Schlage VS. Kwikset Locks

Schlage VS. Kwikset Locks

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risla1001 says:

Good information. A well done video. Thanks.

Wayne Winton says:

Watch This:
Kwikset Kevo SmartKey Deadbolt Opens in Seconds | Mr Locksmith Video

ugetsu says:

thanks so much for posting this!

paul solfelt says:

smart locks are a joke, there electronic mechs, can be easily disabled letting any key work!

Dave Philpott says:

Thank you for your extremely helpful comparison. I just replaced a brand new kwikset “809” keypad deadbolt lock with a Schlage model “BE365”. One video on YouTube has a guy easily forcing open a kwikset in about 10 seconds showing how all their “anti picking, bumping, etc” security features were worthless because the locks can be forced open so easily. That information and this video showing the build and security qualities proves to me that Schlage makes far superior locks vs kwikset.

ouhpiudrhviuerwfh fivovpervioerjv says:

Good video, but I think in reality -Wood door frame will splinter well before either lock fails and burglars will not be picking locks to gain entry, rather break glass and be inside in seconds. Not sure how much the qualitative difference matters. I think door locks just keep honest people honest and most low life opportunists quite if door is locked.

Crusix Maverick says:

Pretty good video. I work in the foreclosure business and frequently do lock changes and need to manipulate lock systems. Kwikset is easy to install, easy to manipulate and easy to destroy. I use them because they are easy to work with. They can be repaired and moved around much more frequently when you work in real estate. Schlage is more bulky and harder to do anything with. However where I disagree with you has to be in drilling them out. If you have a metal drill tip and know how to do it both of these locks are quick to compromise. Additionally I have been able to pull both locks out far enough to destroy the screws for every major lockset imaginable with bolt cutters or by brute force. In my experience my least favorite locks to work with are Defiant. These locks do not break from just drilling out tumblers alone and require the entire unit be pulled out of the door socket so you can sever the screws either by cutting them off or bending them enough times where they have no strength anymore. They put up the hardest fight when forcing entry. ALL of the locks you can buy are relatively easy to destroy. What separates them is a matter of maybe 5 minutes tops for someone with experience like I have.

I would make no mistake that if someone wanted to get into your house with the intention of robbing, destruction, or violent crimes they will probably just kick the door in or smash out a window. In many cases it is easier to destroy the entire door frame, physical door, or a window than it is to drill out a lock. If you’re buying your locks based on how tough they are then it’s not necessarily for the right reason.

While we are on home security I would like to mention that in my experience with foreclosures and other properties like rentals where we can’t get access to and are instructed to do so about 1/3 homes have an unlocked window on the ground floor. Just food for thought when you leave.

Keith Koch says:

You are sooo freaken right.  I was always Schlage but wanted to save money on rental just installed a Kwikset.   The thing as so many parts that came apart.

Nicholas Aarons says:

Great Presentation Video Wayne. N.

CCWSig says:

Thankyou for the video! I’ve recently taken a part time job at a local big box store, and am doing some research tonight to be better informed when my customers ask about products we carry. The video was clear, concise, and very informative.

lec0621 says:

Thank you so much for this video!  It was exactly what I needed.  I tried to replace a broken deadbolt last night with a Kwikset and it broke when I tried to rekey it via Smartkey.  The learning tool is flimsy.  Followed all the instructions and neither the key that came with it nor my old key worked afterward.  Calling their help desk was a lesson in aggravation as I got hung up on.
I’ll try the Schlage tonight.  Many thanks for the informative video!

paul solfelt says:

those lock companies are liars,I can bump one in no time, and you can’t compare a online bump key with a real custom made one,that crappie they sell is mass produced junk, the old shlage everest locks open almost by just looking at them and they have master pins across the board!

Derrick Payne says:

Very helpful!

Wayne Winton says:

Schlage touchpad deadbolt VS Kwikset Kevo Smart key deablolt lock review:

Wayne Winton says:

Schlage SecureKey Customer rekeyable lock system:

jakeyw11 says:

It’s pretty easy to pick either of those lock…

alakabetz says:

What do you think of the battery-operated electronic-programmed Schlage, such as the BE-365? Mine was fine for a couple of years, and then just stopped working. Even after changing battery, the combination does not operate the bolt at all. I did not change any of the settings. Is this typical for these locks? I would be happy with a purely mechanical lock.

BrainToMush says:

I’ve been looking at a lot of locks, and my impression has been that a low of the lower end Schlage dead bolts don’t have the extra beefy screws that you’re showing in your videos. I’m wondering if the low end Schlages are really that much better than a Kwikset of a comparable price point.

nick diaz says:

hi wayne  i just broke my key in the barrel of my lock &it’s the cheap model like you showed i tried to get the key out but no luck ,looked at some sites but no go i thought by taking the barrel out that i would have been able to see the key but no such luck do you have any idea on what i could do . ????/

Eric Johnson says:

Aluminum bolt doesn’t sound right and sounds downright moronic on the part of Kwikset. Aluminum could be cut though in a fraction of the time of hardened steel, it is also more expensive, so why it would be aluminum doesn’t make sense. It could be a cheaper steel alloy more prone to corrosion, hence the plating that was added.

Michael Furniss says:

I built a house 6 years ago. Put Quikset e-key locks on 3 doors. All three have failed within 3 years. Electronics failed. Low quality and not durable.

Kyle Corey says:

there are alotof times i will take apart those dirt cheap knobs and they go through the effort of sticking spool pins in them> there is always at least two….odd for such acheap lock they stick that in there..and they are still too easy to pick

Wayne Winton says:

I will try to make a video on this burt it won’t be for a while. basically you need to pull the dead bolt apart you sing the screws on the inside and find the lock cylinder. It will be he piece that hast the tail piece that goes through the bolt. Depress the detent pin and pull off the cap screw. Then when you have access to the back side of the key hole push the key out using a pick or thin wire (bending a key ring would work). That’s it put it all back together and your done. Pushing the key out front the opposite side it normally goes in is pretty much the only way to get it out if there is nothing to grab a hold of.
Folow directions on this video to get end cap off and push key out

plymouthcolt says:

Hi Wayne I really enjoy your videos.

I purchased a Schlage security set. When I opened the package and inspected the dead bolt it was really cheap and flimsy. It was nothing like the one in this video. I was really surprised. Is the security set package for designed with lower quality for more sales?

Should I buy the dead bolt and handle separately? What model dead bolt is the one you show in this video?

Giovanni Ciriani says:

Are you sure the material is brass? I thought it was just brass colored (zinc coated with some copper in it).

Glen W. Ford says:

Shh! Don`t tell anybody but it depends on the grade. They come in  1,2, and 3 grades. 1 is the best.

Juan Parlade says:

Is this a basic Kwikset lock? Reason I ask is b/c a sales rep told me the kwikset locks are better b/c they come with free spinning collar, ball bearings inside the lock to protect from drilling and a bump gaurd which makes it difficult to impossible to pick by bumping? You didn’t mention any of that so I’m just wondering whether I bought a more expensive Kwikset model or I was ripped off…..

dwelty1970 says:

Totally agree. Had a quickset deadbolt and after about two years the key would not move freely in the lock. I had to rake it like there was no tomorrow.

my cats says:

Do you know of Shlage currently has any lever type door handles that can be easily rekeyed to match an existing key the way Kwikset has with the Smartkey setup? Something that can be done by a novice homeowner?

Air Handler says:

can the Schlage be defeated with a bump key?

Monica Stanley says:

Thank you for this video.  I am looking for a good quality lock set and you just saved me from wasting my money on a kwikset.  I need a set, keyed alike, for my front and back door.  Any recommendations?

dashout77 says:

Those are both garbage….. You need a schlage b660

Jeff Moss says:

Kwikset is the first lock I learned to rekey, working in the hardware store. I quickly moved on to better stuff, I much prefer Schlage.

linda burrell says:

that was sooooo informative. I am replacing front & back doors with entry and deadbolts. Schlage should pay you!!

websuspect says:

On the last video I uploaded even the locking mechanisms the tolerances are off by more than a hair. 1/10,000 of an inch.  They need someone intelligent in the manufacturing process doing tolerance checks.

TreesOnTheBeach says:

Kwikset is complete junk.  Trust me, I have 4 exterior locks in my home, and have to replace them every couple of years under warranty.  Now they’ve started charging an $8 shipping fee per lock, and you will have to replace them repeatedly.  I’m SO tired of the crappy finish just rubbing off every couple of years.  Thinking about buying Schlage so that I can finally stop replacing these junky locks.

I have not researched Schlage, but there is NO DOUBT that Schlage is better quality.  It can’t be worse.

James Prater says:

Does the schlange offer any kind of smart key like the kwikset? Ive bought some of the kwickset smartkets amd installed them but am not impressed. I have several doors and want them all keyed the same. I have been seing the videos of how easy the smart keys are to bust with a screwdriver and pliers. Any advice on a brand with similar capabilities and offer great security?

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