Kwikset Smart Key VS Schlage Deabolt Locks Best Most Secure Locks For Your Home Door

Kwikset Smart Key VS Schlage Deabolt Locks. Best Most Secure Locks For Your Home Door. Strip away the advertising and find out what really is making you front door locks secure for your home or business!
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grimloktt says:

what about the kwikset kevo electronic smart lock? does it have the same shortcomings of the kwikset in this video?

Robert Thompson says:

Question. If I did want to change from my old Kwikset to Schlage, is it possible to change them out easily or is drilling involved?

photojeff74 says:

All my kwikset locks have to have the cylinder re set. Lowes sucks and so does kwikset support!

alison0997 says:

Ahhhh damn it!! I’ll now be heading back to Home Depot to return this Kwikset deadbolts. So glad I found your video before installing these. Thanks for the good info!!

Christopher Stone says:

When you’re talking about one lock, don’t put your hands on both. It’s very hard to tell which lock you’re talking about when you keep pointing to both.

You really should be able to pick a standard Schlage lock with spools and t-pins. They aren’t much harder that standard pins. T-Pins are only meant to prevent bumpkeys, and spools prevent raking.

The KwikSet can also be bypassed. There’s a tool available that goes into that small hole and allows any key to work in the lock. No forcing the lock, no evidence that it’s been tampered with, no skill involved. KwikSet is a penetration tester’s dream.

El Debtor says:

Thanks for the video, Wayne.

Raeid H says:

if a kwikset deadbolt can be drilled can a kwikset doorknob or lever be drilled

skygh says:

For dead bolts I agree. For residential locks never buy Kwikset anything. It’s made as cheap as possible and Smart Key is very unreliable and insecure. Worse now there is a tool you can read the keying visibly then punch out a key(if you have that ability). I hate to say I am not a big fan of F series Schlage latchsets and locksets either. They need to do some design changes because they are easily bi-passed and forced open also. Schlage’s higher end locks are stellar however. That said you will pay more for better security but how smart is it to defend everything you own with a thirty buck lock? Harden your house and send the ne’er do wells to that neighbor you don’t like.

Gerard Walker says:

they haven’t figured it out yet. Schlage or Kwikset or any of the lock manufactures, I have 4 locks I did something to that makes them totally secure. no bumping or picking. all they need is anti drill features in the right places. the idea is to get in quickly. not going to happen with my locks. loose the key and your having to break a window to get in. only way.

Julius Carino says:

Nice video! Btw ever seen Tropic Thunder?

Gregory Kitchens says:

I too found out the hard way that I couldn’t drill a schlage. I mean, I did eventually drill it but it took about two hours and a whole box of bits.

kenny hu says:

The best lock that I would pick is schlage lock because it’s my favorite brand than the kwikset

Finn Custom Knives says:

Us knife makers drill 60+ Hrc steel all the time, granted I use seriously high end solid carbide drills for that purpose. Said drill bits can cost at least 3 times what the schlage deadbolt costs lol

BTW, thanks for validating my purchase. I figured the Schlage was a higher quality unit, especially once you take one glance at the castings. Kwitset castings can hardly be called that, while the Schlage is beefy as can be.

Bill Peirce says:

So what one is that?

fenderstratguy says:

In your opinion, are the old Kwikset Tylo (non-Smart Key) locks as vulnerable as the new Smart Key versions? When I put them on my house it was because I had so many windows that were so easy to break into (I thought, ‘Why spend hundreds of $$$ on locks when a pro will just go through one of my windows in 10 seconds?”)

technosasquatchfilms says:

there is no way in hell the kwikset is a grade 1

X Vimbi says:

I was just researching the KwikSet locks and found that Consumer Reports recommends them. But it also seems that one would have to make sure to get the latest version, which appears to be improved and doesn’t have many of the previous vulnerabilities. Du your reservations about KwikSet still apply to the latest versions? Thanks!

conner stines says:

I’ll stick to industrial grade 1 locks like Best and Corbin Russwin. WAYYY better than any residential shit iv’e seen so far. Expensive, but better.

S Ss says:

awesome, very clear and informative

paul solfelt says:

security pins do not stop a properly cut bump key at alll!!!

81spyder says:

Should do a vid on how crappy Schlage compression cylinders are. That are in ALL of Schlage’s knob/levers in big box stores.

Jonathan Park says:

Hey Wayne, thanks for your review above. Through your experience, is there a Schlage zwave lock that you like or prefer over another? Thanks in advance.

Tamales y champurado says:

Good info!

TcoloT says:

i see you sells schlage… really it is harder to pick than cilinders of two or more lines of pins??? Here in Mexico are very popular using keys with two combinations

rchungtw says:

If I am locked out and have the more secure Schlage lock, would a locksmith be able to open it?

vmv890 says:

Wayne, question for you: there are sites on the web (like that offer B60 model locks (in decorative trims)

They offer to re-key the lock to your master code. Can this be trusted to maintain the security anti-bumping features you listed for the newer B60 locks? Or would it only happen if they use the pins with those notches you mentioned? Is there any way to know if the B60X locks have these new additions you mention? (like the notches and drill plates)

Do decorative trims/plates reduce the security of the lock?

Does the key cylinder in the handle knob add any additional security? I see lots of sets where the handle no longer has a key cylinder. Is there a reason for this trend? It seems to me any additional hurdle could act as a deterrent.

Nick Kaumans says:

Really.. T-Pins and spooled drivers?.. I’ve never come across a Schlage that I couldn’t open with the exception of their Primus series. To open them quickly I usually just snap gun them as it’s quicker than hand picking their limited keyway.

Wayne Winton says:

Schlage deadbolts safeguard your home and family with superior protection against attack by crowbar, hammer, wrench, saw, lock pick and kick-in. With that kind of security, you can spend less time comparing brands and more time deciding on a style and finish.


Snap and Stay(tm) design makes installation easy and permanent.
ANSI Grade 1: Professional grade security.
The B60 uses the biggest bolt available.
Resistant to pick and bump attempts
Adjustable 2-3/4″ or 2-3/8″ backset fits most standard doors.
Schlage’s quality finishes offer lasting beauty.
The B60 features a lifetime mechanical guarantee. There is also a lifetime finish guarantee on all products with a Lifetime finish.
Faceplates (Part 12-087): Supplied with 1/4″ Round Corner, Square Corner and Drive-In Faceplates
Strike Plates (Part 10-116): Supplied with a Round Strike only with Dimensions of 2-1/4″ x 1-5/8″
Product Technologies:

Keyed Entry (Single Cylinder) Function: Schlage single cylinder deadbolts are keyed on the exterior with an associated thumb turn on the inside that can quickly and easily lock or unlock the latch mechanism. Single cylinder locks are most commonly used to secure entrances to a residence or place of business.
Snap & Stay™ Design: Schlage’s unique three piece design with self-adjusting tension allows you to simply snap the deadbolt into place in minutes, eliminating the need for minor fit adjustments, and ensuring that you install your deadbolt correctly on the first attempt.
Anti-Pick Shield: Experience increased security with Schlage’s exclusive Anti-Pick Shield. This integrated metal shield surrounds the latch and helps stop unwanted attempts to bypass the deadbolt mechanism.

Backset: 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ (Adjustable)
Cross Bore: 2-1/8″ or 1-1/2″
Edge Bore: 1″
Handing: Reversible, Left or Right
Keying: 5-Pin Schlage C Keyway
Door Thickness: 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″
Model Conversions:

Old Single Cylinder: B360 – New B60
Old Double Cylinder: B362 – New B62
Additional Schlage Links

View the Manufacturer Warranty
Browse All Schlage Products
Schlage B-Series Collection
This Schlage item can also be referenced by the following color/finish specific model #:

Schlage B60716
Aged BronzeSchlage B60609
Antique BrassSchlage B60609619
Antique Brass x Satin NickelSchlage B60620
Antique PewterSchlage B60621
Distressed NickelSchlage B60505

paul solfelt says:

I will believe it when I find out a shear point bump key won’t bump it in 5 seconds but I doubt it, at least it will be resistant to the average Joe with junk ripoff bump keys sold online!!!

Alexis Puente says:

I have a question.. today I’m buying a new door for my bedroom because the one I currently have is broken and doesn’t have a door knob. My parents are very sketchy, they used pick my old lock and bust my door until it’s open, that’s why my door is broken now. today I’m finally going to buy a new door lock, what do you recommend?

Nelson Oliveira says:

+Wayne Winton Thanks for your very informative video and expert advice. Really appreciate it for a newbie like me. I also sent you an email as well!

Lumy I says:

I purchased on of the Schlage deadbolt locks before viewing your video, however I tried to install it and found plenty of plastic parts inside, do you have a specific Model # you referring to in this video that has no plastic parts inside.

Jonathan Rosas says:

I would not compare the Medico HIGH security lock to a Schlage… the two are very different and not even in the same planet.

SirWhiteCrayon says:

Kwikset is junk. Never used it and never will.

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