How to Open a Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock in Seconds | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

How to Open a Schlage Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock in Seconds | Mr. Locksmith™ Video.

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Schlage or Schloge, or whatever you wanna call it, locks that are made for commercial purposes and businesses are fantastic. I don’t think there’s a single lock, electronic or regular lock, deadbolt key and up, that can’t be opened in seconds. They sell in the residential versions of any of these locks. I love schlage products for commercial, business, their heavy-duty products are absolutely fantastic.

I picked this up at Home Depot, not pickin’ on Home Depot that’s just where I bought it. It’s lock un-lock, takes the numbers, you spin this. This method I’m gonna show you right now is not a method of doing with no signs of entry. There’s other ways of opening these locks. However, this is extremely simple. So it’s not covert, it’s an overt method. I put a very small hole in the bottom, I can go pinhole I can go quarter-inch, it’s at the the bottom. I take my screwdriver, I just feel the springy part, I could use piano wire, anything I want. And unlock the door.

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Schlage makes great Comercial Grade locks but some of their Residential Locks sold in Hardware stores are just too easy to open. The method shown here is considered to be “Overt” or “Forced Entry” because you can see the small hole drilled in the deadbolt lock case. However, the hole can easily be sealed or covered up.

Unfortunitly, most Residential Grade Electronic or Keyless Entry locks available at your local Hardware store are very vulneaable to covert, overt or forced entry.

Coming Soon: More Residential Electronic Locks tested and failed!

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Mikemallo says:

I already had one – took apart to see if it could be hardened in some way. No need, there is already a hardened steel plate there. Just inside of the outer case they put a second steel plate across the entire bottom of the lock. It would take more than “seconds” to drill through the second layer.

Calvin Lee says:

Any keyless lock you recommend would be helpful.

Troy Scott says:

Wow! I’m glad he has exposed this but man…that puts many people at risk. Good to know to make good purchase decision but horrible to know if you have them installed on your home already.

John John says:

Is there any “smart” lock to recommend?

Tom St Denis says:

If you have to drill a hole in the lock it’s kinda cheating 🙂

The1andonlyBYack says:

Wow, I’m glad someone is teaching crooks how to break into homes!

jack says:

some of your videos are ok… but shouldn’t a pro know how to pronounce schlage properly?

Cheech Chong says:

It would have been nice if this fella actually took the time to show us how long it took him to drill the hole. Maybe it’s because it won’t match his title of opening it up in a matter of seconds, maybe a minute.. LOL!

Edward JLo says:

I just bought one. thanks ass hole.
add a doe maker, I just fashioned a hard plate to add there but you are still a douche bag.

braap_ biglunch says:

hahhahaha u the man keep em coming

kp says:

Please show me from the start to end. It mean how long take to from: to drill a hole in the lock and open the lock…. in SECONDS…?

Rick 9999 says:

love your videos. what keyless door lock do you recommend?

quan jonathan says:

Thanks for the video. I have one that just completely died and we’re not able to open it cause we also lost the key. About the hole I saw that there’s two of them. Do I drill on the right or left side of the keypad? And is it drilled in an angle? Thanks in advanced

Chris Diehl says:

can’t be open in seconds. you have to make a hole first and the isn’t easy. you have to desk with the door and the handle when making the hole.

Hugo Martel says:

wow!! Deviant Ollam show this at Def con some years ago… great defeat

Entertainment Account says:

What is a good deadbolt lock for your house?

Charles The Hammer Martel says:

HOLY COW!!!!!! Glad I didn’t buy that one for my new house. Thanks for a great video.

OKjoey86 says:

thank you, I’ll share this with my friends who love a good breaking and entering.

iizkarma says:

I almost bought several of these for my house and shop. Your video showed me how insecure these really are. Thanks a million. I’ll look at the commercial locks instead. To the idiot that said your just helping thieves with these videos, why is Schlage making such a piss poor lock that a 2yr old can pick with no damage to the lock?

R says:

I have a floor safe that I forgot the combination to and I was wondering how I can get into it without calling a locksmith or destroying it. I have nothing in it I do remember that.

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