Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Dave Taylor — of — shows how to install the high-tech Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt, then talks about what he really likes about it and what he finds super frustrating and limiting for many users. It’s a deadbolt that can not only keep your house secure but can be controlled via wi-fi or Apple Siri / HomeKit from anywhere in the world.

Except there are a few issues you need to know about before you get one yourself. On the other hand, the installation went pretty smoothly as you can see in this video too.

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Clay Starkey says:

So is there not a concern about hacking the code with a touchscreen?  Let say a member of the family punches the code in because they use the front door quite a bit.  Wouldn’t there be fingerprint oil/smudge marks over the numbers that make up your code?  I know you would then have to decipher the order of the 4 or 5 digit number.  Is there a feature that keeps the door locked with to many incorrect attempts?


Mi Casa Verde and Revolv currently offer free service. Based on my personal needs, I just ordered the Revolv which pairs nicely with the Schlage FE469. Nice review on the lock!

Dave Strauss says:

I’ve heard that Smartthings will work with this lock, although my understanding is that they don’t support all the features yet.

eric james says:

Hello Dave do your deadbolt wiggle like this?
Please see my video link below.

Jim Jones says:

Schlage is pronounced (shh-leg). Great video thank you!

Herman Chin says:

The reason its not wifi enabled is because the wifi chip drains a lot of power, even on standby/sleep, which is why most smart devices use a low power wireless protocol like Z-wave, Zigbee, BLE, etc… otherwise your lock would need a new set of batteries everyday or have to be plugged in.

FrustratedNameSearch says:

Use smarthings instead. $49, no fee’s.

beri232 says:

I bought 2 of these about a year ago. They worked great for about 4 months and then they both died. I thought it was the batteries but it was the deadbolts themselves. I had done the factory reset which was recommended in the User’s Manual and the lock worked for about a minute…. once you walked away and came back to use it, it was like there was no power. This model is junk. If it were only 1 deadbolt that went haywire I could say it was a factory flaw… but when both deadbolts exhibit the same behavior over the same period of time there is a problem. Do not buy! The good news is that Schlages customer service is great…. better than Home Depot which is where I bought my 2 sets.

WarpedTrekker says:

Logitech Harmony Extender hub works with this lock. No monthly subscription needed.

quasarix says:

total bullshit i hate that it has key that is insecure

John Smith says:

I’ve had this lock for a few months now. Love it! I have it integrated with my 4th gen AppleTV. No extra hub or subscription required. I have it also integrated with Lutron Caseta lights, and both of my EcoBee3 thermostats, so at night I can say, “Hey Siri, goodnight,” and she’ll lock the front door, turn off all the lights in the house and set the thermostat to the sleep temp. 🙂

sorphin says:

It’s also available at Lowes. For Zwave, you can use a mi casa verde. I’ll probably be getting a couple (2 entry doors), and using it with my Almond+. (both have no subscription fee)

Rob Mugs says:

Wink supports it as well 🙂

Bill Stetz says:

Dave. Your review is linked under Schlage Sense deadbolt on Google. Your description and review is for the Schlade Connect version of the lock which requires a Z-Wave hub. Sense works with Apple TV and is not Z-Wave.

dahur says:

I just installed mine yesterday and put it into my Smart things. It works great, I’m very happy with it. Smart things found it right away. Only thing is, and I didn’t know this at the time is that you can’t put these locks into Amazon Echo (yet). I just read it’s for security reasons and I guess I can understand that. However some people have put the Schlage into Smart Things as an on off switch, and then Alexa can operate the lock by voice control.

davanti1000 says:

I have just installed my schlage sense deadbolt and app for iPhone, Works great, with Apple tv and home kit I can lock and unlock my door from anywhere and no monthly fees! Going to install more of these locks on my residence and commercial properties. Love it. Schlage needs to do the same controls now for lever lockset…

Dwayne Buchanan says:

Try Vera once u purchased it there’s no fee it runs on z wave

Chris Pike says:

Great demo of the Schlage lock. Too bad you appear to be a typical liberal who wants everything for free.

Wayne Winton says:

This locks also now works with IRIS Zwave at Lowe’s where there is no monthly fee. Also if they added wifi to the lock it’s self it would be more at risk for hacking. The bridge is extra security to scramble the connection to keep your home more secure.

TheDavid815 says:

I have to enter my four  digit pass once i am on the outside to lock my deadbolt.  On the videos they just hit the Schladge button.

EnochLight says:

The newer Schlage Sense works with Apple’s Homekit, so assuming you have an iPhone – you no longer need any ZWave hardware or subscriptions.  Plus, you can control your lock via Siri’s voice commands.

LilMsSunshine888 says:

So, if you don’t have an iPhone (as I am half the population that has Android), you need SmartThings or Wink, etc? Just want to be clear. And by the way, why in the world wouldn’t Schlage have an app for both phones these days?

tralexan says:

This deadbolt works with the Smartthings hub. There is no subscription fee for Smartthings. The hub sells for around $100.

Carlos Gonzalez says:

ha ha ha you screw incredibly fast.. great review ..thanks for the video

James Garrison says:

Get the Samsung Smartthings HUB, it doesn’t have a subscription and it will work with the Schlage Locks.

Nour Gheita says:

Thanks for the review! I have a question though, what if I don’t have a door knob on the outside? Will installing this deadbolt automatically just open the door or does it simply lock and unlock? Cause with no door knob on the outside, I would still have to use keys to open the door!

Bill Neff says:

Good news Dave and others.  Home Depot just announce a new hub that will work great with the Schlage Deadbolt does Z-Wave & Zigbee and others.  No contract and it can be purchased for 99 cents if you purchase two Zigbee light bulbs at $15.00 each.  Another avenue for a Z-wave hub with no contract is Smart free app and they just got bought out by Samsung so I am sure we will see them come into the home automation with more zeal.  As they say the best is yet to come.

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