Ring Alarm Z Wave Smart Lock Integration – Ring 2019 Upcoming Updates

Ring recently announced that they now have integration with Z wave smart locks from different major manufacturers like Yale, Schlage and Kwikset. I’ll link below the compatibility page where Ring will continue to update when more models and other brands that have smart z wave technology will be compatible. Please note that you need to have the Ring Alarm at this time to be able to control your z wave compatible locks.

So, for now, you will need the Ring alarm, specifically the base station which is the one responsible and acts as a hub to control the locks and also the alarm sensors using z wave technology. Also, for now, accessing the door lock in the app is a bit of a hassle because it is buried deep in the app…which I’ll show you later on.

Ring Z-Wave Door Locks Intergation FAQs – http://bit.ly/2DG6nnG
Z Wave Locks Compatibility List – http://bit.ly/2THBrJ7

Nest X Yale Lock Review – https://youtu.be/fDUwkmNZc_M

Yale B1L YRD110ZW0BP Smart Lock – https://amzn.to/2S96Nag
Ring Alarm Kit – https://amzn.to/2KtPXjH
Ring Motion Sensors – https://amzn.to/2OuiM0h
Ring Contact Sensors – https://amzn.to/2Oq1FfZ
First Alert Z Wave Smoke and CO Alarm – https://amzn.to/2Oq6R3k

Ring Alarm Review – https://youtu.be/iP82FMNS0GA
Ring Alarm Update – https://youtu.be/DIJ70VWxUPo

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aero luxe says:

lol the navigation to lock/unlock the door is a joke. also should include an option to lock/unlock the door when arming/unarming the alarm.

ericsf says:

Thanks for this! Your videos are so informative. I went all in on the ring alarm system with cameras as well in large part because of your videos. I think the ring system overall is pretty good and by far the most Bang for buck in terms of the monthly subscription costs which is huge over the long run. I’m so glad that they are developing the z-wave integration more so that you can truly be a hub. I was betting on them doing this as I add more devices over time to make my home smarter. Finally glad that locks are integrated, even if it’s clunky right now.

JAYSONE77 says:

Will there be an option to disarm the ring alarm when the door is unlocked?

J4real says:

Does your door lock disarm the alarm when you enter? (I’m Switching from a ge z wave setup that’s 40 a month.) If you covered it in the video I missed it. Thanks for continuing to make cool update videos.

Keith Watkins says:

I would like to see that when a code is used on the doors that it also disables the alarm

enynite says:

Can you try more z wave devices. Another YouTuber tried the ge door sensor but said it wouldn’t trigger the alarm, only trigger the chime. I hope that’s not really the case.

100 subs with videos says:

No August locks?

Eli Buechler says:

How much longer until we have honekit integration. Show stopper for me right now. Love your channel. Very informative. Keep up the good work.

Mr. RDCS says:

Do you recommend any other smart locks, as I don’t have the Ring Alarm?

Dannie Aleixo says:

Wow nice

Seamus says:

Awesome I was hoping this was coming!

Aldis Foo says:

Will there be integration Ring alarm with Ring security camera?

Juan Rosas says:

Any word if the August pro lock will work w this Ring update?

CCH1978 says:

Great info!

Infrequent Traveler says:

I would be interested in the AI option update for the Ring battery powered spotlight camera and eagerly await your review. Would you recommend the Ring battery powered spotlight camera? Thinking about purchasing a few to monitor the backyard. Keep up the great work.

Q V says:

Sorry if I missed it. But will ring alarm integrate with skate Schlage connect smart locks?

mcardenas23 says:

Any Alexa integration coming soon? Or is there some now?

Rod Robinson says:

Thanks for the info. Your videos are always helpful. I appreciate it!!

Mo Cobb says:

Another great review. Unfortunately I won’t be using this feature until someone comes out with a smart lock that covers the turn knob lock and the deadbolt lock. I agree with 24/7 recording using too much bandwidth but if it’s used on 1 or 2 critical coverage camera’s, it could be worth it.

# dragon says:

I have the hardwired p.o.e.Ring Elite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ recently installed the Ring Spotlight above the driveway after your review. Another ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ring product. Looking forward to future Ring products and ideas. You are my only neighbor / friend for tech help.Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Veronica Pejril says:

I found an open box Kwikset 914zwave for $89 on ebay and it’s working great. Agreed that control through the Ring app is a PITA. Looking forward to the updates to come.

Phil Dinh says:

For me the most important integration would be auto-locking when Ring knows the door has been closed for X seconds (via contact sensor).

First Name says:

(4:37) the only issue I see with that is, some one could easily brake the glass and get in that way or brake the glass to unlock the door.

Zach’s Stuff says:

So many great new features coming from Ring. Thanks for covering these!

Dannie Aleixo says:


Anthony Seco says:

Please please do the ADT SmartThings kit. No one has any videos on that

Jimmy Sakura Gakuin Fan says:

Someone is using your content sir


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