How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Video by Mr. Locksmith

Locksmith Video “How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds.”

To purchase the Smart / Dumb Key Force Tool

The Weiser Smart Key and Kwikset Smart key locks can be opened almost as quick as you can put your key into the lock.

Several manufacturers sell tools to open the Smart Key locks in seconds. The major problem is with little or no training you can open the Smart Key lock with no visible damage to the lock. Several years ago YouTube had videos on “How To” pick open a brand of bike lock with a Bic pen. The manufacturer had stated the lock was “pick proof” and was forced by bad PR and lots of online videos to recall all the faulty bike locks. Their new and improved locks could no longer be picked quickly by amateurs. Most locks can be defeated and picked if you have been trained and practice every day for months or years, however, this video demonstrates how easy the Smart Key lock can be defeated by anyone.

I am only demonstrating what professional locksmiths have known for years and the information has been available on the Internet for years. The public must know these locks are not secure for protecting your valuables. If you are a victim of a burglar, theft or Break and Enter and no visible sign of entry your insurance company may not pay for any claims. The “Emperor has no Clothes”

Hope this Video is helpful! Terry Whin-Yates

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Anybody with no skill or training can open this lock. The new condo building, $500,000+ per one bedroom condo, has Smart Key Deadbolts on the front door of every condo. See my other demo video on YouTube “How to Open the Kwikset / Weiser Smart Key Lock in Under 10 seconds” at

These locks have a security flaw and should be replaced ASAP. I am a professional locksmith in Vancouver, but anyone can pick a lock like this without training or taking a course… or even any sophisticated tools!

Read my Mr. Locksmith Blog “The Emperor has No Clothes or Weiser / Kwikset Smart Key Lock has a Security Flaw”

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Angileah Binford says:

So what lock are we suppose to buy? It seems any lock can be picked if you have the knowledge and tools to do it. Also if you cant pick the lock standard door frames are so thin that one swift kick would have you in anyways. I’d also be curious to know how many home burglaries are committed by picking locks. I bet its not many.

Logan says:

What about locks that only have electronic keypad.

bongo fury says:

Thanks. Now…..
….How do we best dispose of a body?????

Wobbles says:

Irresponsible for a professional locksmith to put this in the public eye. Regardless of whether it’s available elsewhere. And for what benefit ? To show you know how to make a you tube video. ??

Jimmy Rice says:

Oh god here it is. Another locksmith telling all the world trade and professional secrets. Now who do you thank for someone breaking in through the front door to rob you! Thank this guy Mr Locksmith. Nuff said.

Kevin Engstrand says:

If your video was 11seconds I would watch the second.

eric pretorious says:


Gerard Pinzone says:

Actual part showing how to open the lock in 10 seconds starts at 1:54. You’re welcome

H. Jaludi says:

Not a kwikset….dislike

Ben B says:

Seems like the more expensive, the more “Pick-Proof” a lock is, the easier to open – even to a non-locksmith with simple non specialized tools…

Greg Ashmore says:

The best lock pick I ever bought cost me $0 and the are called Oliver steel cap work boots size 10.5 works every time & the sole leaves my stamp of approval on every door

blood saber says:

So would a keyblank with vicegrips work?

Matthew Stevens says:

This tool no longer works. I bought one about year ago.( the tool bent )When in fact the lock Compagnie change their locks so that this tool will no longer work.

Shaun Smith says:

Mr Locksmith, you just showed several criminals how to break into a house. None of the BS disclaimers in the world will undo that. You’re just as guilty as them

bongo fury says:

The question is:
How fast can a regular doorknob/deadbolt be picked?
This clip seems suspiciously like a locksmith promotional video. Clearly, we have cut the apron strings of locksmiths when we can rekey our own locks. Not all of us have the resources of Tony Stark to make our homes impenetrable.

Gayle Woodle says:

Why would you want to teach people how to pick a lock. Good lesson Locksmiths are crooks.

T C says:

Wow. I don’t feel to secure anymore. Someone picked my apartment lock a while ago. Not saying how I knew. But I did for sure. Hmmm

Steve Dodge says:

I think it’s called a “Shove Knife” . But. I could be wrong.

Brian Miller says:

What is the ((best)) residential lock set that you would suggest?

Omayra Gonzalez says:

I wonder if you can close it also with that thing? And am waiting for the monkey

Chris w says:


Hector Rubio says:

Get a pit bull

Kandace Barnett says:

Why would you tell people how to break into peoples houses basically? And I won’t even know it because the lock is not messed up it was the person they can mess of the house up? I have a stocker ex-husband thank you for educating people like him on how to break into peoples houses that’s very great.

viper 360 says:

Does it work on handcuffs

Da C. says:

Glad I did not buy this lock.

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