High Security Lock Comparison Medeco, ASSA, Primus

High Security Lock Comparison Medeco, ASSA, Primus

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A Locksmith Rates the top 3 High security Lock company and compare them to each other High Security Lock Comparison Medeco, ASSA, Primus.

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DEFCON 16: Open in 30 Seconds: Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America

Medeco Marc Weber Tobias Bumping

11-year old girl picking a lock using a “bump” key

medecoproblems .com

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Comments and questions are encouraged but please be respectful.
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tom jackson says:

Great!  You tell me I should get a lock that is cheap for you to get into working on.

good for you, not so good for me.

jeff nyitrai says:

medeco pins are also balanced with the driver being specific to the bottom pin.  medeco has 2 half moon inserts in the front of the cylinder in addition to the 3 vertical anti-drill pins that you mention.  also medeco has a ball bearing on the front end of the side bar.  you failed to mention this in your video

THEEND123321 says:

have a test question for you,.   Medeco3  A door hardware lock cylinder ( rim or Mortise) uses top pins that are?  a) graduated according to the bottom pins,    b) All the same size,   c) Provided with locator tabs   d) made out of nickel silver Which is it?

louis cyfer says:

what do you think of the abloy protec2 deadbolt?
the company name is medeco assa abloy. all one company now.

Christopher Lawler says:

ASSA maintains a BHMA/ANSI 156.30 Security Rating, And additional security ratings by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) for use in correctional institutions.

Pick resistance as illustrated under UL-437 is for a minimum of 10 minutes; whereas the ANSI/BHMA 156.30 Standard for High Security Locks is a minimum of 15 minutes for picking with an addition of patent protected or restricted Keyway cross-sections and subsequent key control, in addition to the criteria as published under UL-437 regarding forcible entry and resistance to forced entry with the prescribed selection of commercially available tools as outlined under UL-437.

Mothmallow says:

Great video, thanks! What are you thoughts on the Mul-T Lock Hercular? I’m surprised you didn’t discuss that one in the video.

Olivier Cauffopé says:

you should check the assa maximum +

leefiles says:


David Lee says:

I need 18 each of these deadbolts to cover nine condos with front and back doors. These Condo’s are all for sale, and there is a drug addict creep that has and nightly picks any lock we have put on these units. We can not keep him out of these vacant condos. He claims to be an ex-locksmith. Where do I buy these and how much are they. I would be willing to order these from you and have you ship them to me. I am desperate as the Police can not stop him either. It is impossible to sell a property when you walk in with a client, and there is a drug addicted piece of human trash sleeping there with a needle sticking out of his arm. What the heck has this world come to? Crazy

Nicholas Aarons says:

Hey Dude Awesome Video As Always. Keep up the great work. Nick.

Andrea Moe says:


Jeff Moss says:

Very nice overview!!

Wayne Winton says:

 johnny71c Thanks for Watching!

Texas Jim says:

Great video. Good information.

Hawkins says:

Why don’t you do a comparison between ASSA Twin versus Abloy Protec2 deadbolts?

Joe Garfield says:

I was just looking at the Medeco 2015 catalog and noticed in small letters: ASSA ABLOY (The global leader in door operating systems) 🙂

will16320 says:

Christ when you dropped that cylinder I nearly fell out my chair! Excellent video though, clearly well planned out.

tumbl3r says:

I have picked all three of these locks (Pick & Gut videos are on my channel), and I have to say, I agree with your choice of ASSA. The Twin system (6000 in my case) is both incredibly well made and incredibly difficult to pick. I cannot speak to the overall security of these locks, but in terms of pick resistance, I would rank ASSA the highest.

stuey collins says:

Thats all good but i have yet to meet padlock that can withstand a grinder with a steel cut wheel. If u come up with that then im yo huckleberry

Grant Marshall says:

Very well done video. You seem to be fair to each company. I have a couple Medeco cylinders that contain ss key pins but brass drivers. Assa definitely has a superior product at this time at a better price point for the small business. As you said early in the video any of these are light years ahead of what is commonly used in this country.

LOST & FOUND says:

well Wayne, i don’t know why people are giving you sh@t but thanks for the Video, sorry for the late entry being it looks like this video was done 4 years ago people. Medeco has made improvements since then. What I really want to know is why Multi lock wasn’t included in your top high security presentation?

Kris Sisk says:

Even electronics don’t make it 100% secure. It does, however, increase the difficulty factor. Honestly though ANY high security lock is going to stop 99% of criminals. The effort required to attain that level of skill is a major barrier to someone who has the sort of mindset that leads to a life of crime.

Christopher Lawler says:

Schlage Primus is available with a UL-437 Rating Against Drilling, which includes anti-drill pin inserts in the cylinder plug.

stuey collins says:

Thats all good but i have yet to meet padlock that can withstand a grinder with a steel cut wheel. If u come up with that then im yo huckleberry

CraniX says:

Bill sent me.


thank you!

l0ckcr4ck3r says:

Great round-up!

Keith Terry says:

is defient deadbolts good?

Kenny D'Angelo says:

Ohh thanks!!

slim_pickins says:

Nice vid mate! Imo all three are pickable. The Schlage and Medeco can be picked in under 4 mins There are quite a few examples of this on YouTube as I’m sure you’re aware of. The Assa would provide more of a challenge i reckon so it’s the one I would choose if i had to.

Bob Long says:

I had a schlage deadbolt lock on the Freedom Ranch Pistol Academy, but, the frame was not steel, one good kick, my 800 lbs safe walks off, I felt like such a fool. (I did not bolt the safe to the ground, nor did I remove the special made dolly to move it) yes, they stole my dolly too, I have learned the hard way,

Kenny D'Angelo says:

Where did you get that huge assa cylinder? I want to get one but I can’t find it anywhere. Great video btw medeco isn’t all its cracked up to be I seen the open in 30 secs video they got in w a credit card key and a paper clip!

SteezyOtis says:

I know you said you don’t service Medeco, but would a lock smith need a special key maker tool to make the angled cuts as well? Thanks! This is a great video.

donna spegar says:

I like the high security locks but what do you do if you have a glass window in the door what do you do then

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