Worlds best motorcycle chain? UK Motorcycle Theft

Is this the worlds best motorcycle chain and padlock?
* The Almax Series V Extreme chain and Squire SS80CS

Bike theft and crime is on the increase here in the UK, and its paramount that we do whatever we can to protect our prized possessions… so with that in mind this is part of a new series on Motorcycle security and protection that I will be adding to my channel; viewing various different methods of physical protection, trackers and deterrents.

please feel free to comment with your thoughts, suggestions and ideas for future reviews, or if there is anything you’d like to see.

You can purchase the Almax chain and padlock range at:

or this particular flagship Series V Extreme at:

The Almax Wall of Shame (tested to destruction):

Bennetts insurance Review of this chain:




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Tom rebel says:

I don’t really believe in these. It will stop some thugs but if they *really* want to take your bike they will. Your best bet is a GPS tracker and a good theft insurance. 🙁 Another thing, if you don’t carry the chain with you they just gonna put your bike in a van somewhere. But you can’t really carry that. The swingarm bag is a terrible place for a one side only heavy weight… Fuck thieves.

MotoRickyRicardo says:

Thats a pretty beefy chain and lock, I’ve gotta come up with a way to lock up my bike at home. My driveway isnt solid concrete so I can’t put an anchor in….I’ve thought about digging a whole close by and pouring concrete to create my own anchor for a lock like the one in your video.

Hippo-Drones says:

When my KTM got robbed, they stole my chain too, obviously couldn’t cut it st I agree you gotta bolt the bike down. Saying that, at the time it was robbed, the scum bags were burning any garage they couldn’t get the bike out of so the owner not just lost the bike, but also their garage and it’s contents too! 🙁

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