[509] Yale “Superior” (7 Pins, 4 Sliders) Euro Cylinder Picked and Gutted


menemme says:

It is the same as the sicuremme series…appearance is solid, but at the core is cheply made and easily pickable. I suppose its strenght is the hardened connector that avoids snapping and breaking.

Bill Stafford says:

Is it easy to explain how an anti bump pin work?

Primal PhatMan says:

If you were to rebuild a lock how would you do it?

bdf2718 says:

Euro lock = piece of shit. OK, this one is superior, but that just makes it a superior piece of shit.

Why? Because the standard ones are prone to snapping. No skill needed. Yes, you can buy supposedly “snap proof” cores, but they only make snapping more difficult, not impossible. And they’re quite a bit more expensive. So if you’re willing to spend a lot, you can have an expensive piece of shit instead of a cheap piece of shit.

R. Akers says:

I can usually tell by the color of your fingers, but not in frame here.

david francis says:


lohphat says:

What is the symbol under “Yale” on the lock? I think it’s a standards body but can’t name it.

user54389 says:

I have been wrestling with the 9 pin version of this lock for weeks! Thanks for showing how deep your false set went, I think my problem is I was expecting a deeper one. Seems I may have only been 4 fingers away from open.

One question, if you could. How much tension did you use, compared to say a Master #3?

asaf158 says:

hi there, 1st i love your channel and u are very good in it so thnak you for being here. i will be happy if u can give the name or link to this tools, i can’t find them on ebay. thanks again

Ashutosh Pandey says:

Locks being so easy to pick, I wonder why houses are not being broken into all the time.

STIG..LOCKS..R says:

and that was amazing ultumutly amaing I cant even remember wat I was going to say now thanks keep up the cool work thanks stiglocks..r

L says:

Wow, well that’s junk then.

tom van kruistum says:

you make everything seem easy, its funy 🙂

KutWrite says:

Have you tried the “Forever” lock?


Also, do you have a video giving your history, how you learned what you know, etc?

Nollaig Mar says:

Do ye give away at prizes

PissShiversss says:

I bet Mrs lock picking lawyer loves the ol dimple rake

brian hurst says:

Which side do you think you are the good guys or the bad guys if the video showed how to Hang someone would it still be in the public interest why show people how to get into a lock if you are a locksmith you are putting yourself out of work !?

Modern Leveller says:

I bet that pisses Yale right off! LOL

EiRESKuLL says:

Any suggestions for a better alternative?

Nathan .Star says:

Need a glossary and explanatin vid – or do you have one ?
Security pin
Anti bump pin

I can deduce what they do but i would like to know how they do what they are designed to do

We Are Watching says:

Great pick! I enjoyed the video a lot!

Michael [APFX] says:

You slimy cunt
I looked at the key and thought “Alright nice a very difficult lock to crack for domestic applications” and within 20 seconds you open it like nothing. It takes me longer to get the keys out of my pocket!

Ivan Lovric says:

You raped that lock . Great job


Made in Willenhall England

MrAbletospeak says:

Why is it upside down?

R. Akers says:

btw, I am going back over your work from video 1 to around 375 when I subscribed… do you still look at comments that far back?

Ashutosh Pandey says:

It’s scary so tee all locks being picked up so easily in seconds. But how does one know what to expect inside without looking at the key first?

Saeed Rahmani Jamnani says:

Is there also an automated way to open it , like with a picking gun , without using 3 tools ?

david francis says:


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