5 Portable Door Lock Types You Can Buy On Amazon

Best portable door lock types for hotel rooms or homes. This portable device is suitable for most doors and is easy to assemble.

5. Barracuda Intruder Amazon(US,UK,CA,DE,FR,IN,ES): http://amzn.to/2DArWTC
Amazon(Internacional): http://geni.us/ZunZne8
4. Master Lock Amazon(US,UK,CA,DE,FR,IN,ES): http://amzn.to/2Dz3K46
Amazon(Internacional): http://geni.us/9oc8a
3. Addalock Amazon(US,UK,CA,DE,FR,IN,ES): http://amzn.to/2DABiim
Amazon(Internacional): http://geni.us/wrli6w
2. Door Jammer Amazon(US,UK,CA,DE,FR,IN,ES): http://amzn.to/2DD3j93
Amazon(Internacional): http://geni.us/VVDFyN
1. Nightlock Door Brace Amazon(US,UK,CA,DE,FR,IN,ES): http://amzn.to/2E7ZZnm
Amazon(Internacional): http://geni.us/RlCr


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Taylor Jean says:

I think all schools should have this or at least something of this sort.

Tony T says:


Bunga Bening says:

The Number One rule in the marketing of security products is to start by scaring the crap out of the general public

sam leo says:

But some smart bad gay open your dooring with cheating and lock your door with your Portable Door Lock. what can you do?

native american. says:

The new America who do we blame this one. The chines… Whos with me now. It’s the chines fault we need this in our school an hospitals ect

Andreas Rasmussen says:

this will only sell in America

mkmason2002 says:

For a sliding glass door thieves place their hands on the glass and lift the glass up one inch taking the door off its track and kick in the door. Place a 1/2 inch wide by 1 or 2 ft stick in the space at the top of the door. Then no one can lift the door off the track.

Creatip says:

The nightlock: 60 bucks for 3 pieces of steel and some bolts???

Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh says:

7:49 hello I need a large pepperoni pizza the show is about to get good.

jezz2k says:

How is the Nightlock portable? You have to screw it into the door. You can’t use that in a hotel room, they’ll sue you for damage!

master80059 Video Content says:

scam… you can tell by the not over killing in the demo of it working.

Fuzy Sidwell says:

all the portable Solutions are crap and give a false sense of security the last one called night lock is not a portable solution but is at least worth while to look at tho keep in mind it will only be as strong as the door its installed on

Adam Churvis says:

Are you kidding with that Barracuda contraption? Hey kids, there’s an active shooter! And you know what that means: break out the Erector Set! Timmy, you hand me the crank-operated hookulator with spanner bar. Now Suzie, you adjust the spanner bar to span the width of the door jambs while Johnny, you hold the left end of the spanner bar against the left door jamb. Now I’ll calmly — VERY calmly! — spin the locking handle about fifteen fucking times until it actually makes contact. Good. Now let’s attach the slide-actuated spreadulator underneath the door. Dory, you place the spreadulator and spread the wings. Then you, Bobby, you frantically try to align the hole in the inner sliding strut with the hole in the outer sliding strut, and then try to jam that flat-ended steel pin in it. Can’t do it? Well then, not only are you a fucking retard, Bobby, now you’re going to die and take all of us with you. Unless, of course, we can successfully deploy the SuperDuperCowBell device over the closing mechanism for the door. Yes, Heather? You say because of the leverages involved, the struts on the closing mechanism will force that cowbell device right off it? You’re a party-pooper, Heather! Go to the back of the room and start praying. Wait– who’s that guy, and how did he get in here with tha–

Depot msa says:

will this stop police trying to break into my house with a piece of paper signed by a judge?

Lankster Price says:

I love when they show glass doors….

(rain storm) Wet paper on window and a rock is all you need and your in..

Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh says:

4:12 an intruder would of broken the glass and grabbed you by the throat while you try to lack that door.

Mohammad Omar says:

Awesome tools everyone simple idea which most of the time are best to stop doors opening, now we need someone to come up with window security as windows brake easy we have shutters for windows but is there anything other than shutters ???

Boe Dillard says:

Do these people live in buildings without glass windows?

mackb says:


E.S S.B. says:

You really telling too much because now kids going to come with the bombs like columbine

Leina Montgomery says:

Where i leave its a gun friendly but i cant even hold a bat. I live in a nice area but still I live alone and now I tempted to get a gun and I have to be brave. I do not trust maintenance man or the staff. I lived in an another apartment before they stoked my collections of name brands of perfume from Nordstrom and Dillards. Also my coach and Kate Spade and luis Vuitton. I was so depressed and so broke my lease. No one has my key but me and the staff. Not even my own blood has my keys. So its the staff. Please ladies be careful most men will take care of a woman when they know that you are living alone. I trust no one in a apartment living

Nrvana says:

The door closure is good for hotel security

Gojira says:

all my exterior doors are made of glass tho..

lightdark00 says:

#5 not portable!

Nicole C says:

Get a gun

HANDY LAH-DOOR Door stopper says:

If you need to hold a door open please visit http://www.lahdoor.com

losttownstreet says:

These locks are a joke to an student apartmend where I used to live some time: 6 locking pins for the full dor frame locked with the central key and a 4t blast door (standard door is 1000-2000kg)
Don’t use these at home, get an proper locksmith an install an serius and handy lock for your requirement (if you are useing an gas heater you might want an 4t blast door witch is aviable in hardware store as there are an requirement in some countries for these; the frame had to withstand the impack as well!)
These are only for you hotel room, where replacement key’s are aviable at the front desk.

Aleksandr Kostenko says:

Сегодня посмотрел “Серые кардиналы” и мне очень понравился!
Рекомендую всем для просмотра!
Смотрел на сайте http://mp3x.org/serials/3736-serye-kardinaly-2012-1-3-sezon-1-4-seriya.html ,кстати этот сайт без рекламы, что очень удивило и порадовало, т.к сейчас оч мало таких и обычно везде на фоне казино и ставки, а здесь нет

Black Eagle says:

All these still prove that your best defense is to have YOUR GUN READY.

Savage Teddy Bear says:

Need these in schools

Eve Hopskin says:

Nice… but most school have wooden doors with a little window on them clearly we are all sitting duck by then.

هايل الايوبي says:


mackb says:

These are great tools. I think all schools should have these.

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