Abloy Deadbolts and Master Keying | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Abloy Deadbolts and Master Keying | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

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Today we are going to talk about my favorite deadbolt which is the Abloy Deadbolt as well as master keying. I like this deadbolt so much, it is installed on my house. I am paranoid, I admit it, I always have been, I always want the best I can have on my house and my business and my camper. So I have the Abloy Deadbolt, 100% deadbolt on my house, and I use all the padlocks on everything else I have. So that Mike from Mr. Locksmith Burnaby is probably our top locksmith on Abloy, he does amazing things with this. It’s absolutely fantastic,  I will let Mike discuss the Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolt.

The Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolt has a Pick Resistant UL 437 rating.

Furthermore,  there is no known Covert methods of entry on this lock. A lot of people are trying to figure out how to do this, there are no known methods, so when people say it can be hacked, or picked or anything if you’ve seen all my videos, I hack, and pick and get into everything. This has no known Covert entry methods, that’s why I love it so much.

The front of the deadbolt is hardened too. The Abloy Protect 2 deadbolt is a pick, bump and drill-resistant lock. Nothing is 100% drill-proof, but this is deadbolt is extremely difficult to hard one to drill. The Abloy deadbolt is fire rated to 20 minutes.

You are not going through this lock, and it’s basically, it’s a nightmare too, for, and if you look at our video on how to circumvent with drills and other methods of entry.

Basically, master keying is, you can have one key fit two or 2,000 doors, so the one key would fit everything, as well as you still have the individual keys that fit each office or each apartment, so that’s master keying, but there are some interesting options you can do with an Abloy.

Grandmaster, Master key, “A” keys, “B” keys, everything else, it doesn’t decrease the security of the lock. So traditionally, master keying one of these locks will not make it easier to open.

Abloy deadbolt that has created a locking thumb-turn. Leave it in unlock position, of course, when you go for vacation, for example. It’s ideal for doors that are close to like, a patio door, or something close to a window.

Key control: Nobody can cut this key, except for, we have, this is a Mr. Locksmith keyway, you can’t go anywhere and get this key cut. Even another Abloy dealer will not do it, they can’t do it, they don’t have the blank, and that’s one of the big problems is, with a lot of locks for businesses and everything else is key control. You have total, total key control on this, it’s patented ’til like, 2026 or something.

The Abloy Protect 2 locks have key control, pick-resistance, no one’s gonna get through this door unless they chop their way through it, and no one’s going to have a key to get in, you can’t get this cut anywhere, at all.

The key machine that cuts this key is, every key is cut individually, you’re not duplicating. You can’t take this key and say, “Hey, “I wanna duplicate it, put it side-by-side “on a duplicating machine,” you just cannot do that, and there is a floating, like, this is a Protec 2 keyway which means it has a ball-bearing within the key itself, and that is part of the locking system. Without that ball-bearing floating in there, it will not even turn the cylinder on the outside portion of it. So that in itself is a locking mechanism. So I had keys that accidentally had the ball-bearing pop out for some reason. I don’t know what they were doing to it, but it won’t even let them in anymore. The other thing is, yeah, these are very strong keys.

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BlackDolphin90 says:

What about pulling attacks…..can you pull the core out the lock on the door with a screw and dent puller/slide hammer

Olivier Cauffopé says:

truly the best/most secure lock in the world thumb up

Rich Gavnik says:

Has abloy fixed the weak brass ring that holds the cylinder in the lock? So you can’t take a hammer and 5/16 bolt to pop it right out..

Narayan Shrestha says:

Where can I buy Abloy Protec2? From Maryland, USA.

Danny Gonsoulin says:

Where do you get them?

Don'z Lockz says:

I didn’t know about the only open or lock feature for some keys. Interesting concept.

John Barney says:

I installed the locking thumb turn on my front door to prevent bad guys from breaking the glass and reaching through. When I am home – it allows for keyless egress. Expensive, but fantastic!

PaPaNiNo GarGAr says:

Well Let Mike Speak, Dang..

Trouble Maker says:

Allot people are clueless about Abloy locks , They might be expensive but they do the job ! I bought the Abloy pl362 $340 for my motorcycle ! From what I know this lock cannot be picked ..

Olivier Cauffopé says:

David Golbraith’s hate speech and harassment comments should be reported

R Dixon says:

it seems a bit scary that you have to rely on one shop for keys if that shop goes out of business you are up the creek

eddsterrr b says:

Who cuts the key for me, If your shop goes out of business?

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