Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Review

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Review
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Schlage Keyless Touchpad Lock Review. This is a review of the new Shclage touchpad deadbolt by a professional locksmith. This also demonstrates how to use the lock with the Nexia home security system through your bridge unit. Please Click The Subscribe Button Below And Share Video With G+, Facebook, Twitter and all Your Favorite Social Media!
Comments and questions are encouraged but please be respectful.
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Robert Goff Jr says:

Hi Wayne, my sister has the schlage deadbolt touch screen. I had the codes entered, and later the deadbolt was paired with an iPhone. Now when she can’t put the 6/digit code to program the lock. How can she do a force default to put the deadbolt back to factory settings?

Jerry Diligiro says:

Thank you for sharing this information but can you provide the model name and number.

Dustin Harrison says:

Thanks for the review!

madubable says:

Do you know if the cylinder can be changed for something more secure like a Mul-T-Lock cylinder ?

Reda Bell says:

thank you very much for your video 
if you would compare it with samsung smartlock lets say the SHS 2320 , what’s your thoughts ?

shenley hapa says:

Oh wow it was that simple lol! Thanks so much Wayne.

Jonathan DiLego says:

Do you have to have the bridge to lock and unlock the door with you phone

Wayne Winton says:

High security lock advantages. Video:
High Security Lock VS. Big Box Locks

BrewersArcade says:

can you rekey this lock to be used with my existing deadbolt key?

v SIG says:

Hi Wayne, great video… Is this lock weatherproof ?
I want to install this lock for my home but that door is expose to direct sun light and rain !?

Reda Bell says:

i want to open close the my door home anywhere by internet, an easy installing camera ip system (installed on an eye door would be great)
i want to see who is near the door who is knocking on it and when he is knocking on it
i want an easy installation on any door (a systeme like samsung shs 2320 would be great)
i want to open the door from outside  by a passcode and if possible an RFID key (blutooth is not an option as it will kill the batery in a week)
i want this smart lock to be sustainable at least for 6 to 10 months life 
if possible with an open controling system such as Z wave or ZigBee

do you know any system that can give me whet i need?  
please give me your professional advice 

doug barker says:

great video does this take batteries ?

Pa ul says:

This is unneeded tech junk that will break sooner or later causing you more expense and trouble.

Gavin McTavish says:

I ordered this lock along with a 5-inch backset deadbolt from Schlage. Physical installation went smoothly, and the lock turns effortlessly with either the key or the thumb turn. The problem happens with the electronic lock – I am getting a red x and a long steady beep during the initial setup. If I do a factory reset, type in the default user code, the deadbolt extends, retracts, then the motor seems to cycle through two more attempts with no movement, and then I get the red x and the long beep. It is infuriating because I can watch the lock extend and retract the bolt on its own power, seemingly indicating it is capable of doing what it needs to do… and then it seems to error out. I’ve got a call in to Schlage and haven’t heard back, but thought I’d try here as well. This isn’t a door alignment issue as what I’m describing is all happening with the door open.

Big Jay says:


I have a few ?’s for you. I have a beach house that I do short terms rentals. My first ? is with this lock can I set Different codes for Different guest all remotely? 2nd ? If I have a guest that is staying lets say Monday to Friday but I need to deactivate their code on Wednesday can I do that by remote as long I am on the Nexia system? Also I am thinking I can set this lock to auto lock itself so the person walking out does not have to lock it and it always stays locked?  Thanks For all your INFO! 

Mr. King 

James Burlett says:

you put the small screw in the alarm hole… it goes behind the battery cover at the top…

topshotrhit says:

I’m wanting a keyless lever lock vs deadbolt so how does the FE695 compare to the FE595? Have they upgraded the 595 in the past couple years so it’s not so easy to pick (

DCJ Day says:

Hey buddy I sent you a video of my door can you check it out.

Nick Young says:

Where do the commands to lock and unlock your door get routed?  Through Schlage?  Does the price of this lock cover this service?  Is there a subscription fee?

T N says:

Why not just use a Wink2 hub and you won’t need the Schlage gateway?

v SIG says:

I want to know if changing the battery will delete all my new codes and bring everything to the factory settings !?

billyboyproductions says:

Hi Wayne, I tried to install one of the model with handleset and interior level, but it didn’t fit cuz my door opens to the left (from inside) and seems the lock was designed to open from the other side of the door. I tried to inverted but wouldn’t work cuz of the security little bar on the upper lock. I checked in the box for specs about left or right side, but didn’t say anything. Am I doing something wrong? thanks

beri232 says:

JUNK!!! I purchased 2 of these from Home Depot last year and they worked properly for about 4 months and then they just stopped…. as if the batteries were dead. Talked to Schlage and I’m just waiting on them to replace or refund. I hope they do not send me the same units.

frisbeeeater says:


Razzamatazz says:

Hi, just wondering which finish is this lock? Is this the satin nickel or bright chrome? Also would you still recommend this lock almost 4 years later? Thanks.

DCJ Day says:

Hello Wayne. I have a The Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm, Satin Nickel, BE469 CEN 619 and the manual bolt that you turn to lock it from the inside is loosely and wiggle a little bit before locking the door. Is there a way I can send you a video of it?

Tarek Taher says:

Doesnt this work with bluetooth or you have to have the hub kit

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