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Deadbolt Installation – Deadbolt Lock, Schlage, The Ultimate Lock

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Home security is vital for everyone today. A deadbolt lock is not only able to ensure security and safety in both homes, offices and residential but also makes you feel secure every time you’re not at home or office. Deadbolt can keep intruders and burglars at bay. It makes it impossible to break into. There are several types of deadbolt locks available such as single cylinder deadbolt, vertical position, and double cylinder deadbolt, digital and keyless among others. You can choose a deadbolt of your choice depending on the type of the door. 
There are factors you need to consider before purchasing a deadbolt door lock. You need to consider factors such as the size of the lock, the size of your door, the one that can perfectly fit your door, materials used to make that deadbolt lock and the price of the deadbolt. If you need stronger and sturdier lock for security, you need to consider buying patented steel amalgam. This would be great. You can also choose a deadbolt lock which can be inserted key from inside and outside. We will also discuss significant benefits of having a deadbolt lock.

These bolts are permanently attached to the door. These locks are great such that they do not move or retract from their original position. Unlike spring locks, they help you improve the security and safety of your home. They are the best locks you can buy. These locks are affordable. There is a variety of them you can choose from.

The fact that these locks are permanently attached to your door helps your door to remain strong and sturdy and resist any forceful entry by intruders. Without the right keys, these locks can’t be opened. Alternatively, you can use this locks as a supplementary along with a spring lock to provide double-layered security to your door.

Available in many different types and designs. You can choose the type and design of your choice. They are affordable, and anyone can buy. These locks come with a template and installation instructions. Lock such as single cylinder, double and vertical position deadbolts are easy to install.
For maximum security, you should ensure that this lock is correctly installed. Always choose the lock that perfectly fits your door. Your security is paramount and should always come first!
Below are important features you need to consider while buying a deadbolt lock for your home.
• The lock should be at least grade 2. Grade 2 is a great lock
• The locking bolt should be made of pure steel
• The deadbolt lock should have anti-bumping tech built in
• Should be shielded outside the door and have a perfect strike plate
Before buying a deadbolt, you need to have a great door. You should not install a deadbolt in a hollow core door. Your door must be constructed of steel, solid fiberglass or solid wood. These locks are the best locks. There are many positive remarks from people who are using them. These locks do not disappoint. They are great locks for your home security and safety. If you’re planning on buying security locks, deadbolt locks should be on top of your list.

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rage5606 says:

Or just buy a security door that opens out and that takes away anyone from kicking in your door. I know this is where the quality of a security door deadbolt may make a greater difference as well as the quality and thickness of the steel frame. I am new to your videos and wonder if you have one that talks about long throw dead bolts? Thanks!

Ray Mosher says:

Safety glasses, please. (Lose an eye and you’ll wish you wore them)

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Thumbs down on the finger snaps.  Otherwise pretty good info.

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2 snaps up for this video!

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Aren’t your fingers tired from snapping so much? j/k awesome video thx

coolwater411 says:

Where can I buy grade 2 light commercial deadbolt?

A Dude says:

Which deadbolt you should buy??? ONE WITHOUT A KEY!!! All these are picked within 5 seconds LOL

Lydia Salas says:

I must admit I appreciate your humor and method of describing, explaining the multitude of deadbolts and degree of security options that are our disposal. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill set!

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