Best Lock for your home: Abloy Protec 2 High Security Deadbolt, My Favourite Lock

Best Lock for your home: Abloy Protec 2 High Security Deadbolt, my Favourite Lock. For further information go to

Why do I have an Abloy Deadbolt protecting my house? I train Locksmiths, Military, Police and Government agencies convert and overt methods of entry. The one Deadbolt on the market that has “no known convert” methods of entry and what I consider not only “pick resistant” but “pick proof” is Abloy Protec 2 Deadbolts.

If the I get locked out I know that it will not be an easy job gaining access through my Aboly deadbolt. Most deadbolts and High Security deadbolts can be drilled open is seconds or minutes. I know that I or anybody will be spending alot of time, effort and money trying to destroy my Abloy deadbolt.

The face of the deadbolt has hardened steel and will chew up a dozen expensive drill bits I use to open safes.

Note: most safes are opened with one drill bit.

I have reinforced my door with a Mag Plate that doubles the strength of the door and I have have reinforced the door frame with an 18″ strike with 4″ screws attaching it to the door frame making the door and frame more difficult to force or kick open.

Bottom Line: I want to protect my family, my home and my stuff and I sleep better and go to work or vacation knowing I have the best lock, Alboy deadbolt installed on my doors.

Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer. For further information on Hands-on and On-Line Locksmith training and our famous “Dumb Key Force Tool” go to

In keeping with our tradition of offering the highest level of security to commercial and residential locations, Mr. Locksmith™ is an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY® Protec locking systems.

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KandyMan says:

please let me know hoe to buy one of those?

B Sharp says:

You know, I never thought I’d like watching locksmith videos, but I find your videos very informative and interesting. Thanks for doing these.

TheAcenightcreeper says:

You put that lock on a $179 dollar pre hung door from menards…how do I know? I bought the exact same on. You know how I would get in? I would take out the top part of the cheap, half pane half moon glass….so, sweet you have a $500 lock on a terrible door. If you were paranoid you would have bought a panic room door, and once inside, I would have a steel cage bolted into the frame of the house, set in concrete, so even if they do manage to kick in the door, drill, etc…they would be stuck behind bars, and have to use a plasma torch to get through.

MajorVids says:

What If they just take the easy way and break a window

Robert Foster says:

What people dont know. Its not the lock that makes the door secure.
Though yes there are crappy locks and can be picked in seconds.
But its the 1-Inch deadbolt hole side that is the only thing that is keeping your front door secure.
We need to come up with better ways to secure front doors,
because the 1/4-inch WOOD thats between the door jam and the deadbolt lock hole is the only thing standing between your house and a thief.

Hawkins says:

What about the weakness of punching the core of the lock out as seen in this YouTube video by Bosnian Bill “(632) Exploiting Abloy’s Design Defect”

Robert Barger says:

I just bought the Kwikset Smart Key. The lock that every locksmith hates

K Regan says:

Can I purchase this lock through you? If so, how much does it run. I am in the US.

Kevin Randall says:

I’m new to your channel and really like your videos. Very informative. This lock seems really interesting, but it seems to me that it’s only as good as the door it’s installed on. You mentioned this lock is on your house. I’m wondering if you’d recommend either a metal door or some kind of solid core hardwood?

Shlomo Cohen says:

Hi, my front door is made of steel and in order to open/close it one must turn the key one full turn. By doing so Steel pins come out of the four sides of the door and enter the frame. What’s the best lock you would recommend for such mechanism.

Zeh Zahl says:

Sorry to burst your bubble…but someone has already figured out how to defeat the deadbolt with a powerdrill and a $100 specialized drill bit. …and at

Ryan Lackey says:

Nice having a $300 deadbolt on a front door with glass panes in door and beside the door, though. Knock one of those out, reach down with a tool to throw the inside latch, and while it isn’t true surreptitious/non-destructive entry, it’s fast and fairly covert. Replacing the glass is probably fairly straightforward after entry.

(I do love those locks, though.)

Hiro Fox says:

What if the intruder has a chainsaw? What kind of residential door would deter that?

Adam Goodrich says:

what is your favorite keyless/smart lock?

Aldondrius Aldondrius says:

There is a tool you can open these locks in max 2 min.

KandyMan says:

how to buy one? plz

Everett Eby says:

I subbed to this channel for things other than product placement.

Richard T says:

Where can I buy one? I tried to navigate your site, but I couldn’t get anywhere to actually buy one.

davidbrennan5 says:

the lock is almost always not the weak point a 2 dollar glass cutter would get you past that door.

temprmj1 says:

Hello, do you recommend any of the new electronic/bluetooth locks?

Rebphoenix says:

Finnish quality.

Donald Garland says: Easy way to defeat this lock. If someone wants in bad enough they will get in. Can be done in under a minute.

C.T.Grey says:

If you happen to visit Finland, especially Hämeenlinna, sometimes you might want to pop in their prison museum to check out display of “vempele.” It was used to “pick” abloy locks back in eighties and nineties, before protec started appearing in most doors. Against protec, you have to copy the key somehow, or otherwise it’s all bruteforce/luck.

Zyklon W says:

What do you think about the EVVA MCS locks?

fat KoRn says:

Great lock no doubt impossible to pick, all those discs, varied height false gates etc. problem is you can drive a ten cent bolt through it and blow the back out, at least as of two weeks ago.

Mike Wolverton says:

Can this be used with the August Smart Lock or any of the “smart” devices that connect to the inside for convenience?

Mr. Locksmith says:

Hiro Fox: What if the intruder has a chainsaw? What kind of residential door would deter that?

I have “Zombie Proof” deadbolts! Working on Vampire and Werewolf proof Deadbolts.

Alexandrebf9 says:

Hi ! I was wondering what do you think about ” Door Guardian ” and ” Door Devil ” I have purchase them to prevent Home Invasion at night …

dheller777 says:

You hit the nail on the head. Most illegal entries through a door are by force not picking the lock to gain entry. You can have the best lock in the world but if your door and frame are not reinforced it won’t even slow down someone who wants entry. Now added to a great door and frame combination this lock is awesome.

NewbieSoaper says:

please recommend a keyless entry for my front door?

goforitall24 says:

can you get the doorknob with the same key?

Mr. Locksmith says:

Tracy Reed: Read the discription “Mr. Locksmith™ is an ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer.” We also sell and install Schlage Primus, Medeco and ASSA.

Mr. Locksmith says:

Schlage B660 or the B560 Deadbolts are less expensive but still a very good deadbolt. Make sure you get it supplied with the C123 or S123 keyway. You will need to contact a Locksmith or online to order the deadbolts.

Mr. Locksmith says:

I have an Abloy Protect 2 Deadbolt on my house. I like the Schlage Primus and Medeco deadbolts too.

M C says:

buy far the best lock out there… as well as there pad locks..

St8kout says:

Of course, with that particular door, you just break the glass and reach inside to flip the deadbolt lever, but yeah, it’s a good deadbolt. Consumers keep buying doors with glass and/or sidelights. Kind of defeats the money you pay for deadbolts unless you go with a double cylinder deadbolt (needs a key on the inside to lock and unlock). I used to have one at an apartment and when I had a break in through a window, the bad guy had to exit out the same window and leave my large tv and other stuff behind. He had my clothes basket filled with my stuff but could not get it out the window, lol.

Burbing Berries says:

So if you lock yourself out your house, you’re screwed

Olivier Cauffopé says:

i’m gonna buy one for 80$CAD but it’s the Disklock pro do you think i’ts a good buy?

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