[RESOLVED] Big Security issue with Schlage BE375 electronic touch locks

After this video was posted, thanks to contributions of users in comments below, the real solution to this issue has been established. This happened due to not following installation steps accurately, or because of turning knob or other components before installation. Here are the steps to solve it if you have the same issue:

– Enable the “Lock and Leave” feature
– Turn the knob to unlocked position
– Take off the indoor part of the lock by unscrewing to bolts
– Set the knob to vertical upright position as shown on the inside of the lock
– assemble it back with knob still upright.

Then everything workes fine


Rob Leffley says:

You didn’t install this properly. The lock must be installed with the bolt retracted. Check your installation guide under troubleshooting.

Brian Wehling says:

The lock has what is called the “turnlock” feature. When enabled, you have to only push the Schlage button, then manually turn the dial. When disabled, you have to enter the user code, then turn the dial.

To enable/disable this feature, enter your Programming Code–press the Schlage button–Press 7.

warmcozy says:

Has Schlage seen this?

marxg4 says:

Why do I get the feeling that the function times out after a minute, or less, thereby not allowing the button press to work once the bolt is extended.. Schlage digital and resi locks pretty much suck now, but I think theres more to this “story”.

Wait till you see the new ND80 electric lever with a…

Ready for this??

Plastic inner hub–YES plastic.

Schlage is now on par with kwikshit.

Chris Diehl says:

have the same model, but this doesn’t work on my lock.

Gordy Marchant says:

This can be opened so easily with small hole and wire …hope you guys don’t still have these on your doors

Jennifer Rode says:

Thank you! I guess our lock was installed properly, but I don’t have time to mess with taking it apart. This worked! Thanks!!

Jen Marie says:

You are a life saver and the only video that addresses this without taking it apart again. I had a handyman install mine and it was doing this. He came back and took it apart, re-installed and it STILL was opening the door after just hitting the Schlage. I was soo frustrated and did not want to attempt myself taking it apart for fear i might not get it back in, i left a separate bottom key lock on my door since it was too risky which basically was like leaving your door open. Now i disabled the feature the way you showed and it unlocks with a code. I don’t really care if i have to lock it with a code as well, its better then the other way. Thx again

thejason51873 says:

Ok, the reason yours is doing this is because you installed it wrong. You didn’t pay attention to the little sticker that told you the position of the inside latch when installing it (I know because I didn’t pay attention and mine was doing the same thing). It does that because when you installed it the locked position is actually what the lock thinks is unlocked and vise versa. Re-install it with the inside latch in the correct position and this feature works perfect with no security issue.

Tim Vanhecke says:

OK… you need the “Programming Code” to set this… and…you would only use it temporarily… for example, you are going in and out a lot over a short period of time, and don’t want to leave it unlocked.. unless you know this trick not anyone could access your home… Be smart… don’t enable this UNLESS it’s only temporary..!!!!!

Jack Sprat says:

All you need are a set of binoculars to defeat one of these. I would take that any day over a high security lock like Mul-t-lock or Medico.

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