Testing Abloy 342

Update 2017:

ATTENTION ! Our video review of Pragmasis 13mm chain is no longer safe! A current video from the year 2017 shows how the Pragmasis (securityforbikes.com) 13mm chain is easily cut with a bold cutter !

Pragmasis 13mm bolt cutter test:

Testing the Abloy 342 padlock and a Protector 13mm Chain from www.securityforbikes.com with a 900mm bolt cutter that cost us more than 300€ 😉

Wir testen das Abloy 342 Vorhängeschloss und eine 13mm Kette von www.securityforbikes.com mit einem guten 900mm Bolzenschneider.


Marshal Raylan Givens says:

He ruined the cutting edge of that California Credit Card and that lock snapped under pressure, it looked like a bad casting in the shackle, grainy in the middle, porous. I think the shackle was defective or the lock was bought off ebay.

911LexVegas says:

Someone should create a lock with a dead man switch. When the shackle is cut 5 ounce of plastic explosive hidden inside detonates. Killing everyone in a 10 meter radius.

Bob Long says:

what do you think about the Xena XSU Lock – 18mm – Chrome Steel U-Bar lock with alarm?

sofortwo says:

Bis auf die Kette alles im Arsch.

WeTestIt says:

Google translator:


I try nothing more because the much money costs;)

Achilles94627 says:

So what’s the conclusion?  The chain is stronger than the lock?  Why don’t they make the lock from the same metal and of the same size as the chain?  I’ve never understood that…

DanielDuesentrieb86 says:

Where is your eye protection?

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

a carbide rod saw or a grinder with a cut off wheel should get through that chain.

artgoat says:

They should make the lock shackle out of the same material as that chain!

wb5mgr says:

Chain like this is typically just cut with a portable angle grinder or a abrasive chop saw… Have never seen a chain or lock that could withstand the grinder for more than 2 min. I have even watched my friend who is a firefighter cut a serious lock off a hasp with a gasoline powered abrasive saw.

Vereda says:

Please, test de ABLOY PL 362 with the same method.

shane says:

I think German originated from a series of primal Viking grunts.

King Joker says:

this is original abloy?? or fake made in china?

Paulo Manuntag says:

next time use a diamond padlock…

Someone's Youtube Username says:

Shaking my head at these idiots calling the lock bad just because it failed the exceedingly tough test. No lock is unbreakable if you have strong enough tools for it.

mort low says:

Warum haben die den Schlossbügel so dünn/schlecht gemacht…. kompletter fail das Teil

Less Talk, More Delicious says:

If it’s the shackle you guys want protected, hidden and not exposed, why not just use a shutter/straight shackle lock, like the ones from Viro, Abus or Mul-T-Lock? Those should be a lot harder to crop.

ZiGa:S says:

Nice demonstation,
so I guess if we lock a bike in a way that the thiefs cannot exploit the leverage
using the ground (e.g. padlock high above ground), then we can secure ourselves
at least from thiefs using bolt cutters to steal bikes.

And if we combine a non expensive bike with this, they most certainly are not
going to destroy their expensive tools to get low cost bike, which would not
repay the cost of “destroyed” tools.

It would be also nice if Abloy made padlocks using the same material
as some of high end security chains are made out of.

john doe says:

He still had to use the key to remove the shackle,,the shackle will not spin when cut once so would have to be cut twice to remove the chain,, so would be difficult to find enough space on the shackle with those cutters to make two cuts

Robert Silvers says:

I wonder if you could cut a 362?

Juri Vlk says:

Why so complicated? An portable grinder opens everything and is quite cheap, maybe 80$. Noise may be a problem, but quickness helps.

Argantonis says:

What a piece of junk!


A Real Thief Would Have To Cut The Lock In 2 Places To Get The Chain Off,
And Would Most Likely Not Have Expensive Bolt Cutters.
> It Would Be Easier To Grind The Last Link Of The Chain Off On Each Side,
So You Could Sell The Stolen Chain Too (missing 2 links)

Aleksander starchenkov says:

lol aloy 340- 10mm chain with 13mm need ploy 350

Chaos Tade says:

ok deleted from the list…fuck i cant find a strong padlock with a good antipicking mechanism. Most of the locks are picked in 30 seconds from guys on youtube. I thought maybe this was the one. Thia was cut like butter. 362 is expensive as fuck.

kawafahra says:

The 13mm Chain is not ” easily cut”. in the mentioned succeeded try, it is fastened against a heavy-duty workbench, same as the ( way bigger than your ) Bolt Cutter thats breaking it – which is again worked almost down to its grasp by a heavy-duty tension belt, and not human hands. under no street conditions will you be able to break it, especially the afforded 2 times per chain link.
That Guy himself admitted that you would have a hard time keeping even an angle grinder in position without a fastened chain link, thus enlonging the needed time to get through it substancially, to a point where your grinder disk would possibly break.
If you update, do your research properly – Pragmasis are way worth the price.

circusboy90210 says:

try that on a real lock. abloy is trash. try something with boron carbide and a bigger bolt

mort low says:

Hey, weis nicht ob du noch aktiv bist, aber kannst du mal dieses Texlock Schloss mit nem ordentlichen Bolzenschneider, Zange, Säge, Flex testen??? Die versprechen sehr viel aber deren Tests überzeugen mich nicht…

Juri Vlk says:

Why always so brutal? Bosnian Bill picks these locks in seconds!

Argantonis says:

Piece of shit lock.

Todd Cooper says:

20 volt grinder will take care of that in no time.

Alvin Aditya says:

Its a fake abloy the keyway is horizontal if the real one is tilt a bit

Fer Morfin says:

das ist toll! die Deutschen sind die besten

Singco Usbah says:

Kennst du schon Facebook Gruppe Lockpicking für Anfänger https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lockpicking123/

triodak says:

Nice test. I only miss information about type of (three-edged reversible) blades used. As it was said before the Bolt cutters are KRENN, model BA 020-K 12 (900mm). For those one you can use spare blades: “4 Chrome-Special, Hardness: HRC 57, 2.200 N/mm²” (KRENN part no. 00040). Good chains are case hardened (not through hardened) to around 61-63 HRC. I only miss information if those blades allow to cut HRC 57 steel rods (less likely but possible) or is it the hardness of the blades (most likely).
KRENN also offers blades “4 extra Hardness: HRC 62, 2.300 N/mm²” (Part no. 00050). Maybe those could fit to BA 020-K 12 bolt cutters (the same dimension?). According to KRENN site the HRC 62 blades are only for RI series of KRENN bolt cutters.

Maybe some other tool producer offer tungsten Carbide blades (HRC 78-80) of three-edge reversible construction as this becomes standard now. Anyway 13mm chain is overkill for most bolt cutters (too big diameter).

Celia England says:

I have a Pewag 1/2 inch chain and a Abus Rock padlock…hopefully slows the criminals down, giving me time to load my shotgun!

Play_Games 1 says:

ej man ich hab gehoft das der bolzenschneider gewinnt=(

tty j says:

use a bunnings portable grinder with cutting disks

Michael Mouse says:

Scheiß Bolzenschneider!

Chaos Tade says:

can you fit a 16mm or a 19mm chain on this? i mean 2 links.

youRgreat says:

Why can’t Abloy make the padlock as strong as that chain. Lame. Amazing chain!

William Riker says:


Ansel Chin says:

That is one tough lock!

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