Medeco Maxum Deadbolt High Security Lock Commercial Duty Locks

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt High Security Lock Commercial Duty Locks
Offering High security features along with Pick Restiance, Drill Restiance, Wrench resistance, Kick restiance, and Ice Pick restiance. Addressing the major attacks on locks.
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Wayne Winton says:

Medeco Maxum Deadbolt High Security Lock Commercial Duty Locks

Raul Rodriguez says:


William Ferrell says:

Thanks for the great videos! I’m looking to upgrade, and I like the idea of using the Assa because of your comparison video. Everything I look at by them is also stamped with the Medeco name…was there a merger recently, or is there a specific model you could recommend? I like the idea of a dual cylinder captive thumb turn, but I would rather go with the highest security. Thanks for all the info!!

Assa-Abloy Fan says:

Wath about the m3

Wheelchair Gunfighter says:

Wayne, you mention that there are other locks out there that are higher security than the Medeco, which do you think are so and why? I have Medeco industrial grade installed on all my doors, but I always want to know what is best to recommend to my clients. I am a security specialist of sorts, specializing in the human component (firearms, self defense, proactive self protection, security strategies, etc.). If you would be so kind as to email a response to, you would be helping more people than just myself. Thanks.

Fer Morfin says:

Hi Wayne! would you recommend this medeco deadbolt over the multilock one?

vde says:

Saw a new arrival of a medeco in one lock shop while visting Mexico about a month ago and just fell in love with it 🙂
It is a great lock! 🙂
Thanks for showing.

Jeff Moss says:

Nice one Wayne, Medeco is one of my favorites.

yoheff988 says:

I have exactly the same lock (in brass), my key didn’t want to come out of the cylinder;
I opened the back thinking I can see something and the key came out with the piece that have six little pins + the side bar attached,
Unfortunately six springs and six metal pins came flying out, the pins are all different sizes, but the springs are all the same size, is it easy to put it back in, how do you do this? Many thanks

M G says:

Wayne, thanks for this video! You mentioned that there are some locks that your prefer over Medeco. Do you mind sharing which locks and why? I am looking for deadbolts for my home.

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