In-Depth: Kwikset Premis HomeKit Smart Lock Review

The Premis is Kwikset’s first entry into the world of devices powered by Apple’s HomeKit home automation technology, but it’s certainly not their first smart lock. Overall, it’s a solid performing remote-control smart lock, and the front touchscreen is an added bonus!

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Elvis S says:

Speaking of “what’s her name”, every time I talk about Alexa at home I have to whisper her name so she doesn’t answer. It’s kind of awkward and I feel like I’m talking behind her back or that she’s some evil person like Voldemort.

Chris Webb says:

Do you know if they fixed the SmartKey vulnerability in this lock? I see that this uses the smartkey system, and that vulnerability is what kept me from going with a Kevo for my front door. Info about that vulnerability

Also, do you know if there is any smart lock system like August that works with Medeco Maxum deadbolts? I have been wanting to get the August, but I know it doesn’t work with Medeco. And I wasn’t wanting to get rid of the Medeco for security and cost reasons.

Agustin says:

Good vid bro!

Jim O'Neill says:

Joe, which do you think is a better product, the Schlage Sense or the Kwikset Premis?

Agustin says:

Can u make a video about installation tutorial?

Jackie Herrada says:

Does this lock require any type of wireless home setup or hub?

Nino Asser says:

I want this lock so bad! But i live in The Netherlands and deadbolt locks aren’t available. I hope Kwikset comes with european locks as well

lawrence matos says:

Does this work with Alexa ? If not can you do a video on one or let me know which one works best with Alexa . Thanks …

ozetabosio says:

What do i need to create create user access remotely?

T Jam says:

Is there a quick way to explain the differences between zigbee, z-wave, and whatever the premis lock uses?
What smart lock would you recommend for best features , reliability, notifications, online usage?

Ronald Perez says:


I wonder if you can review the samsung keylocks. They look very sofisticated but don’t know a lot about them. Your show is great, keep on with the good work!!

bravomike09 says:

Pretty good review, but we can use some discussion on the blue tooth connection. That seems to be the weakest link in a lot of these smart locks. This is an issue when an Apple TV is not located close enough to the lock.

Often the front of back door lock will not be close to an Apple TV. This issue needs to be discussed more.

A very good solution would be for the lock to have a wifi connection instead of, or in addition to bluetooth.

ModernDayFamilyMan says:

Good review and tips

Ed Private says:

When you get the jam indication, can you open and close the lock through the app to unjam it? Or do you need physical access to the lock to un jam it? My concern is that it jams when I am not home or traveling.

Lior Weiss says:

I’m looking for the best system that allow me to control east coast duplex main doors (2) remotely from the west coast and issue temp codes for entry that I can cancel within a day/month and issue new ones. this is for Air BNB guests. is that system is the right one and what is the main difference compared to Schlage.

Chu Zhen Mok says:

Hi, thanks for the great review. I am wondering is it like the usual kevo lock, which the lock status can only be retrieved if we are nearby with bluetooth connected? It is impossible to remotely control it or to know if someone opens the door? Same questions go to August smart lock, but it seems like we still can buy August Connect for remote control and IFTTT.

Ivan Jo says:

Hey, maybe I missed it in your video. what hub do you use to bridge homekit & the kwikset?

Kevin Britain says:

Nice stuff.. bit on pricey side though..

manny108 says:

This is a great lock. Makes life so much simpler.

Techy Techerson says:

I like how you pointed out yelling Siri to bypass the lock I never thought of that, I will keep that in mind for any of my gear, thank you, I learn something everyday!

Dick Gelfman says:

Great video on this lock system. Quick question. I’d like to use this system in our small office building … maybe 10 locks. Can all of them be controlled by a single app on my iPhone? or do I have to have a separate app for each lock? Thanks

John Salazar says:

The error when locking seems to happen when the deadbolt encounters too much friction. My accessone deadbolt has the same problem. The fix is simple but a pain. You have to make sure that the strike plate on the handle holds the door so that the center is perfectly lined up with the deadbolt above. If it’s off even a tiny amount you get resistance or worse the deadbolt bumps up against the strike plate which causes it to retract. The accessone that I own has been out for almost 15 years, you would think that after 15 years of making electronic deadbolts Kwikset would have figured out a fix.

Jon Marshall - Gaming & Tech says:

I like this one, just need to move out of this damn apartment now before I can get this stuff lol

Tina York says:

do you recommend this smart lock over the previous lock you had for 2 years ?

Anton Popa says:

Grate in site, thank you. It makes me think twice now since the cabaña is in the mountains with cold and humid weather. After what is a android based system you really suggest ?

Aldi Palucio says:

is this thing work with android if not does not worth a penny.

JoesWor1d says:

Do you feel like it drains your phones battery life , due to constant on Bluetooth.

Aldi Palucio says:

why apple is over is history make something with android apple will disapear few years from now

Gwenn M says:

Nice picture of Amsterdam on the background,..


John Salazar says:

I have a Kwikset Titan accessone remote deadbolt that I bought something like 12+ years ago (still works great) and it seems quieter than the unit in the video.

I keep an eye out for a new deadbolt but nothing really jumps out at me. Well maybe the Samsung locks but they still don’t work with smarthings.

VideosByDPF says:

A great video! Uber informative!!

Kentoine says:

I had this lock a good rain came and made this lock not work I took it right back to Home Depot.

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