Pick Bump Proof Lock Schlage TouchScreen Keyless DeadBolt Lock Review BE375 V G2

Pick Bump Proof Lock Schlage Touch Screen Keyless Dead Bolt Lock Review BE375V G2. Looking for a lock that is really truley keyless? Check out the Key Less touch screen push button Lock from Schlage. This vertion has no motor to drive the bolt so it will last longer and have fewer alignment issues.
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Angel91316 says:

Hi Wayne, there is an indicator light that goes on when your battery is low, so in that case you have to change the battery before it goes dead. If the battery goes dead, the is a battery “Jump Start” in front/bottom of the key pad, you take a 9volt battery then you attached it to those two points in the bottom of the key pad. Refer the owners manual.

Cleon Tagaris says:

I just want to fill in what was missed. If, for any reason, you lose power to the keyless deadbolt and have become locked out, you can use a 9v battery to power it back up from the outside. There are two circular, button looking, nubs that protrude out at the bottom of the lock. You just simply place a 9v battery on to them, minding the polarity of course, and you will now have restored power to enable opening the lock. That’s it, you’re back in.

Michael Stark says:

First, yes, these can be “jumped” in case the battery dies using a 9-volt battery to the two buttons on the bottom of the pad. Simply touch the battery to the buttons and enter your code. Change your battery immediately. Second, these are very convenient, but, as with any other lock, I’d always recommend making any potential perpetrator question whether or not your house could also be protected with an alarm system. If they think you’re protected with an alarm, they’ll most likely go to the next house. Personally, I have cameras and an alarm system….yes, they are all real.

Anderson Hicklen says:

Still a recommended lock with 2 years of testing? Thinking about getting this for my garage door.

Slade The Original says:

9v battery on the bottom front to nubs

Tamales y champurado says:

Great videos brother!

brian easton says:

Prone to magnetic manipulation to the solonoid?

James Samson, Jr. says:

Hi Wayne, I’m in the market for a new front door lockset (after someone damaged my current one by attempting to bump it and pry at it). Your vids have been the most informative, enjoyable to watch, and well done over any others, even the mfg’s. So, thank you for doing all this leg work for my project. So, now I’m wrestling with just getting another standard deadbolt or going with a keyless system or bluetooth/mobile phone enabled deadbolt. You’ve convinced me that Schlage is the brand to go with(current system is a Kwikset deadbolt & handle where the finish and handle action didn’t seem to last as expected). Now its a matter of which deadbolt- standard or high tech. With the lock model you’re reviewing here, I found this video which shows a quick code bypass technique: ( http://youtu.be/Z_rdg10AceY ). I really liked this lock for its simplicity and cost, since I need buy two. But this bypass technique is offputting. I’m thinking of going with the Schlage Sense with Apple Home Kit.

Wayne Winton says:

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taylorkalister says:

I thought that model has 9v terminals on the outside so if theorizing like battery dies, then just connect a 9v battery to the terminals under the deadbolt knob. You can see them on his too.

DumbDuck44 says:

This is misleading. The powered lock is so much larger because it has more than just the batteries and the motor in there, its also a Z-Wave router. When I get home with my cellphone in my pocket, my smarthome knows that I am there and unlocks the front door for two minutes, turns on my lights, and deactivates my security system motion and door sensors and what not from alarming. Then it relocks the door behind me if closed (separate multi-sensor on the door). Door alignment isn’t as critical, as it comes with a plate that has a very long slot for the deadbolt along with very very long screws to reinforce the deadbolt against forced entry. The only alignment you have to do is how much the door closes, which on mine is consistent so it never hits any friction. The only downside with the setup is that it eats batteries, but if you use rechargeables its very quick to swap them.

Jack Sprat says:

Exterior password locks are a dream come true for burglars. All the criminal needs are binoculars.

Luis Blazquez says:

If the battery dies you can jump it from the front.

Jennifer Pardee says:

Have you had any reports of these being bypassed using a mallet(impact w/o visual damage) to pop it open?

jack says:

This is just another fail by Schlage. One more idea for them to make even more money by eliminating the cylinder.

That Guy says:

I’d rather go with a Simplex deadbolt and dump the electronic stuff.

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