How to Choose A The Best Lock For Your Home

How to Choose A The Best Lock For Your Home

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Nick C says:

My mistake of the last post. I have many Kwikset and not too many issues with them. I know how to re-tumbler them for another key, for example by taking the cap off and dump all tumblers out. I also have a few US-Lock and do not know how to take them apart without a key. How do you take them apart? Thanks,

radodrill says:

Any recommendations in terms of euro profile lock cylinders in the US? The storm door we recently purchased came with a euro lock; which not only extends past the trim plates, but also has some of the screws covering the pin chambers are accessible when the lock is installed.

Paul Snider says:

Good video Wayne your expertise is appreciated on these locks. people just see a good looking package and go with that. Like master locks. Could you do a video explaining the different grades of deadbolts?I just put schlage grade 1 deadbolts on my place. It would be nice to know what difference is between the grades what do you get for your money. Thanks and keep videos coming

Olivier Cauffopé says:

I’m gonna put a Abloy lock on my home

orestesdd says:

Wayne, I just want to add 3.5 inch screws to my strike plate of my front/back doors. However, I would like to know what screws I should buy and why I should buy one type of screws over other types. Thank you.

Arturo Garza says:

What about the bronze kwikset locks?

Jebidiah Flatbush says:

Thank you.

Dmitry Kuris says:

Could you provide the Schlage lock model you were talking about?

First Last says:

taking possession of my 1st home next month. are most burglaries brute force entry or lockpick/bump entries?

cannonball666 says:

Kwiksets are pure garbage. I tried to unscrew the back side of the deadbolt and the pot metal screw head stripped out. The screw wouldn’t budge because it was frozen in the aluminum housing. I then tried to use an EZ-Out to extract the stripped screw and the screw head snapped off. The lock came apart then and I removed  the broken screw by turning with channel lock pliers. I then tried to get a Kwikset replacement screw at the two big box stores and they don’t carry them. I discovered it was an M5 screw and so replaced it. Metric screw? Kwiksets must be made in China where short light people with small feet can’t kick in your door. I ordered a Mul-T-Lock and can’t wait to install it.

Peev240 says:

Thanks! How about quality door knobs to pair? Do you have any recommendations?

Rodger Long says:

Sadly you chose the wrong Schlage series to show. We locksmiths know those are crap. Nothing locks the bolt in place like the Kwiksets so they are easily pried back with a ice pick or screw driver.  And the Kwiksets are made of pot metal not aluminum same as Schlage. Aluminum cost way to much to use in locks. Same with the bolt. That is an older Kwikset bolt also.  As far a not being able to drill the Schlage screws, I have done it many times. Best way the prevent drilling of the screws is to insert ball bearing into the holes.
Best advice is go to your local locksmith service and buy locks there.

Wayne Winton says:

Definition of Lock ‘Grade’ Levels and Lock Security Quality!

1. Grade 1: Most commercial/business locks should be rated at this level. This is the highest grade that Underwriters Laboratory (UL) gives a lock. This grade means that this model lock has withstood 1,000,000 (one million) uses and is still functioning.

2. Grade 2: Commercial/business locks which are used frequently (per day) but are not high use locks should be rated at this level. This is a moderate commercial or high residential use grade by UL. This grade means that this model lock has withstood 500,000 (one half million) uses and is still functioning.

3. Grade 3: Residential locks should be rated at this level or higher. This grade means that this model lock has withstood 35,000 uses and is still functioning.

4. Ungraded: AVOID this quality lock at all costs. This lock has not been tested by UL.

5. High Security: Offer a greater degree of resistance to any or all of the following: picking, impressioning, key duplication, drilling or other forms of forcible entry. Some high security locks offer registered keys (example: Medeco’s patented keyways) so that only the owner can have copies made. True high security locks have been tested and certified by Underwriters Lab and are imprinted with the UL logo.

6. Lifetime Finish: A finish that retains its original luster. This helps inhance the beauty of your home. The finish will only last if the surface of the hardware is undamaged or unscratched.


I Will B Goin Get Me A Schlage Today U Rite Dude Kwikset Is Truly GARBAGE Cheap Cheap Jus Fail Apart Frm the Inside On Me an Had Me Lock Out My Dam House Ugghhh All You Tubers Dnt Buy Kwikset I Repeat Do Not Buy Kwikset

James J says:

Thanks for your very informative videos Wayne

Tamales y champurado says:

Schlage Rules!

Fernando Diorio says:

good job

Jeff Moss says:

Great video as always, Wayne!

Tamales y champurado says:

Schlage Rules!


Thanks For The Info Dude Going Get Me 1 From Lowe’s Today My Kwikset Jus Fail Apart Frm the Inside WTF Key Kept Turning in Circles Had Me Lockout My House Until it Finally Jus Fail Apart an all the LiL Pins Came Fallen Out WOW

Paul Snider says:

Thanks Wayne I’ll look at your other videos where you covered it. Sorry to hear that it only deals with durability and not security

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