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The ANSI Lock Grades – To Identify the Reliability and Durability of the Door Locks
You rely on locks for the security of your entire house. It is not just about the electronics, furniture items, and other expensive items in your home but also about the security of your loved ones. You cannot put at stake the well-being of your family by compromising on the level of security you need to provide them.
ANSI is the American National Standard Institute which is a non-profitable private organization which volunteers to make performance standards for builders making door locks. The ANSI grades serve the purpose of identifying the quality and durability of anything which is constructed by various companies. The dead bolt locks have to pass certain quality and security tests to get a certain grade which becomes their identification when a user comes to buy it.
Here are the different grades which are provided by the ANSI and the criteria which they require to be fulfilled.

Grade 1 – Highest Grade Security Level:

The Grade 1 lock has heavy steel and comes with a number of features. The type of keys which are used is more like car keys and these door locks also come in a variety of types which are determined by the security factor. When it comes to security door locks then this type is definitely better than the rest be it commercial or residential places. Remember that there are locks out there which are termed as Grade 1 but not high security, so make sure to check thoroughly before making a purchase.

Grade 2 – Highest Residential Security:

This is the highest residential certification and the deadbolt locks which fall in this category are heavy duty locks which have more weight than the basic security locks. They are made up of heavy steel and give a higher level of security and durability when it comes to residential locks. The side screws are very thick and the locks are harder to drill as well. The difference between the durability of the grade 2 and grade 3 are considerable making the grade 2 highly recommended to ensure your residential security.

Grade 3 – Basic Residential Security:

These are the pretty standard kind of deadbolt locks which can be seen in about 90-95 percent of the residential houses. You can easily find them in any of the hardware stores. There is nothing special about them and even a lot of stores use them. The keys are easily identifiable and you can spot a lot of people carrying them around. They give you the lowest levels of security and can be found at the cheapest and most affordable rates. These locks carry the lowest grades given by the ANSI and are not highly recommended because there is a relatively high chance of security breach with these kinds of locks.
These three types will help you in understanding the different standards which are provided by the ANSI and will help you in determining which kind of security door lock will best serve your purpose of living in a safe and sound home.


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