Schlage Touch Screen VS. Arrow Revoultion Deadbolt Comparison

Schlage Touch Screen VS. Arrow Revoultion Deadbolt Comparison, Keyless Dead Bolt Lock,
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This is a head to head comparison of the Schlage electronic deadbolt and the Arrow Revolution touch screen electronic deadbolt. This is the opinion of a professional locksmith who has personal used and installed both models. For more information and reviews please visit Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
Comments and questions are encouraged but please be respectful.
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Ben Knarr says:

I’ve had a lotta issues with the arrow due to finger prints showing on the buttons customers complain

netman88 says:

good review.. thanks.

Fer Morfin says:

The arrow digital deadbolt is exactly like the Yale real living one. Great review man! You did cover all of the important points. It helped me a lot. Cheers

Joshua Davis says:

Just a quick note, the screw you have in the battery cover of the Schlage lock is NOT supposed to go there.  That hole is for the alarm sounder.  The screw is provided as an extra because they are so small and easy to lose.

Robert Goff Jr says:

We just purchased the schlage door security system. You said you program it to your home security? How can you do that. Also the fees will it be separate from you monthly bill from your security subscriber?

rrt401 says:

Is there anyway to disable all the “bells/whistles/beeps/talking”  I feel like that would be annoying, and I live in a very tight neighborhood.  I don’t think my neighbors need to hear every time I come in and out, lol.
Also, can you give me the measurements of the front of the profile of the lock? From door to widest parts of locks?  I recently installed a Scalage be365 and had to remove and return because the front profile was so high that my storm door couldn’t close because the storm door handle would hit the schlage Keypad.

Wayne Winton says:

I have not installed medeco in either one. I highly suggest the Schlage over the Arrow lock. I have had to replace many of the Arrows dew to electronic issues. I have not had any problems with the Schlage. If you are really concerned about some one picking your lock I recommend the Schlage Primus Lock Cylinder. I even recomend these over the M3 from Medeco. Please watch this video to explain why: DEFCON 16: Open in 30 Seconds: Cracking One of the Most Secure Lock

Ernesto Erazo says:
TheEvanH09 says:

From just the aesthetics and the build quality of the locks, I’m a fan of the Schlage. Battery placement between the two is of no concern. – This video is kind of old… are there any more updates that have come to this smart lock than what you’ve shown here?

terwilliger44 says:

I own both, and am happier with the Yale (Arrow).  It just feels like a nicer lock, in so many ways — it’s quieter, has nicer screen, rubber gasket, it talks, the inside part of the lock is smaller, guided setup is easier (it talks you through it!), battery changes are easier, etc.  I’ve also found the z-wave (the wireless communication that *both* locks employ) to be much more reliable with the Yale.  

BTW: That’s one thing that you got wrong with this review – they both use Z-wave and thus both can be controlled wirelessly and do all of the things you mentioned.

Only two things I like better about the Schlage:  1) less fingerprints,  2) both locks offer several finishes, but only the Schlage offers more than one style (modern, camelot, etc).

TheLockLizard says:

Wow, as soon as you started mentioning the hardened pin in the bolt being useless, I practicly left right there. I’m also a locksmith, been for about 3-4 years. Did a job once were someone kicked in a door to a garage and, found and used the homeowners own sawsall to then cut the bolt of an old Weiser Lock leading from the garage into the house and got inside. The pin is a huge benefit for outswing doors with no bolt protector plate.

sorphin says:

Or you can use the schlage with a z-wave hub without the nexia pay service.

Wayne Winton says:

The Schlage has pick and bump restiant spool pins in the lock. While they are not 100% pick proof they will greatly frustrate and deture the average lock picker. There is also a layer of hardened steel in the face of the lock that prevents drilling of the screws that hold it in place. All of this combine with the fact that there is an alarm setting on the lock that will sound if it is tamperd with will scare 99.99% of the crooks away.

Reda Bell says:

did you test the lockitron, August or the goji smartlock ? i am really interested by those 3 smartlocks and what free connectivity they offer 

Daniel Ortego says:

I chose the Schlage simply because of the name brand and the nearly 6 to 1 consumers on Amazon. I just hope my building contractor knows what he’s doing on the install. Perhaps I should go with a locksmith instead. 

racomp1 says:

Great review Wayne.
I am interested in one of these locks. What makes the Schlage a grade 1? Is it the deadbolt, casing material, pinning system, etc.?
Whichever I purchase I would like to replace the cylinder with a medeco m3. Being the arrow is from assa abloy I believe the medeco cylinder would be a direct fit. Would it be difficult to install a medeco cylinder on the schlage?

Al Stanko says:

Hi Wayne question for you. I have one of them security doors at my house and its exposed to the weather. My house is in Vegas so we really don’t have rain or snow out here. Im looking for a dead bolt touch screen for my guest to use vs traditional key. My question is, with the security door somewhat exposed on both ends to the elements, will that affect the back of the arrow electronics where the battery sit? Thanks!

Wayne Winton says:

You are correct. The Schlage also has a total lock out mode at well. Glad to here you are having good luck with you’s so far. I must have got a bad batch one time because I ended up having to replace 4 Arrow locks in under 6 months for my customers. While Arrow did warrenty them I still was out the time it took to replace them. I have not had any issues with the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt locks.

terwilliger44 says:

BTW: The other thing I’d mention is that both locks allow you to program many codes (25+)  at once.  Ex: You can have one code for your kid, another code for the maid, etc.  Then when the maid is no longer helping you out, you can just disable that one code.  Schlage codes all of have to be the same length (4 – 8 digits); maybe not the case for Yale.

checko chesster says:

Great review.  Helps me in my decision to pick a new lock…

DJ Dabbs says:

A great feature that the Arrow has is the “Privacy Mode.” Basically locking out the the touch-screen. I have the Arrow on my house with my ABLOY High Security cylinder in it. Year strong and no issues

Reda Bell says:

i am also interested by sorphin question cuz paying 100 box for a service that should be free is really a pain in the ass 

Sherwood Botsford says:

This means I have to take off my mittens to open the door.

Do either of these work at temperatures of -40?  Few of my other electronic gadgets have working screens when the temperature is even 0 F (-18 C)

Do either of these have external contact points that I can use, say, a 9 v battery if I leave them too long between battery changes.

Also: The existence of a key means that it has the weaknesses of both electronic and keyed systems.

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