For $200 you can unlock your door from your phone

igloohome Smart Deadbolt 02 review –
The $199 Igloohome Deadbolt 02 includes a keypad, bluetooth keys and physical keys for secure versatility.

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Ragnar Ahlman says:

Who the heck needs this

David Williams says:

For zero dollars you can unlock your door with a key

BingBing Bing says:

Why do you need your phone to unlock the door?
can’t you just use your hand & key at the same time.
these so called tech are making people dumb and useless day by day.

FastLikeUNO says:

Im hearing a lot of concerns like “what if they steal my phone?” Or “A key is cheaper”
Well you know what I have to say to all that…

Nothing, cause I dont care…

Hanzo Hasashi says:

4 batteries, What if it ran out of battery?

TheGamerK says:

Wth y’all are deaf. She clearly said it comes with 2 keys.

BuildLancer says:

Yup now someone can steal your phone than enter your home!

Vuong Le says:

yea when they hack ur phone n get in to ur house, best 200 dolla ever

eXquisite pepe says:

So cia can raid your home without your consent

Rob Erickson says:

My hands are free

Moises Rios says:

Or.. just leave the door unlock lol

AlphaCyph3r says:

Yep when your phone dies, your stuck outside your door crying wishing you just had a key lol

JogBird says:

nsa can unlock your door too

John Smith says:


Cliff Smith says:

I’ll wait till Google or Samsung copies this tech

One 7 Decimal 2 Eight says:

so when someone hacks or steals your phone they can gain access to your home. brilliant!

Matt Eldridge says:

Molly left her phone number in the video…

Dean Desmond says:

Or i could just use a key. Much quicker and cheaper

Topher Cundith says:

Guys. There are PIN numbers and keys. Y’all need to stop overeacting

Andres Hernandez says:

It has a keyhole? So it’s as useless as a regular door lock. What a shitty product.

cedrick305 says:

So what happens if your running from the masked murderer and you drop your phone breaking it like in every scary movie?

yuyiboy says:

I have the Schlage one… love it

Chris Orion says:

if you lose your phone, you lose your house.

I mean says:

I like the technology, but obviously it needs more improvement. I hate when I locked my door with the key inside the house.

Fred R. says:

Really nice. But missing the fingerprint reader for the kids.

Paul says:

My phone costs 200$

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