pick?

Olivier Cauffopé says:


Would this lock combined with the Pewag 3012 chain be a good setup? Is there a better lock you’d recommend? Trying to stay somewhat reasonable with the price. Up to $100 or so. Maybe a little more if necessary.

Thank you

GeniSeoul_13 says:

Can you recommended a lock of this style and size that is more secure in the way you said you would prefer. How easy would it be to just smash it with sledge hammer to open it?

Bob Long says:

The peweg chain (3012) is being redesigned the new chain that will be out later will have an anti corrosion protection on it. you probably knew that but I just found out from Westech Rigging Supply they say it will be more like the 3/8th security pewag chain (PW-11696-C). Love your videos! I have learned so much!

JB says:

seen a lot of types even good name brands be bypassed, one of you twin combi padlocks would go good with that fat chain.


I’m watching the videos right now is the Stanley Assa hybrid lock can bolt cutters cut that

Michael Meyer says:

Will the 1/2 security maxx chain work with my stanley 60mm padlock?
Also, Which do you think will be more secure to lock up my motorbike with, pewag square link or 1/2 security maxx?


Which version would be better ?. The “keyed alike” or “not keyed alike” version ? .

GeniSeoul_13 says:

Thanks for the great info. You look like tom cruise

Berns Monetude says:

Hey wayne..what’s a better lock security maxx or Stanley 24/7? and how do I get a security maxx..

Chris Moniz says:

Hey Wayne I am newer to locksmith and had a question on how you would get into this lock for rekeying?? A customer had a similar Black & Decker By Kwikset but looked a lot like this one but only one slot in it. I have had trouble finding even the lock online.  I just subscribed, very happy to find this channel thanks for all the hard work! Also my company is in Costa Rica lock is in Spanish and English if that matters.  Chris Moniz

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