How To Install A Keyless Entry Electronic Deadbolt –

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Need to replace your old deadbolt? Follow Milan Rosan of as he takes you through a step-by-step process for installing a electronic deadbolt.

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Where We Eating says:

I was thinking about this door combo. Didn’t know if the storm door would be an issue.

Christopher Arksey says:

What original deadbolt had a 2 1/8″ hole? Wow. Mine didn’t.
I needed to how saw mine larger.

barbourj22 says:

:45 looks like the tiny screw stripped out the wood

Daisy says:

oh wow that was simple! thanks!

Catman says:

I followed your directions exactly, but am stumped. I cannot get the two long bolts that attach the inside plate to the external plate to match up and allow me to tighten them together. Any suggestions? Thanks.

hotlips4000isback2 says:

OK, thanks for the extensive information

Heroin Mother says:

I could put in on my bedroom door

Michael Dimmitt says:

pissed me off so much. Thing doesnt turn on its own.
you have to unlock it … and then turn it. WTF

BewareTheIdes says:

How the FUCK did you MF’ers know my deadbolt code!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You typed in **MY CODE** that **I USE** at the end of the video. 2475 the last 4 or my late daughters SSN and MY deadbolt code for the same exact deadbolt!!!!!! This video is probably (100% propability) how someone was able to break into my home last week without having to break open anything, giving ZERO warning to my family of their impending doom.

The homicidal, pedophiliac maniacs just looked up this video or you just gave them MY CODE, 100% more likely YOU GAVE IT TO THEM, so that the burglars/murders/rapists could just walk right into my home and do their satanic deeds. So basically and whoever this guy in the video is(probably one of the murders/rapists/burglars/kiddie fiddlers who broke into my home) YOU just decided to give out *my personal/private door code information* so the thieves/rapists/murders could just stroll right into my home to rape and murder my family(wife and 5 daughters), and steal tens of thousands of dollars worth of property. This is also known as Accessory to a crime in the legal world. EXPECT TO HEAR FROM MY LAWYERS AND THE POLICE VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hotlips4000isback2 says:

Nice lock, but what happens when the cheap battery eventually goes?- The door will be open for anyone to enter!.

Or the thing malfunctions by itself!

Yoga Mom says:

Great video! Helped me install my new locks. Thanks!

Real Reviews says:

Anyone Notice The Wanna Be Red Hot Chilli Peppers Music In The Background

S Ahmed says:

Be sure to read build review on my blog before you buy. Go to *bryanreviews. com/build-com-review/* Thanks. Jeth.

richard pay says:

annoying music

bonitchka says:

The box for my lock did not come with an installation guide. Thanks for the video — I got it done it no time.

Where We Eating says:

Yep this deadbolt could not clear the storm door. And just so anyone interested knows this deadbolt is HUGE. It is a thick chunky monkey. The benefit of it is that it’s made entirely of metal. I ended up going with a kwikset electronic keypad version of this deadbolt and used the schlage camelot door handle set. looks good together.

Sali Ari says:

That’s cool

norf Philly says:

Does this work on bedroom door

xemeric says:

nice video…would be nice to explain what you can do if your old screws are striped or if the predriled hole in your door isn’t the right size (too small)

Teresa O Alexandre says:

Great step by step instructions just what i was looking for thank you.

Almira Šeparović says:

I enjoy watching this video.

Catalina Wong says:

there’s a small pc of plastic with wiggly shape, what is that?

mmhassa2 says:

Will the same instructions work for a Rona branded deadbolt lock set? I’ve purchased that looks like the set you used except Rona house brand and feeling brave enough to try and change them.

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