(632) Exploiting Abloy’s Design Defect


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James Behan says:

have you tried this yet with abloy protec 2? i work with them but have yet to attack one in a gain entry.

Jim Thomas says:

I really like the video but there is too much time wasted on story telling and just demonstrate the objective

Gerard Walker says:

non destructive idea, something that touches the discs and can read the cuts and print out a paper with the dimensions and sizes then use a 3d printer to make a key. just an idea.

mathiso01 says:

Lol, I’m a plain old maintenance guy and I know this won’t get you in the door. But it looks exciting. Lol

Bryan’s Locks says:

Abloy you need to fix this.

Bob Piff says:

Here’s what Mr Locksmith has to say.

An Abloy Deadbolt installed on a door cannot be opened with a punch. Also, clamped in a vice is different than installed on a door.

2815Juan says:

Please try this technique with the lock installed in the door with all the hardware. I’m curious with all the hardware. Is there a place for the lock to push out the back? Or does this technique just damage the lock and you still can’t open the mechanism?

Saul says:

Very good video. You should be proud to inform people of flaws in lock design. Especially as people rely on them to protect them and their homes.

Bill c says:

The purpose of the lock is not to stop intruders. I just need a minute to get my automatic weapons. I will be waiting on the other side of the door with a loaded P90

Toni Lähdekorpi says:

They probably didn’t care about this and don’t see it as a real problem. Most doors here in Finland at least are made so that those guts wouldn’t fit inside the door…

Martin Hayward says:

oxy acetylene would destroy this shitty lock.

Matthew Rutledge says:

Now try the Abloy 2

Matti Olkinuora says:

You can just drill it with 13mm drillbit and remove the disc pack and turn the cylinder with pliers or a screwdriver. I opened a used IBM 486 PC 18 years ago using the described method.

Dami Nooki says:

So, I have an Abloy 340 Hardened Padlock, i assume it would be pretty safe in comparison to other locks, especially considering I use it for my bike, that’s it.

jeremy ringe says:

This method will only successfully open a an abloy cam lock. With mortise cylinders the cam will fall into the mortise body and most likely bind up the body. Rim cylinder may be able to be defeated this way on a steel door panic bar setup. But a key in knob or deadbolt cylinder will be prevented from falling through by the latch or bolt itself. The force would also most likely bend the latch or bolt preventing you from opening the door easily with a flat blade screwdriver.

Bodragon says:

The copper retaining ring on first lock that you couldn’t find is on the ring-pack itself. It rode up and remained there near the front after you whacked it out.

JesusChristIsLord says:

Maybe you can weld on a piece on the back to prevent the innards from extruding… ? Yeah, Abloy needs to fix this. Thanks for the vid.

romanaround918 says:

Wow..really glad my door lock isn’t installed in a vise. Try this on a real door on a real house. See how that works out. Bet you won’t make a video on that. LOL…

Brian Leach says:

used an impact drill to drive a bolt into the key hole, hit it a few times with a hammer and it punched right through.

Stu Bowie says:

Yes that method will work on a Camlock, But the threaded Cylinder will be foiled by the Traverse bar on something like an Adams-Rite deadlock.

Adams says:

Can you do a demonstration where you punch the core in a properly installed door deadbolt and then test to see if the bolt can be unlocked? I was thinking about buying an Abloy Protec 2 but not if the door deadbolt core can be punched out the same way as the mortise lock in the video.

Jonathan Chesnutt says:

Has anyone made all of the lock components out of hardened steel?

tren van says:

Use a longer bolt 😉

idk idk says:

I could easily make a pick with a Bobby pin with a tiny 4mm bend with pliers

linuxsnob says:

Lockpicking increased to 100

Ludvig Frestadius says:

I think i have a tiny idea of how you could open an Abloy padlock without destructive attacks. Maybe if you create an automatic decoder that is really sensitive so it can feel the difference between real and false gates in the lock. When the decoder feels that it is in the real gate, it will move onto the next disc.

tom feible says:

change your name to bsbill

Petri Sivonen says:

When this lock is in its place, this “hammering” thing doenst work at all. Broken pieces dont have any place to go. There is another piece of lock behind this mechanism. Same in finnish: Kun tämä lukko on ovessa kiinni, ei sen takapuolella ole tilaa mihin rikkonaisen lukon kappaleet voisi lyödä. Siellä on lukkorunko takana.

Hector Heath says:

Scientific studies show that a bolt longer than a 1/2 inch can be used. Nice vid.

Dave Joseph says:

So did they fix this weakness?

Pacifica611 says:

Have you ever picked a Banham lock????

Sunderas says:

Why do you still recommend this manufacturer after this flaw?

Joshua Vallejo says:

Why not just use a longer bolt and not harm your fingers? Lol

Ray Arsenault says:

I’m going to point out that the only place that this will probably work very well is with the cam lock, as shown in the first part of the video. If you were to do this to a rim, mortise, or deadbolt cylinder, it would simply jam the mechanism behind it, causing a lockout.

In a cam-type application, you generally have room behind the cam, and even if you didn’t, whatever the lock body is mounted to could shift forward, allowing the knocking out of the guts. with any other type of lock, either the lock mechanism, or the lock parts bolted to the other side of the door would block the cylinder from exiting.

Andre L says:

Would you still recommend this lock?

Noah Zork says:

Abloy probably appreciates this video. “I’ts amazing sir, this week alone we have had over 25,000 customers call in to purchase replacement core’s because they’re previous cores mysteriously seized up, bosnianbill put us back in the black!”

Oliver Wolters says:

I wonder if this technique will work on a Euro-Cylinder type of lock, too. I bet it’s not.

Ade Larsen says:

The Abloy locks you see on you tube that get picked are mostly faked in some way such as knowing the code of the key. There is many ways to fake picking an abloy lock.
This video is good however it only exposes a very minor flaw which doesn’t usually work out in practice out in the field. Cheers Bill.

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