FINGERPRINT Biometric Door Lock Review Home Office Security

Review of the 1touchIQ2,I would recommend this product, very good customer support, good quality. Check out the video, feel free to ask questions.


Sanjay Pillai says:

You can just break the window and open it from inside …not at all a good place to for that kind of lock.

malsh33 says:

Thanks alot for the review.
After long search I think this is the most suitable lock for my use.
Just I want to know if the key teeth has a unique pattern. Because I saw a product with a generic and straight forward zigzag pattern.

Jas B says:

How many batteries does this take? What if we have double doors?

Avenging Angel says:

That has to be the coolest thing ever! I like it.

Levi G says:

wrong about this is you installed it on a glass door. to be safe main door should be solid panel.
but thanks for this video I learn much. cheers!


what a waste LOLOL sweet locks right next to windows. A for effort though.

Avi Patel says:

Thanks really helpfull

Azim Danish says:

How to make it

dayofhappiness says:

Burglars would break in in about 10 seconds plus it is not a deadbolt . More failed security door locks !!! Or they would just break the door glass and push the inside door handle !!! Remember you said the interior door lever only has to be pushed ????

dayofhappiness says:

Look it is your wive and kids that l am thinking about !!! You need to replace the door with a steel door or you could put guard bars on the inside of your door window – this would still let you look out . Plus you need a double cylinder dead bolt , ez armour door frame / door hinge protector , and a outside door shield for the deadbolt .

Johnny MacKay says:

why get such a fancy lock and put it next to glass? seems like a real waste… oh well not my house…

Francis Suemith says:

How to set to unlock like codes and fingerprint? I guess you didn’t show it.

Ciara Corr says:

how much

Dhiraj Parekh says:

बहुत ही अच्छा लॉक है कृपया इसकी कीमत कितनी है

Владимир Алесковский says:

Купить в Казахстане можно : sferaplus kz

Saddaf Up says:

Good Rs miani

1975acidburn says:

Frame reinforced- didn’t look like it
Glass window in door
Looked like a pet door built in door
Lock seemed ok but door or was installed in wasn’t a good idea

tyler marchan says:

does this work on batteries?

Thiago Cavalcante says:

is that possible to delete (block access) f a certain fingerprint?

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