Secure your house with a Samsung Smart Door Lock SHS-1321 | How to

Hey guys, I wanted to solve a problem at my girlfriends house where no one seems to want to lock the door. So we picked up the Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 and gave it a shot. It wasn’t a perfect fit but I made it work, if you want to see how I did it.. check it out!

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-Zach Manring

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Bobby G. says:

I don’t get why Samsung didn’t make a normal deadbolt. Who wants to unlock two different locks. Even if it’s a RFID card or a tap. And then use a key for the second lock. Or he’ll even having two different smart locks. Just make a normal deadbolt like kwikset and every other manufacturer.

El Rayo X says:

That thing is fugly.

Saudi4Arabia says:

how far required from the edge of the door to make the hole in the door?

melvin arias says:

you forgot to install the four screws that are inside the frame. holding the bracket

TweFoji says:

i dont find this convenient at all, the best is still using keys 😀

ROWLESmade says:

Great video, Zach! I’m not a fan of Samsung since we bought a kitchen full of their appliances and they turned out to be junk, but nice work making thing work;-)

Donny Carter says:

Nice work buddy! Love the ending! 🙂

Mike Fulton says:

Cool Lock

Robin Lewis says:

Unfortunately this doesn’t paint a very good picture for these electronic locks, haha. But I’ve always wanted to install these on my place. Do they make one where the lock and strike plate are embedded in the door and jam? Like a traditional lock.

djAnakin says:

Curious why you put the frame side on the back and not on the side. You said you “made it work”, so I’m assuming there’s a reason. Even with longer screws, like you mentioned, I think it would be very easy to kick this door open.

I’m assuming this lock can also be used with NFC on a phone?

Y Z says:

sorry I must say your lock is too weak.

Dan The Maker Man says:

Good video, I’m sure other folks looking to install this lock will find this helpful.

Jp's Custom Woodworking says:

Looks like the lock didn’t like you much Zach, at the end 🙁 . >:)…JP

J Miller says:

Something to think about if you get one of these.
What do you do if the lock breaks and Samsung doesn’t make this model anymore and or they change the model or you decide to remove the lock from your door? You will be forced to replace the molding or have a hole in your molding.
A more modular lock would be one that fits in your existing doors lock holes or deadbolt holes.

S Tuck says:

I think deadbolts are much more effective when they lock inside of the frame as oppose to the outside. The way this lock was installed, it doesn’t stand a chance. I could easily kick this in….but it looks cool….meh.

Nightfury Matthew says:

Won’t burglars be able to break in by cutting into the wooden door?

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