Beyond Locks Security Strike Plate Installation


I install and review the reinforced strike plate from The strike plate strengthens this part of your door frame by adding six additional, 3″ screws to your door frame.


Peter Pan says:

Omg pre drill pilot use silicon spray Driver 5min

Mole says:

You should try to get to this house using windows. Just use the same technique your are trying to open doors at 0:29 or 0:38

Mike Fredrick says:

I see a browncoat

Jesse F says:

I could be wrong but it didn’t look like you drilled any pilot holes, which would of made things much easier

Ramyt Ramyt says:

awesome t-shirt!

Bo Snook says:

Nice, thanks for the indoor view when the guy was hitting the door.

kevin buckingham says:

Thanks for the video and info. Much appreciated

StachiBCNR33 says:

Most People don’t recognize the Difference between PoziDrive and Phillips-Heads. Maybe that was an Issue?

SuperKissFan1 says:

strike plate is useless when you have a glass on your door. Just break the glass and reach — in and unlock the door…

John Lopez says:

With a plate this large you don’t recommend using a chisel on the frame to carve out the profile of that strike plate?

Sarah Rosered says:

Use an impact driver.

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

That strike plate on that shit frame won’t make a bit of difference. You’re not anchoring the long screws into any stud, but instead to the weak ass decorative side window.

Those type of doors are hopeless to secure.

Koyote Tan says:

Try this impact driver in this kit. It will change your life 🙂

I used that to drive similar length screws in for hanging a storage overhang in my garage. Worth every penny.

th3coupl3 says:

What a shitty drill..also you could have drilled some pilot holes

cloudstrifeification says:

I agree with the comment below about using Torx headed screws they are the best and I have never has one strip out yet and also self tapping screws are also very helpful. Thanks for the info!

Chuck Burnett says:

I noticed in the video what looked like possible bulging in the door frame when your drove the screws in. Or, was that just weird shadow effects?

Flat DarkEarf says:

Good video.

I tried to install an Armor Concepts EZ Armor set, but the pieces were rounded and far too thick. I didn’t have enough clearance.

Are these strike plates relatively thin and flat?

84lja says:

Great plate. I am gonna buy it if I want to have the outline of the screw showing through the veneer but at least you can show everyone how deep they go in. 🙂 Should have used shorter once for those two screws on the inner edge.

he's the Master says:

Recommend a 9/64″ drill bit that is at least 3″ long. That way your first drill would have worked with the soap on the screw and not stripped the head of the screw!

CrystalBUGS says:

I’m a locksmith, stopped watching at 6 min to ponder how hard I’m being trolled. Laughed my ass off though. If you’ve ever worked with tools you know how I feel watching this video.

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