Stanley 24/7 Padlock and Security Chain Saved My Bike From Bolt Cutters Attack

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Stanley 24/7 Padlock and Security Chain Saved My Bike From Bolt Cutters Attack. Bolt cutter proof Lock and Chain. Wayne Winton Has made a Highsecurity ASSA Hybrid lock to add pick and drill protection to this lock. This lock really did protect a customers bike from being stolen. This is a true storey. Lock must be comined with Peweg 12mm security chain to provide maxium cut restience. Real World Results!
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Kris Sisk says:

You paired a Stanley 24/7 with a high security chain and an Assa cylinder? That, right there, is a lock I’d trust with my life.

Wayne Winton says:

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Texas Jim says:

Great security.

TOmasILiescu says:

Hi there Wayne,

How about an angle grinder? Couldn’t find a video showing that yet.


Iggy Mac says:

Wayne what Model Lock is that ? 60mm

Robert Garrett says:

24/7 weak link … nipple on bottom of lock body, same goes for American Lock

themadmagi says:

Very cool Wayne!

JazzzMee 2 says:

What about a grinder, with that go thru it? Whats the best lock out there for the 3/8″ Pewag chain?


Wayne thanks for all the vids you upload, since you’re already selling that high security hybrid lock you should start selling the pewag chain ass well since it is very difficult to find the exact same chain, just saying. a combo high security lock with a high security chain= very high motorcycle protection… by the way I’m in the market for a high sec set up for my bike 😉

erinbeth07 says:

wouldnt it be alot easier to cut these with a torch?

IHav2BlackCats says:

Whats the difference between the 60mm and 50mm lock. The security rating changes from 5 to 4 between the two sizes. I am planning on using the 3/8in security maxx chain with this lock but the difference in price between sizes is double.

mrdarryl2row says:

Hey Wayne, I got my lock and chain combo in the mail today and I must say, it is a beast of a lock and chain!! The chain is much larger than it looks in the videos and this provides me with even more confidence. Thank you! I will be recommending this to my neighbors!

x3GameBit says:

Hey Wayne, I am really interested in the Stanley 24/7 padlock, it seems to offer a great value but I just came across the Abus 20/80, it has a 11mm thick shackle and I believe the 360° disc cylinder. Could you make a review on that lock or tell me your first impressions about it?

G Wilson says:

There is no enough room? Cut the chain.

Wayne Winton says:

I see what I can Do.

Dee Ee says:

what about the jaws of firefighter bolt cutters?

Riki Nanno says:

great video! what kind of setup would you recommend for bike security for no more than 3 hours of lock up time? your recommendations are much appreciated.

John Smith says:

Do you sell a sheath covered chain and lock combo and if so how much and who do I call?

Charles Michael Rinehart says:

I believe Stanley stopped making the 24/7 lock. I was lucky to get one when I did in 2016.

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