Reinforce Door with Schlage Deadbolt Installation | Mr. Locksmith Video

Reinforce Door with Schlage Deadbolt Installation | Mr. Locksmith Video

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We have so many break-ins in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we call this the “Vancouver Special.”  

The Mr. Locksmith “Vancouver Special” is a Schlage heavy-duty, commercial-grade deadbolt or High-Security Abloy of Schlage Primus Deadbolt. It could be the high-security, pick-resistant lock or the 600 series Schlage. Absolutely love this. My dad was installing similar locks to this 50+ years ago and this install is still very effective against Forced Entry Brute Force attacks and kick-ins. The door reinforcer that goes the front, the edge, and the back of the door makes it hard to kick in and the door twice as strong against Forced Entry. The 18″ Strike plate with the 3-inch screws installed into the stud makes the door harder to kick in. This is a good and solid.

Mr. Locksmith Deadbolt Installation with Door reinforcer and strike plate to help prevent Break-ins and robberies. The Schlage HD Deadbolts are an excellent lock for residential and commercial lock installations. The 24-hour mobile locksmith service can also change and rekey your locks to match our deadbolts. All Mr. Locksmith Vancouver Special deadbolts come with 5 Free Keys. Vancouver emergency lockout services, 24-hour lock repair, re-key, change, 24-hour mobile locksmith services in Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver and West Vancouver. BC Licensed Locksmith B4227, bonded & insured locksmith.

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Terry Whin-Yates BA (Hons) Criminology, 3rd Generation Locksmith, 35+ Years Locksmith email:


Mr. Locksmith says:

I like double cylinders deadbolts but this house had small children so they installed 3M shatter resistant film. Also, I like Lexan “Polycarbonate)

Lachlan Smith says:

Thanks for explaining nicely importance of deadbolt and what benefits actually people can get through installing it on the doors. I really like the video because all crucial information is there.

Jamyn Shanley says:

Nice! This looks like a very secure door. I guess the thieves will just kick in the huge window 1 foot to the right. … yes, I know, not your fault. 🙂

Mr. Locksmith says:

Thank-you for counting, did you learn anything?

Jeff says:

Excuse me but the title has the word INSTALLATION in it. You didn’t show us a single thing regarding installation. You do know what installation means, right?

And btw….. you say “UH… umm.. uh” countless times. I bet you said this 12 times in the first 10 seconds of video. It makes you sound like you’re an idiot. Write yourself a script if necessary, but stop saying UH, UMM so frequently.

On the bright side, the products you showed was interesting – not that we learned how to install them, but interesting.

setofirons says:

How do you protect with a sidelight door ?

vorkev1 says:

i did her the alarm in the backrond when the door was opened and kinda wonder how smart the people are cus they spent all that money yet anyone with any smarts in security noes you can disable the alarm and get into the house quickly using 2 tools that fit in a the hand and pocket

LossVegasDotCom says:

Anyone notice the big WINDOW right next to the door??? How does any of this reinforcement prevent someone from breaking the window and reaching in to unlock the door from the inside?

Mr. Locksmith says:

The Schlage Everest is still a very difficult lock to pick.

Mark Komza says:

sorry sir, but it is kind of useless, you are repeating yourself and not showing how-to…

vdgh578xp says:

is it bump proof?

Mr. Locksmith says:

Schlage B660P 626 Deadbolt

What City do you live in and I can send you a link?

Dave Philpott says:

great door lock system just too bad there’s a easy to break in window to the right 😉

Nir Arieli says:

i was sure that after hearing so many times “hard to kick in” there will be demonstration of trying to kick in… lol

Kris Lozada says:

where can i get the frame reinforcement?

ncsr111 says:

What type of system is the alarm?

Megan Kohtz says:

Thanks for the great video on which dead lock is the most secure. I need to get some Schlage 600 series locks for my exterior doors now.

Mr. Locksmith says:

Bolt Buddy works great to reinforce doors and frames with or without windows next to them.

Keith Smith says:

I want to get one of those how do I do that ?

Ray Santamaria says:

Can you please send me the exact name of the deadbolt. Can I buy that at Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Mark II says:

I’m at, that’s where it took me when I typed in Schlege 600 series deadbolts.

Collin Eichinger says:

Do you know how to rekey a Schlage door lock to a kwikset key?

Vergon3256 says:

I think u repeated everything 14 times

Mr. Locksmith says:

2 small trim screws on the front and rear to hold the plate in place. The door reinforcer or Mag Plate is wrapped across the front side and rear of the door with the deadbolt screws holding it in place. Mag states it “doubles the strength of the door.” I highly recommend this on all doors even steel doors. Steel doors with wood sides are the worst and need a Mag.

Also, the Mag Plate is good for repairing the door after a break-in.

Cali Maki says:

It’s funny how the screw for the “Reinforcer” is on the outside.

Libslayer007 says:

Nice, but you didn’t even pronounce Schlage right.

Any you call yourself a locksmith?

Barkity Bark says:

Most of the screws sold today are cheap pot metal which will just snap right off no matter how long they are. Who sells high-strength screws? Even longer than 3″?

Mark II says:

Can you please point me to where I can get that deadbolt? Is it called Schlage B660R626? Is that deadbolt part of the 600 series?

John Yanopolous says:

Umm, does it make it harder to kick in?? Jesus, how many times do you need to say “it makes it harder to kick in”??

Terry Whin-Yates says:

3M Break Resistant Film. You could install a Double cylinder deadbolt but they have small children in the house (dangerous in case of fire and against code in some cities).

Mr. Locksmith says:

Still the Schlage Everest is a very difficult lock to pick.

The Kinsella Bunch says:

Good information and the video was uploaded on my birthday, but the guy repeated himself unnecessarily. I think the same info could have been presented effectively in half the time.

EngineerQA says:

How would you go about reinforcing a double sidelight door with 2 pieces of thin 1″ pine for the framing?

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