Schlage Camelot How to install a door lock for Home Security

How to set up an electronic smart lock for your door with the Schlage Camelot smart lock with built in touchscreen. It’s a deadbolt with Home Security in mind and we show you how to set it up with Home Automation.

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Samsung SmartThings Hub

Other electronic door locks are the Schlage Connect, Schlage Century, Schlage Sense, Kwikset Kevo, August Smart Lock, Weiser Smartcode

HomeAutomationX review and setup the Schlage Camelot touchscreen electronic deadbolt. Electronic door locks offer homeowners convenience and added safety and security. The Schlage Camelot has a built in touchscreen. You enter your user code to open the door.

HomeAutomationX will walk you through the available features on your Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt, including how to lock and unlock your door, autolock, programming basics and more.

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Fag Pop says:

Love the vid umm more launderae ? keep making these videos sexy an u will have more subscribers than ever

Scorpio651 says:

Do y’all have an Instagram? I would love to see what kind of setups with these device’s and gadgets you guy’s post ^_^

Dan Reid says:

Hi there. Love the videos, and your sense of humor! Have a question about the Schlage Camelot if I may bother you. While I would most likely be using it hooked up to Smartthings, does the numeric keypad shift numbers so continual pressing of a number doesn’t wear down that section of the pad? I thought some of Schlages did that and was wondering if this was on of those that did. Thanks!

Jon McCombs says:

Great job. Would have been nice to see the actual install of the hardware

Dee Mabon says:

Oh ok I wasn’t aware that the alarm would go off after u enter it wrong. Thanks for the info

rod tibo says:

Your Samsung hub does not ship to Canada. Lol what country r u in

Leroy Menard says:

I’ve heard those lock are easy to break into and unlock

Steven Fournier says:

is it Alexander compatible?

Kexin says:

There’s some amazing color contrast in vid.

Dee Mabon says:

Great video… careful tho the fingerprints will let someone know which four numbers are in ur code. Kwikset adds a random number each time so that there’s fingerprints all over and not just on the four numbers u use everytime.

Tampatec says:


HomeAutomationX says:

What do you think of the convience and security of a Smart Lock? This one works great and it’s easy to use

Will K says:

Love the review. Good job ladies.

Adrian Key says:

Another great video. In your video from Dec 2, 2016, Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, you were leaning towords the Google Home as the AI assistant of choice. Do you still feel the Google Home is the better device overall? I am stuck on which one to purchase. Thank you.

T-tus says:

1: What happen when the battery runs out or device gets EMP:d?(In short what is it’s default configuration)
2: How long do a battery live in general?
3: Is there a way to connect sensor to a magnet instead of using vibration sensor.?(Friends are going to hit the door every time they pass by for fun)
4: How cold can it be before that look is not recommended any more?

Cesar Lopez - Best Networks Inc says:

Great Review! thanks.

VirusTV says:

Anyone think Marianne looks a bit like Olivia Bell?

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